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Syria will always remain vivid and hospitable

Eva Zu Beck is not one of the journalists who regularly visits Syria to make a video or write an article about the war for their mainstream media outlets.

She simply identified herself as a vlogger and was clear that her two-part video about her visit to Syria titled “What's It Like to Be a Tourist in ALEPPO/Damascus in 2019?” is not meant to be “a political commentary.”

German politician welcomes Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution on Idleb

The German politician and member of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) party Dr. Christian Blex has welcomed yesterday's Russian-Chinese veto of draft Security Council resolution, submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, aiming at providing protection to the terrorists in Idleb through calling for a halt to all combat operations in the province.

He told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I expressly welcome the Russian-Chinese veto and its counterproposal as the terrorists in Idleb are not only the enemies of the Syrian people but of every civilized state."

Prof. Tim Anderson: I am proud to have stood with the Syrian people, their army and their popular leader through this long, dirty war

What are the available ways to break the economic sanctions being imposed on Syria? And what has encouraged dozens of unionists and labor organizers from Europe and North America to take part in the 3rd International Trade Union Conference held this month (8-9 September)in Syria in solidarity with it?
These two questions were answered by the Australian political economist and author Professor Tim Anderson, who participated in the two-day conference.

Canadian analyst: President al-Assad protects Syria against the worst of the worst

The Canadian political analyst Mark Taliano, who came to Syria and participated  in the Trade Union Conference recently held in Sahara complex near Damascus said: " President Bashar al-Assad is very intelligent and very thoughtful. He is humble.  He has humility. He is a leader." 

 He went on to say: "I met President Assad.  I was with a group from the GFTU conference. There were hundreds of us.  He shook everyone's hand. A person in front of me said that  he wished Assad was President of his country.  The president laughed and everyone laughed but I share the sentiment. So, what is Assad like??"

Sen. Richard Black to ST: Saudis have lost the US-backed war in Yemen and just don’t know it

Virginia Senator Richard Black has called for ending America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s losing venture in Yemen, stressing that Yemen’s Houthi Tribesmen Deal Crippling Blow to Saudi Oil Production and Prestige.

In a press release sent to the Syria Times e-newspaper, the senator said: “Saudis tried using cruel bombardment to install a puppet regime in Yemen.  They thought they could muscle the poor Houthi tribesmen, but they were wrong. The dramatic success of their attack on Saudi oil production is a huge victory for the Houthis of Yemen and a huge loss for Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad bin Salman.”