Unusual gene evolution in bacteria

Researchers have made another discovery at the cellular level to help understand the basic processes of all life on our planet -- this time within the unusual bacteria that has lived inside cicada insects since dinosaurs roamed Earth, according to Science Daily.

During the past 70 million years, the bacteria underwent extreme adaptations to live within the insects' bodies, losing between an estimated 95 to 97 percent of their genes and resulting in some of the smallest genomes known to any organisms. In the process, they lost the ability to live anywhere outside of cicadas.

The dolphins that sound like a chorus of squeaking mice

Close-up footage reveals the underwater world of timid dolphins and their melodic chants that sound like a chorus of squeaking mice.

The shy striped dolphins produced the weird sound while being observed by a stunned whale-watching tour group according to Daily mail .

Striped dolphins are known for being the most illusive of all dolphin species, who normally keep their distance from humans and boats, making this footage particularly rare.

Origins of photosynthesis in plants dated to 1.25 billion years ago

The world's oldest algae fossils are a billion years old, according to a new analysis by earth scientists. Based on this finding, the researchers also estimate that the basis for photosynthesis in today's plants was set in place 1.25 billion years ago, according to Science Daily.

The study could resolve a long-standing mystery over the age of the fossilized algae, Bangiomorpha pubescens, which were first discovered in rocks in 1990. The microscopic organism is believed to be the oldest known direct ancestor of modern plants and animals, but its age was only poorly dated, with estimates placing it somewhere between 720 million and 1.2 billion years.

Crows have a soft side too: Corvids touch and preen each other to make up after getting in a fight

Crows have long been thought of as symbols of death.

But despite their sinister reputation, it appears these clever corvids also have a softer side according to Daily mail.

Researchers have found that after getting into a fight, crows attempt to 'kiss and make up' by touching and preening each other - even if it's with a relative stranger.

Crows have been studied for their intelligence and belong to a family of birds called corvids, which also include smart winged species like magpies and nutcrackers.

'World's ugliest pig' caught on camera

Scientists have captured the first footage in the wild of one of the world's rarest - and ugliest - pigs.

The Javan warty pig is under such threat from hunting and habitat loss that conservationists surveying its habitat believed it might already have been driven to extinction, according to BBC.

Camera traps have now revealed that small populations survive in Java's increasingly fragmented forests.