Foreign Journalists Talk about Reality of Events in Syria during Symposium in New York

The Syrian American Forum(SAF) has held a symposium in the presence of foreign journalists plus several members of Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Egyptian communities in New York in order to talk about the reality of events in Syria in the light of western media blackout.

The symposium comes within the efforts being exerted to unveil the western and US media fabrications, according to the SAF's Secretary General Dr. Ghaith Mousa, who indicated that the participating journalists in the symposium visited Syria and they were briefed on the situation there.

 Dr. Mousa asserted that the Syrian community’s members in New York will go ahead with defending their homeland and playing an active role to change the US policy towards Syria.

On her part, Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, who was in Aleppo city two months ago, talked about the suffering of the city’s people at the hands of terrorist organizations.

She underlined the need to protect the life of the people by the international community, adding that she saw how the Syrian state evacuated civilians from the city and provide them with their basic needs.

“I had got a visa to enter Syria easily, and I worked as a war correspondent. I sent reports and photos without any restrictions from the Syrian state,” she confirmed, citing that the US media prevent publishing such reports that show the reality of events  in Syria.

She has documented terrorist organizations’ crimes against civilians in Aleppo city, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency clarified in an article published today that anti-war activists and members of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) also took part in the symposium and they called for changing the US administration’s stance  towards  Syria in order to stop the war there and to stop financing terrorism.

Basma Qaddour