Syria: National Committee to Improve Air Quality

Damascus, (ST)_ Environmental Affairs State Minister, the Natheera Serkis, has chaired the first meeting of the national committee to improve air quality in Syria.

“The meeting aimed to lay down a national plan that includes the schemes and projects to be carried out by the concerned ministries in the coming period to put an end to air pollution”, Dr. Serkis declared.

Dr. Serkis pointed out that deterioration of air quality requires full mobilization of all governmental sectors; directing attention to the Ministry’s role in defining pollutants and their sources,as well as findingappropriate air pollution solutions.

 Air Safety director at the Environment Ministry, engineer Tha’er Al-Def, outlined the ministry and concerned parties' activities to monitor pollution levels in Syrian governorates.He also underlined the attempts to establish a specialized database including air pollutants and most polluted areas.