Peace Alone the Best Defense for All




Obama- Romney's presidential race competition to gain pro-Israel votes, and dollars, seems like a struggle-to-death cock fighting for a sick chicken! What a struggle! And what a chicken! ''What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26.

According to Mr. Romney if '' Israel is attacked, we have their back, not just diplomatically, not just culturally, but militarily'', unknowingly -perhaps!!!- that Israel itself has been using every means to threaten, attack, and kill.

In so doing, Israel is but attacking itself in a self-suicidal persistent rejection of just peace demands. Peace, with all of what this noble objective entails, is alone the best defense for all. Unwisely, the Government of Israel is now busing itself with the fuelling of unrest and crisis. In the global village of today, none is safe when the earth even slightly trembles. Obama's Administration 'unbreakable' bond with Israel is indeed broken and even fractured in the absence of serious peace efforts by the sponsor of Madrid process, not to mention the lack of a real intention and willingness by Israel for peace.

Be it for Obama, or for Romney, and apart from the results of forthcoming elections in Israel, it is only the resort to the right path of just and comprehensive peace that would salvage the region from al-Qaeda-affiliated present as well as future threats.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Military Deals and Gifts Worth Millions of Dollars to Erdogan




To achieve his goal in getting material and financial gains, Erdogan has accepted to be a malleable tool to the U.S. Administration as to implement its plans against Syria, ignoring the strong relations linking the two neighboring countries.

This is the reality of the Turkish change against the strategic relations with Syria, against the ties of friendship and brotherhood- which might mean for Erdogan only ''Moslem Brotherhood'', and in disregard for the efforts exerted by the Syrian Leadership to make of Turkey a major player in the Arab world.

Erdogan's outrage in Davos Fourm over the Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip and his wrath for the victims of Turkish Marmara Freedom Flotilla have appeared to be but a big lie. His hallucination of becoming the Ottoman Sultan of the 21st century has turned him into a dagger in the US dirty hands to stab Syria, and in the back!

Could Erdogan's personal interests and his involvement in conspiring against Syria make him forget the "blood" of the nine Turkish citizens, who were martyred in the Marmara Israeli aggression? Has Erdogan lost his memory for material gains; has he opted to take side with Israel against Syria and ignore the blood of his Turkish fellow citizens in expression of his "apology" to his Israeli masters!

According to well-informed Arab sources, Erdogan's anti-Syria  policies, not to mention his alliances with the armed and extremist terrorist groups, have enabled him to achieve- if to say-  a lot of financial gains,  and many of the political, military and economic deals with the United States and other US Satellite Western Countries. One can't here but to wonder whether such anti-Syria policies would be Erdogan's trump card to make the long-awaited for dream of EU membership a reality!

 The well-informed sources asserted, according to ''Manar'' Newspaper, that the Turkish gains came in the form of sophisticated  American and Israeli weapons  and at low price , in addition to Washington's initiative to re-build  Turkish-Israeli friendship, an important issue for Erdogan's Justice and Development Party.

 Actually what Erdogan got of bribes, including the Qatari bribes exceeding billions of US dollars, in no way could equal a drop of the Syrian blood shed by the Turkish-backed and trained mercenary terrorists.


Hanan Shmmout




Insane Meddling!

Turkey's Foreign Minister, Davutoglu, has decided to change his Turkish Nationality into the Syrian one- I apologize to the Syrians-. Davutoglu's recent insane meddling in Syria's internal affairs does steer laughter! He has proposed a leader to orphaned Syrians!

Davutoglu, disillusioned with the crushing scrambling of Turkey's armed, trained and groomed up extremists and armed terrorists, thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, went so far in his Ottoman-shaped loose mentality and  imagination. He seems to behave and think himself as the chosen by God 'Sultan of al-Istana', hundreds of years back in the darkest moments of history. The Sultan of today's White House Istana has indeed lost his mind, if any.

The Syrian Arab Republic is indeed proud of its leadership, civilization, role, Constitution, Government and of everything Syrian. The majority of the Syrians are and will ever by united together behind their Army, Unity, harmony, co-existence and leadership.

Davutoglu ! Shut up! Before a crazy like me would suggest Turkey's new leader, a Salaheddine al-Ayoubi-like Kurd, why not.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Freedom between Reality and Fiction

I think that freedom as a concept has not been determined accurately so far. The great efforts exerted by writers, thinkers and philosophers to give the real meaning of freedom is a clear evidence of the depth of its meaning. Freedom, linguistically, could  mean a lack of restrictions. In case of the disappearance for one of the restrictions we can practice some kind of freedom.

For example, there is political freedom which is realized,  in practicing politics openly at the individual level or within a certain political organization without restrictions or obstacles opposing the state or the authorities. There is also social freedom which is represented in the exercise of certain behavior even if it is contrary to tradition or what is customary. There is religious freedom which means free choice of religious belief that one wants.. Another kind of freedom is a trade union freedom which is to strike and submit demands of workers, users and staff concerned.

Freedom as a concept has been crystallized to become a fundamental condition of human existence and basic in  human rights which cannot be  dispensed ,alienated orcanceled by any party, but it can be, under certain circumstances, codified according to social affiliation that distinguishes humans from other living creatures. The concept of freedom remains, however, unresolved yet, which means that until now there is no consensus on the concept of freedom.

Nowadays, a number of movements emerged in some Arab areas demanding freedom as a slogan through which they want to be free from their rulers. Beginnings and slogans were wonderful and glamorous, but the application on the ground came to show us that these protests aim nothing but to change the ruling regimes  by others who are linked, in one way or another, to the states of the old colonialism.

In some countries, the protests achieved their  goals, as what happened in Libya and Egypt,  and the head of the state was changed,;  then another authority, closely connected to America and Western countries, took over, but with the more of unrest, extremism and chaos.  


In Syria, protests began calling for  reform and freedom. The state began to respond to the protests but it did not take a long time until the truth emerged and they, themselves, showed the whole world that the real reason for these protests was to overthrow the popular regime of Resistance which has been working for  freedomand dignity of the people and as  to achieve the welfare of the citizens. The ongoing aims-in vain- but to replace the regime with another whose main goal is surrender and subservience to the West and America, as well as, to sign surrender  peace treaties with the Zionist enemy.

The so-called protests of peaceful demonstrations have been turned into  an armed movement, characterized with heinous terrorist crimes,  which started to destroy the country and burn public and private properties. Then advocates of the so-called freedom killed educated people, intellectuals and human cadres which are concerned in building home.

In this case they tried to impose their own principle of freedom, which is destruction. They raised  the slogan:" I am or no one " and this is contrary to the fundamental principle of freedom which is to respect  others' lives , principles  and  beliefs.

These protests have been financed by some Arab narrow-minded and underdeveloped regimes which don’t admit any kind of freedom to their people and which  lackto the simplest mean of democracy. These lagging regimes do not have constitutions nor parliaments, but absolute monarchies of governments that  order, forbid, revive and even sentence to death whom they condemn.

These protests have also been received by a huge support  by a number of Western countries which consider  freedom for their citizens only  as the basis of their existence. While encouraging the killing, destruction, oppression and occupation of other countries in order to exploit and steal their wealth in line with their colonial past.

Despite all the fierce attacks launched  by all the forces of evil and aggression to weaken and fragment it, Syria will prevail and become stronger thanks to the cohesion of the people, strength of the Syrian Arab Army and for the wisdom of its leader. Syria will overcome her ordeal and resurrect again like the Phoenix that was burned, recreated again from the ashes. Syria will remain the country of nobility, civilization and resistance

Amal Farhat