Defining necessary programs to address the problem of environmental pollution in Homs

Homs governorate held a meeting on Sunday to identify the procedures and necessary timetables to address the problem of environmental pollution caused by the wastes of Homs oil refinery and the fertilizer plant and to reduce the negative effects resulting from them.

The measures included a three-year plan to treat the wastes of Homs refinery, which includes recycling, refining and utilization of it for agricultural purposes, in parallel with taking continuous measures to rehabilitate and develop polluted water treatment units.

Prime Minister Eng.  Imad Khamis chaired the meeting during which he referred to the efforts made by the relevant ministries to define the reality of environmental damage caused by both the refinery and the plant, and the necessary plans to address the harmful environmental impacts resulting from them without prejudice to the economic feasibility achieved by these facilities in the long term.

On the other hand, an extended meeting chaired by Eng. Khamis with the City Council of Homs discussed the role of administrative units in implementing the integrated development plan approved by the Cabinet on Sunday to boost the service and economic realities of the province.

The meeting centered on the necessity of laying down an integrated investment plan with a specific timetable in order to achieve additional resources for the administrative units to be employed in improving the services provided to citizens.

The City Council was tasked with submitting proposals to modernize the organization and an urban blueprint  for the governorate of Homs to cope with the investment of the province's agricultural, industrial, commercial and tourism capabilities and to overcome the negative effects of the war on the governorate so that next year will witness significant progress in improving the development reality.

The meeting also sheded light on the efforts made by the  City Council to follow up on the implementation of the government plan to  provide the services necessary for the return of the people to their liberated villages and towns,   and creating the appropriate environment to attract investors and encourage them to expand and develop their projects.

The proposals focused on increasing the support provided to the City Council to improve services and on the development of the housing sector in the governorate.

Inas Abdulkareem