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Syrian girl wins the grand prize in the global competition for mental computation

Sarah Kayali, an eight-year-old Syrian girl from Hazano village in Idlib countryside, won the grand prize in the global competition for mental computation, organized by the Chinese organization, "ACIDA".

Kayali was able to get first place in the competition among (6114) participants from (19) countries of the world, including Britain, China and the United States of America.

Sarah’s father confirmed that his daughter won first place well, and was able to prove her superiority over her competitors with persistence and determination and by her personal effort despite the  living conditions they suffer from.

Hour of Code in Latakia, 180 countries participating

Every year in December, you can join millions of students around the world celebrating Computer Science Education Week with the Hour of Code. Registration is opened for the annual celebration in October. Hour of code is a global event that takes place in more than 180 countries around the world in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week, with the participation of more than 100 million students around the world who have tried Hour of code activities; which aim to remove the ambiguity about programming and computer science for children.

Eng. Maryam Jawdat Fayyad -head of Syrian Computer Society for Informatics, Lattakia branch- has supervised the event, indicated that Hour of code targets children and adolescents in order to introduce basics of programming and enable them to eradicate ambiguity around computer sciences, by establishing real knowledge about sciences and technologies of future.

Syria takes part in IDPHO 2020

DAMASCUS, (ST)_With the participation of Syria, the Alternative International Physics Olympiad (IDPHO 2020), which was organized by Russia,  started on Tuesday. 
According to a statement by the Distinction and Creativity Agency, the competitions include, two rounds of tests (theoretical and practical) each of which is five continuous hours, where the theoretical tests are held today, while the practical tests will be held on Thursday.
50 countries are taking part in the Olympiad. 
Basma Qaddour

Syrian-Iranian talks to enhance cooperation in medical sciences and engineering

The discussion session held between the Syrian and Iranian sides on Tuesday  focused on ways to develop joint scientific and research cooperation in the fields of medical, technological and engineering sciences and the will to provide specialized services in the scientific field. The session was held at Damascus University under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Yasar Abdin, Rector of the University, Dr. Behrouz Badko, Head of the Economic and Commercial Affairs Department at the Iranian Academic Jihad Foundation, and his accompanying delegation

Dr. Abdin underlined the importance of establishing academic relations between Damascus University and the Jihad Academic Institution in various scientific, technological, medical and engineering fields. He stressed that scientific research is a basic goal of Damascus University at the present time, highlighting the need for projects and research to be directly related to addressing problems in the public and private sectors.

He pointed out that the university is currently working on establishing incubators for projects and research for scientific specializations, whether in the field of medical, technical or engineering sciences, in addition to incubators for graduation projects and others for postgraduate studies.

In turn, Dr. Badko indicated that the Jihad Academic Foundation is interested in science, technology development, and the preparation of human cadres in various scientific and research specialties, expressing the Foundation's readiness to cooperate with the University of Damascus in various scientific, medical, engineering and architectural fields and to establish technological parks (incubators for research and students' ideas). He referred to the possibility of establishing joint projects between the two sides if the university so desires.

Syria wins first place in the World Robot Olympiad in Canada

Syria won the  first place in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO)  in the surprise challenge competition for the higher category. The event was organized by Canada via internet on November 12 - 15 with the participation of 40 countries.

The Distinction  and Creativity Agency  indicated in a statement to SANA that the winning team included  Walid Sheibani, Karim Al-Madi and  Sami Maarouf,  under the supervision of coach Adnan Slahi, as part of the surprise challenge competition for the upper category of ages between 16 - 19 years.