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Restoration of the public park in Salamiyah, using environment debris

The Friends of Salamiyah Association and the Aga Khan Foundation have implemented works and initiatives to renovate the public park in the city of Salamiyah in the eastern countryside of Hama by making use of the recycling of the environment debris and car tires.


Maan al-Meir, director of the association, said in a statement to a SANA reporter that efforts were coordinated with the Aga Khan Foundation within the plan to renovate the public park in the city of Salamiyah, which has an area of 52 dunums and is considered an outlet for the people of the city. He pointed out that the restoration work began this year with a partial area in the park, where some equipment were restored and other new ones such as children's toys and seats were installed.  The restoration works depended on the use of the environment debris in order to encourage its use in the manufacture of anything useful .

In turn, the project supervisor, Laith Al-Khatib, noted that the focus was on installing seats by manufacturing them from damaged car tires, with the efforts of the cadres working in the project and under the supervision of a number of plastic artists with their creative artistic touches to form these models in the most beautiful image.

Inas Abdulkareem