Afforestation campaign for fire-affected areas in Lattakia countryside

With the participation of 70 volunteers from the Syrian “ Daw’a” (Light)  Team and the initiative “to reforest our green mountains” , a forty-dunum afforestation campaign took place on Friday  in Jabal Al-Hurra in Rabi’a district in the northern countryside of Lattakia province.

The campaign included planting 1,400 seedlings of  carob,     pine ,nuts and laurel trees  within a framework of a series  of afforestation campaigns which are taking place in the province  in an attempt to make up for the damage of the recent fires that overwhelmed the governorate’s countryside .

Leader of the Syrian  “Daw’a”  Team, indicated  to SANA that his team will continue its voluntary afforestation campaigns with the increasing number of volunteers, which reflects  their love for the land and their homeland .

Hashem Munif, leader of the initiative to reforest our green mountains, expressed his happiness with this participation to restore life to the damaged forests, stressing  cultivating  seedlings  by  the hands of children and youths of the country  consolidates  a sense of belonging to the land.

In turn,  Hazar Al-Kurdi an agronomist at  the Department of Forestry underlined that the cultivation of  fire-affected  areas is a national duty  to save the environment and restore the green cover, adding  there is a plan for planting and afforestation  all affected forest areas.

A number of participants in the campaign stressed that it is the duty of every one to spread the culture of afforestation, preserve the environment and expand green areas.

Julia Aldo, a  six-year old  , who was the youngest participant in the campaign ,  said she was  very enthusiastic  to  take part  with her mother  because she loves nature and was very sad about the burnt trees.

The Agriculture Directorate in Lattakia Governorate confirms that the afforestation campaigns will continue until the end of  March of the following year. 


Rawaa Ghanam