Participants in Youth Festival's preparatory meeting in Venezuela stress support for Syria

The participants in the 1st preparatory meeting for the Youths and Students Festival in Venezuela have underscored their support for Syria in its war against terrorism.

The events taking place in Syria and the imperialism's attempts to undermine Syria's role in the region are being closely watched by Venezuela, Chairman of the University Students Union in Venezuela Jwel Sendenio said during a meeting with the Syrian delegation on the sideline of the preparatory meeting.

He asserted that the United States and its allies are seeking to create chaos, wars and fragmentation in all countries that do not comply with their orders.

" Venezuela rejects all form of interventions in Syria's internal affairs," Sendenio said.

While Head of Foreign Relations in the Venezuelan Communist Part Gabriel Agerri pointed out that Syria's victory over terrorism will be a victory for liberation movements in the world.

"Like Syria, Venezuela is facing a crisis. There are foreign-backed terror groups in Venezuela seeking to destroy the country's economy in accordance with a foreign agenda," he clarified, referring to the terror groups' recapture of an oil field in his country.

Agerri stressed the importance of the Syrian delegations' participation in all international activities to explain the Syrian people's suffering from terrorism.

On his part, Cuba's Ambassador to Venezuela reiterated his country's support for the Syrian people, army and leadership in fighting terrorism.

The 1st preparatory meeting for the 19th Youths and Students Festival started on June 5th in Caracas with the participation of Syria.


Basma Qaddour