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65 scientific and research papers in the third international conference for graduate students

Damascus (ST): Under the title “Economic and Development Contributions,” the Third International Conference for Postgraduate Students, “Masters and PhD” students at Syrian and international universities, started at the Faculty of Economics at Damascus University.

 The participants in the conference will discuss over two days 65 research and scientific papers from the contributions of graduate students in these universities in the economic, developmental, social, educational, environmental, health, engineering and technical fields, which contribute to enhancing and deepening the academic knowledge and scientific skills of researchers.

Dr. Muhammad Firas Henawi, Vice President of Damascus University for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, confirmed that the university has taken a set of procedures and mechanisms to sponsor and develop scientific research through coordination between research conducted by graduate students and relevant institutions and ministries to invest in sustainable development in various sectors in line with the needs and requirements of society.

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Dr. Ammar Nasser Agha, pointed out that employing and directing the energies of young researchers in vital and strategic issues has become an urgent need, which requires motivating them to study the problems, phenomena and cases that institutions, bodies and ministries need.