(Technotex) Exhibition, an interactive platform for software and electronic companies

Damascus (ST): Technotex exhibition for service, entertainment and industrial electronics, protection systems and information security formed an interactive platform on the exhibition grounds in Damascus for software and electronic companies that presented various applications, programs and smart solutions in this field.


The exhibition, which continues for the third day in a row, was considered by many of its participants as a pioneering step in the digital transformation project, while others referred, during their statements to its role in providing networking opportunities between companies providing technology services and their users in the era of technology and knowledge acceleration, in addition to its contribution to spreading the culture of electronic payment through Cell phone in front of exhibition visitors.

The director of technical laboratories in a company specializing in children’s and young people’s technologies, Lina Al-Daqer, explained that their goal of participation is to provide a variety of approaches to teach how to build games and “animation” and design electronic circuits and programming, and ways to provide a scientific and practical incubating environment for children through which they learn the basics of computer science from scratch to professionalism.

In turn, Safwan Sharbati, Director of Sales and Marketing at Business Administration Group, pointed out that the exhibition helps companies present their offers in the field of technology and communications in front of a wide segment of individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners, indicating that they provide their services in the field of virtual and flexible offices, hosting and rental contracts of all types and levels of business offices that suit all categories and legal forms of private or limited liability companies according to Syrian commercial laws. 

For his part, Omar Akrim, sales manager of an electronics company, explained that the exhibition achieves the interests of companies and consumers together by achieving direct communication between them, especially with regard to alternative energies and solar energy systems "domestic, industrial and agricultural", which began to increase in the local market.