A reforestation campaign on the southern highway road of Damascus within the activities of the third environmental festival

As part of the activities of the third environmental festival, Damascus governorate organized today a campaign of reforestation on the southern highway, the ninth node, during which pine, linden and cypress trees were planted.

The reforestation campaign includes planting 1500 forest trees on the southern highway in addition to planting thousands of trees in many areas of the city and its countrysides during the reforestation season of this year, the Director of the Parks in Damascus, Mahmoud Murtada, told SANA, pointing to planting about 200 hundred trees in Bab Sharqi area on Wednesday.

Murtada highlighted the continuation of the governorate in increasing green areas and planting trees to compensate for those cut and damaged during the past years in order to show the beauty of the city of Damascus, indicating that the Directorate began on the third of this month a campaign of pruning trees in all neighborhoods of the city.

Hiba Raqouqi and Hanadi Khaled from “Ammerha”  volunteer team stressed the importance of Syrian youth participation in hygiene and reforestation campaigns that contribute to give the city of Damascus the aesthetic appearance,  improve the environmental reality in it and mitigate the effects of pollution, calling for intensifying reforestation campaigns in all areas.

Workers in the Directorate of Parks, Ghiayath Al-Ghaloul and Ibrahim Mousa underlined the importance of increasing green areas in cities as they contribute to increasing of their beauty and purifying the air, as well as of preserving gardens and green areas and not throwing dirt in them.

A number of trade unions, popular organizations, NGOs, volunteer teams and a crowd of interested people participated in the reforestation campaign.

Inas Abdulkareem