Cedar and Fir Natural Reserve of Slenfeh in Lattakia

The city of Slenfeh in Lattakia province is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Syria , both among locals and foreigners.

It is located at an average height of 1130 meters above sea level. Slenfeh , which is well-known as a famous town-resort in Syria , is adorned with cedar and fir  trees that glow in all seasons giving it a charming view that captivates the hearts.

The  cedar and fir natural reserve of Slenfeh city , which includes hundreds of year old trees, is one of the most important eco-tourism sites in the region for its natural richness and biological diversity.

 The site  of the natural  reserve, which extends over an area of 1350 hectares, is enhanced by its enchanting view of the Al-Ghab Plain and the sea.  Its borders extend  between the road of Slenfeh - the broadcasting station – Al-Ghab to the north,  Al-Braj  in the south, and Jurin –Al-Rayhaneh  to the east, and the highway of Slenfeh – Jubet  Burgal to the west.


 Head of the Tourism Marketing and  Promotion Department at Lattakia’s tourism directorate  Lattakia, Eng . Firas Wardi, told SANA correspondent  that the  cedar and fir natural reserve  is distinguished by its vegetation including cedar and fir trees and  embraces rare types and strains of plants in addition to  trees that are hundreds of years old, such as , oak, elm, maple, many perennial trees, aromatic medicinal plants, and rare plants such as saffron,  and violet..

The reserve , according to  eng. Wardi, is considered a primary habitat for many wild animals, such as wild boar, foxes, squirrels, wild rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs, salamanders, Syrian deer, and the insole of the large Persians threatened with extinction, in addition to the blackbird birds, Abu Henna, Abu Zureik, the great titmouse, the eagle, the sparrow and the owls.

 Eng. Wardi pointed out that the cedar and fir natural reserve also contains the Al-Rawadif area, which is a flat green semi-tree-free area estimated at 10 donums.

Wardi underlined  that this region  was announced  a forest environmental reserve in 1996 with the aim of preserving the main habitat and endangered flora and fauna species and enhancing their contribution to the national economy as natural reserves are a cornerstone in promoting environmental tourism.

He stressed that the Lattakia’s tourism directorate exerts relentless efforts to focus on observation of unique biodiversity , along with most important  historical  tourism attractive sites   in Lattakia  to carry out different kinds of fun, adventure and exploration activities.

Rawaa Ghanam..