On the occasion of Tree Day ... 45 hectares are planted with various trees at the Hayalin Forestry site in Hama countryside

Hama,(ST) A celebration of the 69th Tree Day was held today at the Hayalin Forestry site in Masyaf area in the countryside of Hama, during which the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform launched a national afforestation campaign under the slogan (Our Land is Gold) with the aim of preserving the vegetation, increasing its area and restoring the  forests that were exposed to fires.

The director of Hama Agriculture, Engineer Abdel Moneim Al-Sabbagh, stated in a statement to SANA's correspondent that the  includes planting 45 hectares of the total area of the site, which amounts to 100 hectares, and it will be planted with trees of pine, laurel, robinia, oaks,  and sumac .

Haifaa Mafalani