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Wildlife Workshop: EncouragingScientific, Environmental Research

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Participants in the workshop held recently on the wildlife and the state of  the bald ibis designated communication points  specialized in endangered species to activate communication with all local and international parties in this regard, and to encourage academic scientific research in the field of environment.

Participants stressed the importance of the role of local communities in environmental culture in general and birds in particular and the need to motivate them financially and morally in order to achieve future goals of the components of bio-diversity and endangered species.


Participants underlined the importance of strengthening cooperation between government institutions and partner NGOs in the protection of bio-diversity and wildlife and national capacity-building in all government institutions and civil organizations concerned in order to serve the protection of wildlife in all its components and activate the implementation of the laws of hunting.

Vice -President of the Syrian Society for the Protection of Wildlife, Dr. Akram Darwish pointed out the importance of assessing the status of nature reserves in Syria, referring to the role of the follow-up of  bodies concerned to contribute to the protection of bio-diversity and endangered species and rehabilitation of reserves, especially those that are suitable habitat for bird life.

Dr. Darwish stressed the importance of cooperation between the Ministries of State for Environmental Affairs and Interior to monitor human activities affecting bio-diversity such as hunting and factories.


Specialists in the field of birds discussed ways of protection and rehabilitation of their habitats and regulate hunting in cooperation and coordination between the parties, the ministries and departments concerned.


They also discussed the orientations of the Ministry of Agriculture and its vision in the field of the protection of birds, local  legislations and international agreements relating to the protection of birds and the World Council of birds' vision regarding the ibis and its current status.


Sh. Kh.