German politician to ST: Germany is still being used to appease Turkey


German politician has described the plan of his country’s government to receive the Turkish regime’s head Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with military honors and a state banquet as a ‘dangerous signal’.

Dr. Christian Blex, the AFD [Alternative for Germany or Alternative für Deutschland] Member of Parliament told the Syriatimes e-newspaper in response to a question on his party’s attitude towards Erdogan’s forthcoming visit to Berlin: “I don’t mind his coming for diplomatic reasons. However, I don’t condone at all that our government plans to receive Erdogan with military honors and a state banquet. That is a dangerous signal given his politics and religious radicalism.”

He, in addition, clarified that the main agenda of the visit is money as it comes one week after the visit of Turkey’s finance minister to Germany.

“We know how much Turkey’s economy is struggling and Turkey’s finance minister has already visited Germany one week ahead of Erdogan. They will get some billions for sure. The party leader of the Social Democrats, Andrea Nahles, promoted the idea of funding Erdogan’s Turkey with German Euros as soon as the Lira collapsed. Maybe she hopes, that will get her dying party some votes from Turkish citizens,” the diplomat said.

He asserted that Erdogan –as per usual- uses this visit for a meet-and-greet with his faithful base, too. “On Saturday, he is supposed to be the guest of honor at the opening of a Turkish mega-mosque in Cologne.”

Prof. Tim Anderson to ST: Colonial media is very resistant to reasonable debate

The opportunities have arisen for anti-war voices to be more widely heard when a major advance in Syria’s war against terrorism has been made, according to the Australian political economist and author, Prof. Tim Anderson, who recently participated in a seminar held in Damascus on ‘Propaganda of Wars’.

The professor told the Syriatimes e-newspaper in response to question about the impact of his books, posts, reports and those of others (like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley) on public opinion in the west: “I believe we influence small groups of people. But when there has been a major advance in Syria (the liberation of Palmyra, the Russian exposure of DAESH links to Turkey, the liberation of Aleppo, etc..) opportunities do arise for our voice to be more widely heard.

“At least we have created a body of work, in research and reports, which enables honest and curious people to find a quite independent account to that of the colonial media,” he added, pointing out that the colonial media, which he spoke of in a recent seminar at al-Assad Library in Damascus, is very resistant to reasonable debate.

Dr. Ibrahim Alloush to ST: Hot air won’t succeed in snatching away the hard-earned gains of Syrian Army and allies.

Arab political intellectual Dr. Ibrahim Alloush has affirmed that dealing with terrorist groups piece by piece, instead of dealing with them in bulk, saves lives and resources, but it does not in any way diminish Syria’s resolve to re-establish government control over every inch of Syrian soil in every far corner of the country. 

His remarks came in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper over the postponement of Idlib battle, Russian-Turkish summit held in Sochi, the ‘deal of century’ and the so-called ‘declaration of principles’ sheet on Syria. 

Following is the full text of the interview:

Retired French colonel to ST: US and its allies try to delay Syria’s victory


The United States whose goal is to have hegemony over the Middle East region and tries to stop or delay the  victory of Syrian army and its allies against foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria, according to a retired French colonel.

Mr. Alain Corvez told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Friday that U.S. has been sustaining terrorists since Afghanistan war and paradoxically al-Qaeda to achieve its goal to establish its domination on ME by taking over governments which disagree with it.

“Since the beginning of war in Syria, the United States alongside Israel, France and Britain have supported terrorists affiliated to the most barbarous sects. They have tried to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad as he hinders their plots in the region,” he said, asserting that the US and its allies have been defeated in Syria. 

“These countries [US, France, Britain, and Israel] consider the victories of Syrian army with the help of its allies as a defeat and humiliation. So they are trying to stop this victory or to delay it through presenting the Idlib battle as a ‘crime against humanity’, with the help of western countries.  Add to that, the United nations presents terrorists only as genuine opponents to the government, living in the province as if HTS [Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham] and other terrorists groups are not terrorizing the civilians,” the retired colonel added.

Syrian parliamentarian to ST: Terrorists in Idlib pose threat to all world countries


Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Mer’ei has underscored that the Iranian Foreign Minister’s yesterday diplomatic visit to Damascus is a clear message to the United States that there is a strong coalition between Tehran and Damascus that will stand together against any U.S. or Israeli threat.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the visit of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, which came around one week after the visit made by Iran’s Defense Minister where a military coordination deal was signed, dealt with the forthcoming tripartite summit to be held between Iran, Russia, Turkey in Tehran in order to discuss Idlib battle.

“Idlib battle is not the last battle. It is the last major battle in Syria and its importance lies in eliminating the last terrorist gathering that poses threat not only to Syria but also to all world countries as 30000 foreign terrorists are reportedly still in Idlib and no country wants them to go back to their homeland [in Europe],” the MP said, referring to the role of Turkey in the file of Idlib battle.