Belgian ‘National’ Party’s Head to ST: U.S. Is Playing Again With Fire

Head of the Belgian ‘National’ Party, Hervé Van Laethem, believes that the Americans’ failure in Syria has pushed them to a more direct strategy against Iran.
He told the Syria Times e-newspaper that one of the goals of the US attempt to topple the Syrian government was to weaken Hezbollah, but the opposite happened and maybe now they want to act directly against their number one target [Iran].
“It is certain that the Americans are playing again with fire... Are they crazy enough to cause a real explosion? The problem is that even if it is not the case, this kind of tension can sometimes cause an accident that leads to a war,” Laethem said.
He hopes that the US president Donald Trump is not so much a puppet of the Israelis. “It would spell a major disaster for the region and even the world. Everyone knows that this explosion would not be limited to Iran.”
As for the session held this month by the United Nations on Syria’s Idlib at the request of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, the Belgian politician said that his country participates in such kind of initiatives to strengthen one of its allies.
“It would be better if Belgium had called some years ago for a UN conference to stop the intervention of foreign forces that were supporting terrorist groups in Syria,” Laethem added, asserting that Belgium is a vassal state of the U.S.
“I don’t believe in the independence of the Belgian diplomacy which seems to me under the direct or indirect control of the USA,” he affirmed.
Moreover, the Belgian politician indicated that many Belgians believe that the war is over in Syria.
“The current great danger is the return of the jihadists of Belgian nationality to Belgium.. That is why we appealed to the Belgian government to re-establish diplomatic relations with Syria in order to be able to cooperate with Syrian security services for identifying the Belgian jihadists who could come back,” Laethem concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour

Sen. Richard Black to ST: The world Would Be Much Safer If President Trump Replaced Bolton and Pompeo

It is still uncertain whether the United States will go to war with Iran or not, according to the US Senator Richard Hayden Black, who asserted that the world would be much safer if the U.S. President Donald Trump replaced his national security adviser John Bolton and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

 The senator affirmed that Bolton is extremely dangerous because President Trump does not exercise proper control over military matters. He referred to the fact that Bolton immediately countermanded President Trump’s order to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria.

Sen. Black’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper over US-Iran tensions and the US military presence in Syria.

German Politician to ST: The Liberation of Idlib from Terrorists Will Make it Difficult for German Government to Keep on Lying about Syria

(ST)- German politician has affirmed that the government of his country still supports terrorist groups in the fight against the Syrian government, adding that the liberation of the Syrian Idlib province will make it difficult for German government to keep on lying to the German people about the situation in Syria.
Dr. Christian Blex told the Syria- Times e-newspaper: “The German government and our state media are not neutral in the Syrian conflict. Our government still supports the terrorists in the fight against the Syrian government. That is why our media also unilaterally report on the victims and the alleged destruction by the Syrian government troops and the Russian Air Force.”
He pointed out that during the liberation of Aleppo in the end of 2016, the media took over completely uncritically the claims of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). In contrast, the German population was not informed about the massive destruction of Raqqa by the US- led coalition during the Kurdish conquest.
The politician made it clear that the German government used western media reports about alleged destruction of hospitals in Idlib by Russian or Syria planes as a pretext for invoking the UN Security Council to hold a session on the said province [Idlib].
“Since 2015, our government has illegally left more than two million alleged refugees, including many Islamists, in our country.

The majority claims to be from Syria. To justify their stay, our government continues to claim that Syria is a dangerous country in a state of civil war. Already during my stay in Syria in March 2018, most of the country was pacified under the control of the Syrian government,” said Dr. Blex, the AFD [Alternative for Germany or Alternative für Deutschland] Member of Parliament.
He underscored that the liberation of Idlib from terrorists will make it difficult for German government to keep on lying to the German people about the situation in Syria.
“Last year, the last areas under the control of terrorists in central and southern Syria were liberated. Idlib is the only large area under the control of terrorists. After the liberation of Idlib, only areas remain that are under the control of Kurdish / American troops and Turkish mercenaries. This will make it difficult for our government to keep on lying to the German people about the situation in Syria,” he stated.
The politician expressed his concern over the flee of many Islamist terrorists to Germany after the liberation of Idlib.

There will be no invasion of Iran by U.S.

Concerning the US-Iran tensions, Dr. Blex referred to the fact that the US Administration sharply criticizes the human rights situation in Iran while they are completely blind in terms of Saudi Arabia.
“Unfortunately, the United States and therefore our government are very one-sided on the side of Saudi Arabia. Both countries sharply criticize the human rights situation in Iran while they are completely blind in terms of Saudi Arabia. While there is a parliament and elections in Iran, Saudi Arabia is an absolutist monarchy. The human rights situation is very bad there, especially for women. People are regularly publicly executed with the sword in a barbaric way. Only recently was the corpse of an executed man publicly crucified there,” the politician declared.
He indicated that the Saudi Arabian war crimes in Yemen are completely ignored.
"Although the US has tightened its sanctions on Iran, I do not believe that war will actually happen. At least there will be no invasion of Iran by the United States. Such an invasion would be difficult to justify domestically. Also, a war with Iran would severely endanger the supply of crude oil to the West,” he concluded.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour

Prof. Tim Anderson to ST: Tel Aviv is Afraid of the Axis of Resistance

(ST) -The Australian political economist and author Professor, Tim Anderson, has emphasized that the Zionist entity is afraid of the unrelenting Palestinian resistance, of Syria’s looming victory and of an enhanced Axis of Resistance facing the occupied parts of Lebanon and Syria.

“Tel Aviv has looked to Trump for reassurance, but the US leader’s gestures over Jerusalem and the occupied Golan have no force in international law,” the professor told the Syria Times e-newspaper

He went on to say: “Given that Washington (whether under Bush, Obama or Trump) has done nothing to restrain the extended colonization and attempted ethnic cleansing on the West Bank, it is hard to imagine that The Kushner Plan (given a name which sounds like a TV game show) could do much more than throw some money around; all the more humiliating that this seems likely to be Arab (Saudi) money and perhaps a little Arab (Egyptian) land.”

The professor believes that all the recent statements from the Trump regime (on Jerusalem, on the occupied Syrian Golan and on some new yet-to-be-explained promises over Palestine) run in parallel to the violent expeditions by the Netanyahu regime.  

Asked about the purpose of the Zionist entity’s recent intensive strikes on Gaza strip in the occupied Palestine, prof. Anderson said: “ The Zionists seem to believe, as do most fascist regimes, that an extremely vicious response to what they regard as the slightest provocation will act to terrorize the population and so repress all forms of resistance. While there are constant acts of resistance within occupied Palestine, the series of Israeli massacres in Gaza have demonstrated extreme and disproportional brutality. “

“Ruthless Reprisal”

He underlined that civilian casualties amongst Palestinians are, by all accounts, the great majority of Israel’s victims.
“The United Nations reported that “at least” 1,483 (67%) of the 2,205 Palestinians killed in Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza were civilians, while only 4 (6%) of the 71 Israelis killed were civilians.

( So, contrary to much of the western media hype, the Palestinian resistance uses far more targeted violence compared to that of the Zionist forces. Notice though that the Zionist kill ratio in 2014 was more than 30 to one,” the professor clarified.

He referred to the fact that the Netanyahu regime since then has enhanced its policy of ruthless reprisal.
“In March the Zionist intelligence site Debka reported


that “a new IDF policy had gone into force for hitting back at all manifestations of Palestinian terror”. This has resulted in immediate attacks “even though there were no Israeli casualties”. The same site noted multiple small acts of resistance, and that “thousands of convicted terrorists in Israeli jails [were] restive over cutbacks in their privileges”.

Prof. Anderson added that the increase in Palestinian resistance’s military capacity, with Gaza rockets reaching Tel Aviv for the first time, in March 2019, might help explain the relatively short punitive assault on Gaza in May.

“The Israeli regime has been notoriously insensitive to the killing of Palestinians, but remains highly sensitive to casualties on its own side,” he affirmed, explaining why the UN had not held an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

“As everyone knows, three of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have launched multiple wars against the peoples of the region, precisely to divide the resistance to Zionism and imperialism, seeking to embed a controlling role for the Zionist colony in Palestine. Fortunately, in recent years, Russia and to a lesser extent China, have begun to exert a counter-veiling force. However this simply renders the Security Council ineffective. Elsewhere in the UN there are some useful initiatives, for example the appointment of a Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures. This is, of course, mainly aimed at US economic aggression. Such initiatives can help mobilise peoples against the economic and propaganda arms of today’s hybrid wars.”

The multiple 21st century wars

Moreover, the professor doubts that Washington is stupid enough to go to war with Iran, despite the threats.

“Declaring economic war on half the world will not help, in the medium term. The ‘Americans’ have not failed to notice that their game plan in Syria has failed badly; they just have great trouble admitting it,” he said, pointing out that both Tel Aviv and Washington fear the rising influence of the largest independent state in the region, and they fear Iran’s deeper integration with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

“Their great fear is what they call an ‘Iranian land bridge’ from Tehran to Beirut. Of course, such economic, transport, communicational and cultural integration would be of enormous benefit to the peoples of the region, helping lift them out of an under-development enforced by fragmentation and neocolonial division. But this is the last thing Tel Aviv and Washington want,” Prof. Anderson asserted.

He concluded by saying: “The wars against Iraq and Syria must be defeated and consolidated by a united front across the region. That would be the definitive answer to the multiple 21st century wars launched by Washington against the peoples of the region. Internal cohesion of the resistance within Palestine is also essential.  Only then can sufficient pressure be brought to bear on the Zionist entity to democratize what has become an apartheid state.”

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Tim Anderson is Director of the Center for Counter Hegemonic Studies in Sydney. He worked and taught at several Australian Universities for more than 30 years.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour


Archbishop Atallah Hanna: The Response to the ‘Deal of the Century’ Must be Through Ending Palestinian Internal Division

(ST)- Archbishop of Sebastia of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds [Jerusalem] Atallah Hanna believes that the response to the so-called the ‘deal of the century’ must be through ending the unacceptable Palestinian internal division.

“The internal division is not a destiny imposed on us but rather unacceptable and unjustified situation that must be addressed and end as soon as possible because this division is being exploited by occupation authority that targets al-Quds, Gaza and all Palestinian people ,” His Eminence said, urging Palestinians to ignore the so-called the ‘deal of the century’ and not to deal with it.

“The so-called the ‘deal of the century’ is the most dangerous conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and it aims to abort it. It only exists in the mind of those who plan for the deal, while on the ground it does not exist. There is one united people living under occupation and this people [Palestinian people] has the right to live freely in its homeland like the other world peoples,” the archbishop added in a newsletter sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper.