A reforestation campaign on the southern highway road of Damascus within the activities of the third environmental festival

As part of the activities of the third environmental festival, Damascus governorate organized today a campaign of reforestation on the southern highway, the ninth node, during which pine, linden and cypress trees were planted.

The reforestation campaign includes planting 1500 forest trees on the southern highway in addition to planting thousands of trees in many areas of the city and its countrysides during the reforestation season of this year, the Director of the Parks in Damascus, Mahmoud Murtada, told SANA, pointing to planting about 200 hundred trees in Bab Sharqi area on Wednesday.

A campaign to Rehabilitate Forest and Agricultural Lands Damaged by Fires

Homs,(ST)-The Forestry Center of Al-Nasera in the western countryside of Homs launched a campaign to rehabilitate the forested and agricultural lands that have been damaged as a result of the fires that broke out recently in the area..

Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia Reactivates Internal Tourism Movement

"Syria is a world-famous tourist attraction. It has a rich and diverse nature as well as many different attractive destinations  where nature lovers have lots to see and do” the pharmacist Jaafar Harba Head of Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia province said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newespaper.

He pointed out that the team, which was established in Jableh in Lattakia  in 2017 by the approval of the Higher Committee for External Activities at the Syrian Arab Sport Federation, includes now 40 members from different Syrian provinces and of different age categories and specializations. Those members are divided into media, medical, exploration and documentation committees.

Prophet Mata Nature Reserve: A Religious, Tourist and un spoilt Nature Destination

The Prophet Mata Mountain natural reserve is one of the most important nature reserves in Syria, where the mountain forest was declared a natural forest reserve pursuant to resolution No. 211 dated 29/9/2009

The nature reserve is located at the coastal mountains of Tartous  province. Thanks to its ecological and biological diversity and charming nature, the reserve enjoys a stunning view and a wonderful climate since its ground is rich with fresh springs, which are the purest in the world.

The forest is about 1100 m above sea level. It is estimated at 650 hectares, of which 450 are artificially afforested since 1976 with a number of forest species including 200 hectares of chestnuts.

The climate is mild in summer and cold in winter with an average annual rainfall of about 1800 mm. It features a number of permanent flux springs while its soil is a homogeneous lime-free sedimentary basaltic.

As a unique artificial forest site, Prophet Mata forest  has been afforested since 1976 with various plant species such as:

Chestnut trees, Conifers of all kinds, Lebanese cedar trees and vertical and horizontal cypress trees.

As for the natural species in this reserve are:  Oaks, Hawthorn, willow, blackberry, fern, in addition to a number of annual and perennial herbs.


The forest is home to a variety of wild animals including :

Pigs, Hyenas, the wolf, Jackals, Squirrels, the Hedgehog, the mole and Badger.


There are several types of beautiful birds, most notably:

Partridge, Blackbird, Quail, Hoopoe, Sparrow, hawk, eagle, the crow, Abu Han, Goldfinch and Abu Zureik.

In addition to all kinds of turtles and reptiles.

Within the reserve at the top of the mountain there is a small building with a six-meter tomb inside.  It is believed to be the tomb of the Prophet Mata, visited by local people to be blessed.

Amal Farhat- Homs

Damascus Petrochemical Refinery, the company project helps keeping clean and healthy environment.

Damascus Petrochemical Refinery is interested in the recycling of used oil. It is considered the only producer of base oil in the region .The production capacity is /30.000 / tons yearly , including the production of base oil with all its kinds light, medium and heavy as well as the production of final oils like engine oils, hydraulic oils, dentate oils and greases. Syria Times met Dr. Ahmad Al Ansari, chairman of Damascus Petrochemical Refinery who said

Syria imports about 150.000 / tons of base oil yearly to fulfill the needs of its citizens in operating the different vehicles and there are no plants that recycle those used oils , so most of those oils are either poured in the  ground or deflation drains or get recycled in small un licensed workshops that harm both environment and consumer. The company project - recycling of used oil - is the only licensed project in the region.

The factory operates according to the European Union Standards, Where all the company products are industrialized on the highest mechanisms in the world. He added