Stands of Solidarity in Jordan Slovakia in Support of Syria

Syrian citizens and Jordanian activists  on Saturday  observed a solidarity stand  in Amman in support of Syria 's people and Leadership and in condemnation of the terrorist crime committed by the terrorist groups against  Aleppo University.

The  congregants condemned crimes  committed by the armed terrorist groups against Syrian  academics,  scholars and intellectuals  and their  destruction of the  infrastructure and public and private property.
They  chanted slogans  and hoisted  Syrian flags  highlighting   Syria 's nationalism.   
Meantime, Syrian students in  Slovakia observed a  pause of mourning for the souls of martyrs of  Aleppo University ,  targeted by armed terrorist groups, stressing that attempts to target universities and students  will  only increase their determination to continue learning.
In a statement on Saturday, the students condemned the  barbaric criminal act carried out by terrorists linked to foreign agendas against  Aleppo University  aimed at  destabilizing  the country.
They renewed  full support for the political program to solve the crisis in Syria, based  on the national dialogue to build the future of  Syria,  away from foreign interventions and dictations 
They also  expressed  appreciation for the sacrifices rendered by the Syrian Arab army against  terrorism and extremism .