A dead minke whale found on Syria’s Banias shore

TARTOUS, (ST)- Fishermen in the Syrian coastal city of Tartous pulled  a dead minke whale near a deserted shore in al-Kharab area in Banias.

 Director of the Coastal Region Branch of the Fish Resources General Authority Alaa al-Sheikh Ahmad said in a statement to SANA on Tuesday that according to scientific references, the whale is classified as the “Northern Minke Whale”, pointing out that this kind of whale has not been observed previously on the shores of the Syrian Arab Republic. It is one of the species that lives in cold oceans, but it sometimes enters the Mediterranean basin, he clarified.

According to al-Sheikh Ahmad, the whale is 3,5 meters long, and it weighs 500 kg.

He pointed out that procedures have been taken to bury the whale in the place where it was found under the supervision of the concerned municipality. A veterinarian was designated by the Agriculture Directorate of Baian to benefit from the skeleton of the whale in future scientific studies.

He made it clear that this category of whales is among the protected marine species, calling on fishermen to inform authorities in case they see new whales, dolphins and other fish species.

Hamda Mustafa