The Medical and Aromatic Plants Project in Sweida

Before the concept of history began, humans undoubtedly acquired life benefits by discovering medicinal and aromatic plants that were food and medicine.

The Aromatic and Medical Plants Project of the General commission for   the Development, Management and Protection of  al-Badia   in  Sweida province  is an important step towards preserving the genetic assets of many plants and benefiting from them in various fields.

Head  of the  Sweida commission  branch, Eng. Omar Karkout, told  SANA  that this ten-year  updated project   stresses   the importance of medicinal and aromatic plants producing the active substances which are used in  preparing different kinds of  drugs  as well as the need to develop and multiply these plants and to return them to their original locations as a result of the factors that led to a decrease in use of these plants  , most notably overgrazing ,  drought  and the decline of  rainfall .

Eng. Karkout  pointed out that the project includes a field on an area of 5 dunams  that contains  24 perennial species of  plants  such as Syrian thyme, rosemary, mardukush, sage, lemon grass, achillea fragrontissima  and 28 annual  kinds  such as bitter melon and oats.  4.000 seedlings of medical  and aromatic plants were prepared for the current season to secure the needs of the local community .

He indicates that at the beginning of the project , about 200 kinds of medical  and aromatic plants seeds were collected, but some of them, especially the annuals, were unsuccessful as a result of natural conditions,  underlining  that the collection of seeds continues to obtain the largest number of these important plants  in order to preserve them.

Plants or herbal remedies have been used for huge numbers of years like conventional medicine. In fact, herbal medicine is the establishment of modern medicine.

Medicinal and aromatic plants are a good resource to develop new medicine and treat the body and mind. The possibility of conquering disease through medicinal and aromatic plants is always a hope for sick people.

Plants are important sources of medicine. Medicinal plants have been known to be an important potential source of therapeutics or curative aids.

The plants of the project , according to Eng.  Karkout ,  have  several health  benefits such as  relaxing the muscles, cough, flatulence, stomach pain,  digestive disorder, urinal troubles , reducing high blood  and treating many others illnesses.


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