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Reforestation Campaign Launched Within Lattakia’s 2nd Cultural Festival

 Reforestation has innumerable benefits. One can’t imagine the advantages it will bring for mankind, wildlife as well as the vegetation. Most importantly, afforestation is something which is very economical and easy . It can help in bringing back the balance of nature.

A reforestation campaign has been launched by Lattakia’s Culture Team for building life skills of the Child Culture Directorate within the framework of the activities of Lattakia’s second cultural festival currently held. The campaign, in which 100 volunteers took part, was carried out in the village of “Al-Bahlolieh” in Lattakia’s countryside which was subjected to a big fire last summer.

During the campaign more than 600 different forest saplings including carob and laurel were planted aiming at reviving the areas which have been exposed to fires and the areas where trees have been cut down.

Head of the culture team for building life skills Mrs. Amal Tobal, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the campaign was carried out in honor of the spirit of the two martyrs Bassam Janad and Jalal Saqr who died while they were carrying out their duty to put out the forest fires that erupted last summer in Al-Bahlolieh village.

“ the campaign aims at expanding green areas , replanting degraded and burned forests and maintaining the sustainability and continuity of forests productivity , in addition to focusing on the economic and environmental gains of the forest” Mrs. Tobal stressed.

She underlined that the objective of the team’s participation in the campaign is to raise the children’s awareness about the importance of preserving nature and environment as well as to teach them what land and belongingness to the homeland mean.

On his part, Head of the forestry Department at Lattakia’s Agriculture Directorate Ein Edou made it clear that the afforestation campaigns will continue till the end of December during which more than 3000 forest saplings will be planted in different areas of Lattakia marking Tree Day which falls on the last Thursday of each year.

He reiterated that the ministry of agriculture seeks to rehabilitate all the afforestation areas which have been cut, burnt and vandalized, as a plan was put for the coming stage focusing on these areas as a priority.

On their parts, the participants in the campaign stressed the campaign is very important because the tree is the symbol of love and giving and every sapling is a symbol of a new hope for a better future, stressing preserving the nature and environment is a national duty to help in creating a greener and brighter future for the upcoming generations.

Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam..


Cedar and Fir Natural Reserve of Slenfeh in Lattakia

The city of Slenfeh in Lattakia province is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Syria , both among locals and foreigners.

It is located at an average height of 1130 meters above sea level. Slenfeh , which is well-known as a famous town-resort in Syria , is adorned with cedar and fir  trees that glow in all seasons giving it a charming view that captivates the hearts.

The  cedar and fir natural reserve of Slenfeh city , which includes hundreds of year old trees, is one of the most important eco-tourism sites in the region for its natural richness and biological diversity.

 The site  of the natural  reserve, which extends over an area of 1350 hectares, is enhanced by its enchanting view of the Al-Ghab Plain and the sea.  Its borders extend  between the road of Slenfeh - the broadcasting station – Al-Ghab to the north,  Al-Braj  in the south, and Jurin –Al-Rayhaneh  to the east, and the highway of Slenfeh – Jubet  Burgal to the west.

A reforestation campaign on the southern highway road of Damascus within the activities of the third environmental festival

As part of the activities of the third environmental festival, Damascus governorate organized today a campaign of reforestation on the southern highway, the ninth node, during which pine, linden and cypress trees were planted.

The reforestation campaign includes planting 1500 forest trees on the southern highway in addition to planting thousands of trees in many areas of the city and its countrysides during the reforestation season of this year, the Director of the Parks in Damascus, Mahmoud Murtada, told SANA, pointing to planting about 200 hundred trees in Bab Sharqi area on Wednesday.

A campaign to Rehabilitate Forest and Agricultural Lands Damaged by Fires

Homs,(ST)-The Forestry Center of Al-Nasera in the western countryside of Homs launched a campaign to rehabilitate the forested and agricultural lands that have been damaged as a result of the fires that broke out recently in the area..

Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia Reactivates Internal Tourism Movement

"Syria is a world-famous tourist attraction. It has a rich and diverse nature as well as many different attractive destinations  where nature lovers have lots to see and do” the pharmacist Jaafar Harba Head of Go Green Syria Team in Lattakia province said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newespaper.

He pointed out that the team, which was established in Jableh in Lattakia  in 2017 by the approval of the Higher Committee for External Activities at the Syrian Arab Sport Federation, includes now 40 members from different Syrian provinces and of different age categories and specializations. Those members are divided into media, medical, exploration and documentation committees.