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Syria participates in the Asian Mathematics Olympiad

Damascus (ST):  Students of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad participated in the Asian Mathematics Olympiad 2021. The tests were conducted "remotely" over a period of four continuous hours at the same time in the participating countries and included high-level questions in algebra and engineering, according to Nobog Yassin, Director of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad at the Excellence and Creativity Authority, indicating that the Syrian team participated in the competitions from the Ebla Al-Sham Hotel and the Umayyad Palace for the conferences and it included 28 male and female students from different governorates.

 Yassin explained that participation in this Olympiad has a special importance, as it is based on trust and scientific honesty, as the Scientific Committee of the Asian Olympiad sends the question form to the participating countries, and in turn the Central Scientific Committee for Mathematics in the Syrian Scientific Olympiad translates the questions and prepares them to be printed and saved, and they are not disclosed until the start of the test, indicating that the Asian Olympiad is the strongest international competition after the World Olympiad, and its tests simulate the standard and style followed internationally.

The participation in the Asian Olympiad is considered an important preparatory station for the Syrian Olympiad team, as part of its preparations to participate in the World Mathematics Olympiad that will be organized by Russia next summer. During its participation in the Asian Mathematics Olympiad last year, the Syrian team achieved five bronze medals and five certificates of appreciation.