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JCI in Lattakia opens nomination for TOYP Competition 2021

The  Junior Chamber  international ( JCI) in Lattakia has  opened   the nomination for the  TOYP ( Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the world ) competition 2021 during an introductory session  held  at the headquarters of the Syrian Computer Society  ( SCS) . 

The Session  included a detailed explanation  about  the competition, its categories and nomination criteria, in addition to introducing the winners’ achievements of the TOYP competition 2020  at the national level. 

President of JCI in Lattakia Nour Dali indicated in a statement to SANA that  the aim of this competition is to highlight the creative Syrian youths’ remarkable cultural, scientific, personal or voluntary achievements.

We are ready to transfer scientific expertise to Syria, says Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology

Damascus, (ST) - Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari affirmed his country’s readiness to transfer expertise and export his country’s products to Syria, especially the technical ones, and to train Syrian students studying in Iran in the technical field.

During a meeting with Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce Federation, Sattari stressed the importance of the Iranian Innovation and Technology Center, which was opened on Wednesday to introduce the Syrian market to Iranian products.

Damascus University signs a cooperation agreement with the Iranian International Ahl al-Bayt University

On March 1st, Damascus University signed with the Iranian International University of Ahl Al-Bayt an agreement to develop scientific and academic cooperation relations and to encourage student exchange between the two universities.

The two universities will establish joint study courses and issue joint graduation certificates after the Higher Education Councils approve these certificates.

The two universities will cooperate in the establishment of research activities and joint supervision of master's and doctoral theses of the two universities.

They will also cooperate in holding joint scientific conferences and symposia at the local and international levels and in the field of membership in international associations and academic institutions.

The Rector of Damascus University Dr. Muhammad Yasar Abdin stated that the University of Ahl Al-Bayt has provided Syrian students with more than fifty scholarships for the postgraduate studies and in various specializations, and has shown its full readiness for cooperation and scientific exchange.

The Rector of the Iranian International University of Ahl Al-Bayt, Dr. Saeed JazariMamoui said that the Ahl Al-Bayt University specializes in postgraduate studies "masters and doctorates" only and teaches various disciplines of philosophy, mathematical sciences and law.

The Iranian International University of Ahl Al-Bayt was established in 2004 and is located in Tehran.

O. al-Mohammad

A Syrian engineer receives recognition (best foreign PhD student) at Iran University of Science and Technology

The architect, Mohamed Salah El-Din Shayah, has received a certificate of appreciation for winning the first place with the highest university average during his years of academic achievement, in addition to the comprehensive specialized examination at the doctoral stage as the best foreign student studying at the Iran University of Science and Technology.

Shayah stated that he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Aleppo in 2009 and obtained a master's degree in energy management in buildings in 2011 before traveling to complete his doctoral study in Iran.

Shayah said that the university recently honored him as the best foreign doctoral student there during a ceremony for outstanding students and he will continue his PhD until the year 2023.

Shayahpointed out the efforts made by the Syrian youth in scientific research and their determination to serve their country through the sciences and knowledge they acquired.

It is noteworthy that Eng. Shayyah was born in Aleppo in 1987 and worked as a lecturer at the Faculties of Architecture at the University of Aleppo and Al-Ittihad Private University, in addition to teaching at the Engineering Technical Institute at the University of Aleppo.

O. al-Mohammad

Computer training for demobilized soldiers in Lattakia

In cooperation with Lattakia Governorate and the Syrian Computer Society ,Lattakia Branch,under the patronage of Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Salwa Al-Abdullah, a workshop to train demobilized Syrian Arab Army was held. The free training on Computer Leadership Sciences was conducted to enable them to use these sciences within their jobs so that they can continue to serve their community in various civil institutions.

Regarding this initiative, Eng. Maryam Jawdat Fayyoud, Head of Lattakia Branch of the Syrian Computer Society, said: "Two years ago, Lattakia branch launched the (Informatics Management and Construction) initiative, in line with the society’s goal of community support, which is considered one of the most important goals of the association and a fundamental role as a scientific civil society. In our first section, we trained  the children and families of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army in computer science, and we were able to train more than three hundred people, for free, within the Lattakia branch of the association."

"We were also able to help about fifty of them to obtain the International Computer Driving Certificate by fully supporting the costs of international exams, and here we are today completing this initiative by supporting the demobilized Syrian Arab Army." She added.

The Syrian Computer Society is continuing to exercise its role in supporting various community entities and using different information technologies to make progress in theSyrian society IT education  and qualifying them to be in the ranks of globally developed societies.

Lama Razzouq