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Killer whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go, after 17 days

A killer whale has stopped carrying her dead newborn calf after at least 17 days, during which she covered 1,000 miles (1,600km), scientists say.

The whale "vigorously chased a school of salmon with her pod-mates in Haro Strait" off Canada's Vancouver Island, the Center for Whale Research said, according to BBC.

"Her tour of grief is now over and her behaviour is remarkably frisky."

The mystery of Jupiter's coloured bands is finally solved! Deep jet streams move clouds of ammonia across the planet to form its white, red, and orange stripes

The mystery underlying Jupiter's characteristic coloured bands has been solved thanks to data from NASA's probe orbiting around the gas giant, according to Daily Mail.

Several strong jet streams flow west to east in Jupiter's atmosphere, which are similar to Earth's jet streams.

However, unlike on Earth where the jet streams meander across the surface, Jupiter's jet streams are more even and straight.

There are also no continents and mountains below Jupiter's atmosphere to obstruct the path of the jet streams.

Mysterious gigantic rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system

A mysterious large object is floating around outside our solar system and researchers aren’t sure exactly what it is – although it could be a rogue planet.

In the first radio-telescope detection of a planetary-mass object beyond our solar system, astronomers have found the strange celestial body has 12.7 times the mass of Jupiter, according to RT.

 It doesn’t appear to orbit a parent star, however, and is only 20 light-years away from Earth.

Oldest-ever meteorite found in Africa… and could unlock the solar system’s secrets

The oldest meteorite ever discovered by scientists could help researchers on their quest for truth and how our solar system formed 4.6 billion years ago. The record breaking space rock was discovered in Mauritania, Northwest Africa.

Found in a sand dune in Mauritania, the light-colored space rock is laced with green crystals and is about the size of a baseball.

Fondly nicknamed ‘Northwest Africa (NWA) 11119’, the rock is believed to be 4.565 billion years old. Scientists believe our solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago – not too long before our newly-discovered sky pebble from above – when a gas and dust cloud collapsed due to gravity, possibly due to the final, star-ending explosion from a nearby supernova.

An audio-visual device for the blind invented by Syrian students

Supervised by Dr. Carlo Makdisi, Eng. Ziad Hammoud and Amjad Hassan, who are students at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Tishreen University in Lattakia Governorate, design an advanced ultrasonic device for the blind as to help them overcome obstacles.

The device was presented for the first time at the” Applied Projects Exhibition”, which has been  recently held at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Tishreen University in Lattakia.