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Sen. Richard Black to ST: Trump's Golan Move is Inconsistent with International Law

Virginian State Senator Richard H. Black has told the Syria Times e-newspaper that besides influencing Israeli elections, the United States is financially vested in controlling the occupied Syrian Golan because Halliburton, an American oil company, is actively engaged in exploring for oil and national gas under the auspices of the Israeli government.

He has asserted that this act is being done in clear violation of International law.

The Senator’s remarks came in response to a question on the reasons behind US President Donald Trump’s recognition of the occupied Syrian Golan as ‘Israeli territory’.

Trump's Policy is Tearing Apart the Body of Legitimacy...!

It seems that the American administration has entered a new phase in dealing with international legitimacy; especially that it has been unable to employ the Security Council and its decisions to consolidate the policy of military and economic hegemony. The Russian-Chinese veto is ready to disrupt any resolution that contradicts right, logic and reality.

Some European politicians do not hide their resentment of the policies of US President Donald Trump towards the "old continent", especially regarding the imposition of American dictates on Europeans.

3D Message

The three armies - the Iranian, the Iraqi and the Syrian Arab Army - constitute the most important regional military force in our region, and may exceed the region to take global influence. The three armies have not yet wrested their hands from the battles with the various types of terrorists and their supporters. They are engaged in this battle with all seriousness and continuity.

The convergence of the three armies to the level expressed by the Damascus meeting of the Chiefs of Staff gives a message to those who may miss the direct vision of the military reality in the region! Which is the message that defines the first dimension of the meeting. A message that says clearly: We are here as a fighting military force that can't simply be bypassed and jump above the interests that protect them for the three countries and their peoples.

Incitement to Hate

The massacre in New Zealand can't be seen as an isolated individual crime committed by a foolish idiot. Once it is located in the far reaches of the globe, there is a sign that there is a plan to spread terrorism in any part of the world. The targeting of mosques at once during Friday prayers for the greatest number of victims carries one goal is to inflame hatred and encourage the culture of hatred and extremism and to consolidate the term "Islam phobia", which has become the most dangerous phenomenon to Muslims in the West.

European Crocodile Tears in Brussels…!

Some eight years and the Arab fire is still mounting, and Western countries continue to rely on more humanitarian tragedies in the region despite the defeats suffered by the instruments of aggression.

Eight years ago, the economic situation of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Sudan was much better than now. The EU countries that shed crocodile tears were not serious in helping any party. On the contrary, they tried to co-ordinate and cooperate with tyrannical forces to undermine state entities, manufacturing, supplying, inciting and supporting terrorist groups, and its most important focus was on undermining the Syrian state structure as one of the most important countries facing the American-Zionist project.