Syrian Astronomical Society: Monday is the shortest day and the longest night

Many believe that the beginning of the winter season is on the 21st of December, while others think that it is on the 22nd of December and others think that it is on the 23rd of December and this belief is wrong that only a few people pay attention to.The difference is reflected in the circulating annual calendars.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Astronomical Society, Turkeh Jabourhas said that the date of the winter season varies from year to year according to the number of days and hours each season and the winter season in our country begins with the winter solstice in the period between December 21 and December 23 as a whole country.


Jabbour said that the winter solstice for this year falls on Monday at 12 and 3 minutes, as the sun will rise on the first day of winter at 6 and 33 minutes in the morning from its maximum mile point on the southeast side and will set at 4:30 PM.

Jabbour said Monday ( December 21) will be the shortest day of the day, as the length of the day is about 9 hours and 56 minutes only.

It is worth noting that the winter solstice this year is associated with an astronomical phenomenon, which is the great conjunction between the giant of the solar system (Jupiter) and the master (rings) of Saturn.


O. al-Mohammad