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Syrian students win two silver medals, three bronze medals and six appreciation certificates in the IGO 2020

Damascus (ST): The Syrian team participating in the International Geometric Olympics (IGO) 2020 has won two silver medals, three bronze medals and six appreciation certificates.

The Distinction and Creativity Agency said that the two silver medals were won by students Ahmad Rajab al-Khamis and Ala’a Eddin Madyan Ahmad from Aleppo, while the bronze medals went to Khaled Ganem Rajjoub from Homs, Mohammad Fuad Zeyad al-Muain and Mohammad Anas Emad Eddin al-Qudsi from Aleppo.

The Olympic tests, organized by Iran last October, were held for students from 60 states via the internet.The tests   included questions in static and plane geometry.

Syrian Astronomical Society: Monday is the shortest day and the longest night

Many believe that the beginning of the winter season is on the 21st of December, while others think that it is on the 22nd of December and others think that it is on the 23rd of December and this belief is wrong that only a few people pay attention to.The difference is reflected in the circulating annual calendars.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Astronomical Society, Turkeh Jabourhas said that the date of the winter season varies from year to year according to the number of days and hours each season and the winter season in our country begins with the winter solstice in the period between December 21 and December 23 as a whole country.

Syrian Computer Society branch in Lattakia took part in the global “ Hour of code” Challenge

The “ Hour of Code “ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Society to introduce children to computer science and programming. The event attracts over 100 million participants across 180 countries .  

Thirty  children and adolescents have participated in the "Hour of Code" event,  which was organized by the Lattakia branch of the  Syrian Computer Society  ( SCS)  in parallel with the  Computer  Science Education Week .  

Eng. Mariam Fayyoud  Head of the  SCS branch in Lattakia  said in a statement to  Syriatimes  e-newspaper that the main objective of the event is to present  basics of programming to children and adolescents  and enable them to remove ambiguities about  these sciences and  providing them with suitable  knowledge about these  technologies that govern the future.

Syrian team wins 3 bronze medals at the alternative IdPHO 2020

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian scientific olympiad team won 3 bronze medals and a certificate of appreciation at the alternative IdPHO 2020, which was organized by Russia on December 8-10 with the participation of 50 countries. 
 The Syria winners are from Aleppo and Damascus provinces.

A Syrian team wins second place in the Arab Mental Arithmetic Championship in Egypt

The Syrian team from the city of Qamishli won second place in the Arab Mental Arithmetic Championship, which concluded yesterday in Egypt, with the participation of 46 teams.

Trained team leader Rawda Al-Muktif said in a statement to SANA that obtaining this advanced position was the result of continuous exercise and training. This result reflected the children's ability to compete and achieve advanced positions in the strongest competitions.