British Analyst explains why ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by their politicians and journalists on Syria

Damascus, (ST) - Today, more and more ordinary Britons are questioning what they are being told by both their politicians and journalists about the fighting in Syria. So, what accounts for that growing doubt in the minds of everyday British people?

That question was answered by the British political analyst Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos.

“Indeed, ordinary Britons are not just questioning; they also harbour serious reservations about the so-called freedom fighters and the so-called emergency workers of the White Helmets, whom the British Government has emphatically championed and supported with British taxpayers' money”, the analyst told the Syria Times e-newspaper.

Dr. Papadopoulos asserted that there are numerous factors behind the growing doubt in British people’s minds. “These factors include how Britons have seen for themselves on social media the heinous crimes against humanity committed by terrorists' groups in Syria which are supported by the UK Government, such as the so-called Free Syrian Army, and they have also seen the White Helmets staging fake attacks and executing Syrian soldiers.”

However, the most important factor, in his estimation, is that there are so many more people today who are professionally covering the conflict in Syria than what there was previously.

 “There are now so many more people who have taken up the cause of investigating and analyzing the fighting in Syria for themselves. We have, to name just a few, the indomitable Vanessa Beeley, who has played a pivotal role in unmasking the infamous White Helmets; we have Eva Bartlett, who helped to expose the diabolical nature of terrorist rule in East Aleppo; and we have Peter Ford, a former British ambassador to Syria, who has relayed his knowledge and understanding of Syria to the British public”, the analyst stated.

Syrian MP to ST: Arab Region Is in Need of Strong Democratic Parliaments

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Syrian Member of Parliament, Dr. Ahmad Kuzbari, has argued that Arab region is in urgent need of strong democratic parliaments to defuse conflicts before they spiral out of control.

He believes that Arab parliaments must play a pivotal role in restoring peace and promoting reconciliation through dialogue based on understanding, openness, and a culture of moderation and equity, along with highlighting the importance of political pluralism.

The parliamentarian’s remarks came during his interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper over Arab Parliaments’ role in the light of recent developments in the region.

“Arab parliaments in our region continue to play a very shy role, particularly in the light of the current events in the region, and especially with issues concerning terrorism and the prevention of external interference in internal affairs of sovereign states, which is one of the basic principles of the United Nations but is often interpreted in ways that are not credible,” Dr. Kuzbari stated.

He added that the principles of the United Nations have evolved to include the concept of humanitarian intervention and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’. 

“Arab Parliaments should benefit from parliamentary diplomacy at the national or regional level by exchanging views and experiences, discussing intra-country and inter-country conflicts, and helping defuse tensions and resolve conflicts before they get out of control,” said Dr. Kuzbari, who chairs the Constitutional and Legislative Committee in the Syrian People’s Assembly [Parliament].

The MP underlined that parliaments must work to prevent extremism, violence, and terrorism by transferring international commitments to national laws and supervising their implementation as well as working towards raising awareness of the dangers of terrorism, that is often fueled by hatred, intolerance, and discrimination.

International Criminal Lawyer to ST: ICC is Controlled by The US and EU

DAMASCUS, (ST)- An International Criminal Lawyer has underscored that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has fallen under the influence of those who fund it mainly the EU, and US and private corporations who donate to it and who are very willing to use the court when it suits their interests.

Mr. Christopher Black told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the US will not recognize the court, nevertheless it attempts to use it through certain personnel placed in key positions to do its bidding.

“The Americans and British, for example, are putting pressure on the ICC to investigate and charge the Syrian government with war crimes.

Syrian MP to ST: Armenia is a Bridge to the Eurasian Union for Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Armenia has assumed the presidency of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) 2019 and it can help Syria enter the market of the union after the development of economic relations between Damascus and Yerevan, according to the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian.

The MP told the Syria Times e-newspaper that Armenia is a bridge to the EAEU for Syria that will benefit from the experiences of Armenia’s friendly countries.

“Syrian-Russian Business Council, Syrian Economy Ministry and other government institutes are working on Syria’s accession to the Union which will be a good step to enhance Syria’s economic relations with the EAEU’s member states and will help it benefit from their experiences,” she said.

Retired French Colonel to ST: False chemical attacks have been organized by terrorists with help of western powers and Turkey to justify strikes on Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST) - The Retired French Colonel Alain Corvez has emphasized that western powers are trying to use all kinds of false pretexts to carry out airstrikes against Syria in order to delay the political solution they don’t want.

Among these false pretexts are chemical weapons attacks being filmed and carried out by foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria to blame the Syrian government for the attacks.

“Russian intelligence are very professional services and they have said that France and Belgium intelligence are in contact with White Helmets and terrorist groups in Idlib area and they are plotting false flag chemical attack in this area. They are reliable and I believe they say the truth because they have proved in the past their accuracy,” the retired officer told the Syria Times e-newspaper

He made it clear that this truth corresponds to the regrettable French action from the start of the war in Syria to support jihadists to take over the legal government of President Bashar Al-Assad which is their obsession.

“From the beginning the French diplomacy has to follow the US strategy and even to be the best pupil of the classroom in overtaking the master. This time, Belgium seems willing to demonstrate its association with this devil project. But Germany have also been participating in the support to terrorists together with France. Proofs of that have been delivered several times, namely by Russians,” the retired colonel stated. 

He added: “The shame is that French media do not inform the people and diffuse the government propaganda trying to present its action as humanitarian.”