Syrian MP to St: There should be a Lebanese governmental decision to communicate with Syria to resolve the matter of refugees

By the end of last month, the Lebanese State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mahmoud al-Qmati and the parliamentarian Anwar Jom’a paid a visit to Syria and they held talks with the Syrian parliament’s Speaker Hammoda Sabbagh and Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

"The visit was very important as it was the first to be paid by a Lebanese State Minister to Syria. In 2016, the Syrian Parliament formed a Syrian-Lebanese brotherhood committee as a gesture of goodwill. However, the Lebanese parliament has not formed a similar committee yet. "The Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Merei said.

Syrian Parliamentarian to ST: The visiting EU delegation discussed Syrian Christians’ situation and Syrian-French relations

It is no longer a matter of inspecting the situation in a country countering a terror war imposed on it.  It is now a matter of discussing the mechanism of the restoration of dialogue and relations between this country and the countries, which has cut their diplomatic relations with it.

Actually, the goal of the current visits being paid by European delegations, particularly parliamentary ones, to Syria is different from the previous ones, according to the Syrian Member of parliament Dr. Nora Arissian, who stressed the importance of such visits in conveying the Syrian state’s opinions to European parliaments.

Ex-Turkish Deputy Prime Minister to ST: Syrian army’s recapture of Idleb will put Turkey under a great migration threat

The former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdullatif Şener told the Syria Times e-newspaper that the Syrian army's recapture of Idleb means that millions of Syrians will migrate to Turkey.

He posed the following question: Do 3 million civilians live in Idleb currently? Is Turkey under a great migration threat?

“A new entry of refugees to Turkey will cause severe cost burden at economic and social levels,” Dr. Şener added, indicating that Idleb question is determined in Sochi and Astana talks.

Syrian officer to ST: Israel’s claims on its recent missile attack on Syria is a pretext to continue its attacks

Major General Mohammad Abbas has underscored that the Zionist entity’s claim of foiling a planned attack on it from Syria is nothing but a new pretext to go ahead with its attacks on Syria and to continue to support its proxy armies [terrorist groups] that are being defeated on the ground by Syrian army.

In a statement to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the officer made it clear that the other goal of the Zionist entity’s repeated attacks on Syria is to carry out a survey on parameters, coordinates and missile system in order to identify the frequency for using them as a data to be targeted if a new war erupts.

Turkish opposition: The regime of Erdogan destroys government institutions

Turkey's ex-deputy Prime Minister Dr. Abdullatif Sener stressed yesterday, in a TV interview that the regime of Erdogan had destroyed government institution especially the judiciary. He said that the repressive regime of Erdogan was merciless and will continue in its aggressive policies that contradict the basic foundations of democracy. This policy is depicted when he recently fired the Mayors of the municipaties of Diyar Bakr, Mardin and Wan and this policy is likely to continue .

Dr. Sener went on to say that this policy explains his actions in Syria. Actions that are not based on any reason except his unyielding desire for the continuation of his regime.

Reem Haddad

Editor in Chief