Symposiums in Italy to explain what is happening in Syria

The Syrian community in Italy in cooperation with The European Front for Defending Syria and Solid Organization held Sunday a symposium on the war being waged on Syria through terrorist organizations.

The symposium held in Cave city in Italy comes within the activities of 'I belong to' initiative launched by the Syrian Tourism Ministry, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the participants in the symposium stressed the need to focus on promotion to the restoration of what has been destroyed by terrorist organizations.

Member of the European Front for Defending Syria, who visited Syria three times, expressed admiration for Syrian people's steadfastness against the unjust blockade imposed by western countries.

While the official in charge of media in the governorate of Cave city underlined the importance of holding further symposiums to explain the reality of the events taking place in Syria.

He called for buying the icons that show Syrian heritage to back the restoration of damaged sites.

Representative of the Italian Solid Organization reiterated support for the Syrian state in fighting terrorism.

After five days [on June 25th], another symposium on what is going on in Syria is due to be held in Parma city in the heart of Italy.


Basma Qaddour