Talents of scientific excellence participate in the final qualifications of Syrian Scientific Olympiad

From different governorates,  talents of scientific excellence came to Damascus on Sunday evening to participate in the final qualifiers of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad for the 2020-2021 season, scheduled for today.  Members of the national teams that will participate in the World Olympiad competitions during the coming period in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics will be selected.

The final qualifiers held by the Excellence and Creativity Authority, with the participation of 673 students from different governorates, include two rounds of tests over a period of two days as is the case in international examinations,  Nabug Yassin, Director of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad stated.

In conjunction with the start of the scientific Olympiad final qualifiers and in order to ensure the implementation of measures to address the Corona epidemic and in compliance with health instructions, the Excellence and Creativity Authority launched an electronic training platform for students of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad. The platform supervisor Hassan Ismail, who is a graduate of the National Center for Excellence, confirmed in a statement to SANA that the launch of this platform comes to facilitate the training process of students during the final qualifying period, as they undergo weekly experimental tests that enhance their capabilities and enable them to communicate between each other and with professors regardless of their whereabouts. The platform provides the student with international resources, references and useful links to develop their research skills.

The authority has also set up a medical point at Ebla Hotel, the place of the tests,  to supervise the health and safety of students while they are doing the exams. Dr. Basil Al-Obeid, a “cardiac doctor”, noted that  medical examinations such as measuring "temperature, pulse, pressure, and oxygenation” were conducted to ensure the students’ health and the process of the qualifications with sound health conditions, especially in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The participating students  confirmed that reaching  this stage bears them a great responsibility to achieve more successes, reach the global podiums, and raise the name of Syria high..

Inas Abdulkareem