Archbishop Atallah Hanna: Palestinians have not authorized any one to speak on their behalf in the forthcoming Bahrain conference

(ST) - Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna has said that Bahrain conference due to be held in late June is dubious and comes within the conspiracy hatched against the Palestinian people.
“We reject the dubious conference to be held in Bahrain because the Palestinian people’s cause is the cause of people who love freedom and it is not the cause of wages, food and drink. The Palestinians have not authorized any one to speak on their behalf in that conference,” His Eminence stated, according to a newsletter sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.
His remarks came during a meeting with a British Parliamentary delegation visiting al-Quds [Jerusalem].
“We assert from this Holy place [al-Quds] that all conspiracies being hatched in the White House to eliminate the just Palestinian cause is doomed to failure,” the archbishop told the delegation, adding that United States’ mercenaries and agents have no powers to decide the fate of the Palestinian people and no power in the world is able to end the Palestinian people’s existence and rights.
“The Palestinian people do exist whether Trump has recognized that or not .. Our firm national rights are non-negotiable and Palestinians reject money in exchange for abandoning national principles,” His Eminence affirmed.
The archbishop made it clear that the cause of the Palestinian people cannot be limited to improving the financial and living conditions. “We do not underestimate the importance of this, but the demand of the Palestinian people is to resolve the Palestinian cause through ending the occupation and the unjust acts against them.”
“No one in this world has the right to erase the existence of Palestine from the map. Palestine does exist and it will remain regardless of who agrees or disagrees,” His Eminence concluded.
Washington announced, last week, that it would co-host the June 25-26 meeting in Bahrain’s capital city of Manama, purportedly to encourage investment in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

Basma Qaddour


British Analyst to ST: Iran is a Force for Security and Stability in the Middle East

(ST)- The British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos has argued that Iran is a force for security and stability in the Middle East, refuting the American argument that Iran is a threat.

“The Iranians prevented the Taliban from expanding its cancerous tentacles into the Middle East and then played a decisive role in defeating ISIS in Iraq. Furthermore, Iranian forces have shed their blood in Syria in fighting against Western-backed terrorists, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda,” the analyst told the Syria Times e-newspaper.

He contrasted the positive and important role that Iran plays in the Middle East with the destructive one played by America in the Middle East.

“The Americans have brought carnage to the Middle East. Washington has invaded and bombed Middle Eastern countries, supported terrorists in the region and armed governments so that these can massacre, imprison and wage wars against peoples in the region. Further to that, the Americans played a pivotal role in Israel developing nuclear weapons in what is the most volatile part of the world and contrary to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, while Washington recently pledged to share nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia,” Dr. Papadopoulos said.

He, in addition, referred to the US’ principal allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia who, between themselves, continue to arm and assist terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda in the region, and continue to massacre Palestinians and Yemenis, respectively.

Returning to America, the analyst asserted that Washington has made it very clear, over the last 40 years, that it wants to see the overthrow of the Iranian Government, which is, of course, a most serious violation of the United Nations Charter.

“To achieve their goal, the Americans have placed extremely harmful sanctions on the Iranian people and continue to militarily posture close to Iran’s maritime waters and airspace. It is therefore abundantly clear that America constitutes a grave threat to Iran as it does not just to the Middle East but to the entire world,” the analyst added.

Israel would be content to see the ME in flames

Moreover, Dr. Papadopoulos, the founder and editor of Politics First magazine, emphasized that the Israeli factor in the growing tension between Washington and Tehran is highly significant, owing to the immense influence that Israel wields in American politics.

“Even though the Israeli authorities want to see and, indeed, are encouraging a war between America and Iran, they know that in the event of such a conflict materializing, the Middle East would explode into flames hence Israel does not want to face a public relations catastrophe on a global scale. Alas, the Israelis are more or less keeping everything they say about the sudden surge in American-Iranian tensions private. But no-one should be under any illusion about the nature of Tel Aviv,” he stated. 

The analyst concluded by saying: “Israel would be content to see the Middle East in flames if this meant that Iran were to be destroyed by the American military. Israel is an enormous source of instability in the Middle East and it high time that the United Nations takes firm action against this dangerous country.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour  


Former French Diplomat: Israeli Leaders Want Washington to Engage on Their Behalf in a “Proxy” Military Adventure Against Iran

(ST)- As a businessman lost in a foreign land, Trump doesn’t care about the art of diplomacy and is unable to have any empathy with the aspirations and feelings of other countries, according to the former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud, who believes that the “unpredictable President” proved to have adopted as a guideline number one at least for the beginning of his mandate “to destroy everything that Obama was proud of” and considered to be the bulk of his work, externally as well as internally, including the lessening of the conflict with Iran.

The veteran diplomat told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “Any state is good if buying American arms, and bad if refusing to do so or resisting the pressures or the interests of Washington. On this basis, Iran, deeply involved in the Syrian conflict and supporting the legal government along with the Hezbollah, is a Devil belonging to the Axe of Resistance, and having a “strategic” partnership with Russia.

Last but not least, Iran is of course perceived in the States as being a pitiless enemy of Israel.”

Belgian ‘National’ Party’s Head to ST: U.S. Is Playing Again With Fire

Head of the Belgian ‘National’ Party, Hervé Van Laethem, believes that the Americans’ failure in Syria has pushed them to a more direct strategy against Iran.
He told the Syria Times e-newspaper that one of the goals of the US attempt to topple the Syrian government was to weaken Hezbollah, but the opposite happened and maybe now they want to act directly against their number one target [Iran].
“It is certain that the Americans are playing again with fire... Are they crazy enough to cause a real explosion? The problem is that even if it is not the case, this kind of tension can sometimes cause an accident that leads to a war,” Laethem said.
He hopes that the US president Donald Trump is not so much a puppet of the Israelis. “It would spell a major disaster for the region and even the world. Everyone knows that this explosion would not be limited to Iran.”
As for the session held this month by the United Nations on Syria’s Idlib at the request of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, the Belgian politician said that his country participates in such kind of initiatives to strengthen one of its allies.
“It would be better if Belgium had called some years ago for a UN conference to stop the intervention of foreign forces that were supporting terrorist groups in Syria,” Laethem added, asserting that Belgium is a vassal state of the U.S.
“I don’t believe in the independence of the Belgian diplomacy which seems to me under the direct or indirect control of the USA,” he affirmed.
Moreover, the Belgian politician indicated that many Belgians believe that the war is over in Syria.
“The current great danger is the return of the jihadists of Belgian nationality to Belgium.. That is why we appealed to the Belgian government to re-establish diplomatic relations with Syria in order to be able to cooperate with Syrian security services for identifying the Belgian jihadists who could come back,” Laethem concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour

Sen. Richard Black to ST: The world Would Be Much Safer If President Trump Replaced Bolton and Pompeo

It is still uncertain whether the United States will go to war with Iran or not, according to the US Senator Richard Hayden Black, who asserted that the world would be much safer if the U.S. President Donald Trump replaced his national security adviser John Bolton and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

 The senator affirmed that Bolton is extremely dangerous because President Trump does not exercise proper control over military matters. He referred to the fact that Bolton immediately countermanded President Trump’s order to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria.

Sen. Black’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper over US-Iran tensions and the US military presence in Syria.