Research Centers And National Mind

Research and studies centers play a major role in the development and performance of state institutions, through their ideas, visions and solutions to the many issues and challenges facing governments and countries in general, through their specialized mental capacities in all fields.

ICC Chairman in US believes things will improve for Syria

There is an apparent effort to change the current distribution model for oil and gas in the Middle East that can occur only by destabilizing other Middle Eastern Countries,  Mr. Marcus Southworth, Chairman of the International Conciliation Council in the United States, told the Syria Times e-newspaper. He expected escalation in Saudi Arabia and Qatar plus more problems for Iraq and Iran on the horizon.

Mr. Southworth commented on Trump’s declaration yesterday of victory over ISIS by saying that, “ISIS fighters have been supported financially and otherwise through a conspiring coalition that includes the US.”  It appears that conspirators against Syria are conceding to defeat and diplomatically adjusting their plans.

NOSTIA chairperson to ST: “Syria’s victory over foreign-backed terrorism has changed the balance of power."


France, which is one of the member states of European Union, has lost its national sovereignty since a long time as it is obligated to implement US decisions at economic and political levels at the expense of French people’s interests. 

This is what Chairperson of NOSTIA [Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad] Dr. Aysar al-Midani stressed during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about France crisis and relations between US and EU.

“France has been obligated to stop selling products to Iran and Russia because of US sanctions against these two countries and it has transited from manufacturing economy to service one. One of the French companies was selling 380.000 cars to Iran every year but it was obligated to stop exporting the cars to Tehran because of the US sanctions against this country. Consequently, two factories were closed and 4000 workers lost their jobs.. This is just one example about the results of implementing the US sanctions by Europe,” Dr. al-Midani said, clarifying that the US shares in the French company were less than 7%.

More successes women achieve the more benefits society will get


“Empowering the Syrian women socially, economically and psychologically, enhancing s their self-confidence  and creating job opportunities helping to improve their living conditions are top priorities of our committee because we believe that empowering women would empower the entire society and can have many positive results on social, economic and other aspects of life”, Head of the Businesswomen Committee at Homs Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Afaf  El Hassan told the Syria times e-newspaper.

To shed light on the objectives and activities of the Committee, Mrs. El Hassan said: " since its very beginning  in 2001, the Business Women Committee of Homs Chamber of Commerce spared no effort to support the capacity building of women to enable them take the right choices to  improve their family’s socio-economic conditions as the Syrian woman has proved throughout history that she deserves to take a leading role in all areas of life and to prove her distinguished presence in Arab and international forums.

With regard to the activities of the Committee in these days after the crisis, most of our attention is focused on the means of empowering and supporting the Syrian women who were badly affected by the war to face strongly the difficulties and to regain confidence in their abilities to overcome the repercussion of the crisis, improve their socio-economic statues and start a new life.’’

US political analyst to ST: Senate needs to draft a bill to withdraw all US forces from all conflict zones



The American Author and geopolitical analyst Dean Henderson has said that the US Senate needs to draft a comprehensive bill which calls for the withdrawal of all US forces from all conflict zones, including Syria.

His remark was made during his interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about the resolutions passed by the US Senate to end US backing for Saudi war on Yemen.

The US analyst has made it clear that the reason of the 56-41 vote to end military assistance to the Saudi destruction of Yemen lies in the second resolution which the Senate passed in a unanimous vote, "to hold  Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia personally responsible for the death of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi". 

“The butchering of Khashoggi has shown the world the barbaric nature of the House of Saud, which some of us have been documenting for decades. It could be a watershed event in a shifting geopolitical arena,” Henderson said, indicating that Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders co-sponsored the bill and called Yemen the world's biggest humanitarian disaster.