Syria Mark World Environment Day

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST) – marking the World Environmental Day, a field campaign on Wednesday was organized  by the State Ministry for Environmental Affairs in cooperation with Damascus Countryside Governorate.

The campaign aimed at  spreading environmental amongst citizens .

Approximately 600 saplings of pine, palm, oak, jasmine and roses were planted by volunteers in the squares near a temporary housing center in Qudsaya district..

The campaign also included an exhibition of paintings made  by children staying in the said center.

"the State Ministry for Environmental Affaires will do its utmost to improve environmental conditions in areas affected by terrorism, "underscored State Minister for Environmental Affairs Nazira Serkis

Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Khalloud ,for his part, asserted that the Governorate and the State Ministry are organizing a program on occasion of World Environment Day to check up on families in housing centers and get them  involve in environmental activities.

The 2013 theme for World Environment Day is "Think.Eat.Save."  This theme aims to encourage individuals to limit wastage and losses in food and decrease the amount of food waste. In this framework, the State Ministry for Environmental Affairs is organizing campaigns and lectures and producing TV, radio and press material to raise awareness.