Hundreds of expats in New York call for end to terror war on Syria

Hundreds of Syrian community's members in the United States have protested outside the headquarters of the United Nations in New York  city against the support being offered by some countries, especially the U.S., to terrorists in Syria.

The protesters called for end to the terror war being waged on Syria and condemned the support being offered by some countries, especially the U.S., to terrorists in Syria, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency added that the protesters, who carried the Syrian flags, denounced the aggression recently launched by the US-led coalition against a Syrian army site in Der Ezzour province.


"The aggression is a new evidence of the United States' support for the ISIS, which perpetrates crimes against the Syrian people," the protesters stressed, lashing out the speech given by the U.S. Secretary of State  John Kerry  before the United Nations Security Council.

"Kerry's speech is full of lies and it aims to falsify the facts, including the U.S. support for terrorists," the protesters said, asserting their support for the Syrian army in fighting terrorism.

They thanked Russia, Iran and China for their stances towards Syria, which is fighting the international terrorism on behalf of the entire world.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged on Syria targeting its people, army, civilization and infrastructures in accordance with the US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

About 360.000 foreign terrorists from 93 countries came to fight against the Syrians from April 2011 till January 2016, according to the German Firil Center for Studies. While media reports have confirmed that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, the U.S., France, Britain and Israel support – by all means-terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

Basma Qaddour