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A professional education development project team at the European Institute organization visits Lattakia

The Vocational and Technical Education Development Project team in the "European Institute for Cooperation and Development" visited the Education Directorate in Lattakia and met with Director of Education, Omran Abo Khalil.

The team carried out field visits to schools:

Annaba for Feminist Arts, Martyr Muhammad KamelSaleh"Feminist School", Martyr Ahmed Hassan Ahmed "Industrial Vocational School in Jableh", and spinning factories in Jableh and Lattakia.


With the aim of polling opinions by distributing questionnaires to students, teachers, company managers and parents, in order to identify the reality of vocational education, and link it in the future to the labor market.

This visit received a positive response, and in the future it is expected to create a dual education, during which the student will receive theoretical training in vocational high schools and practical training in laboratories and companies.

Lama Razzouq