A Letter from a supporter in America

 The Syria Times takes pleasure in publishing an e-mail of support to the Syrian anti-terrorism stances taken by the Syrian Arab Army under the wise and courageous leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad. Actually the e-mail in itself sent by a US citizen is very objective and expressive in reflecting the reality of the ongoing on the ground as a battle against terrorism in defense of the whole world. Further, the message contradicts in letter and spirit the blind and reckless US policy towards Syria and its democratically elected popular leadership. Hereby the full text of the e-mail:

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Good evening and hello,

I would like to respectfully ask the owner or maintenance person for this website to pass along a message I have for Mr. President al-Assad.:

I want to thank you, President al-Assad, for doing more to keep us Americans safe than even our own government does. I want to thank you for fighting so hard against ISIS and al-Qaeda and I want to thank you for doing your part to try to stabilize the entire Middle East as well. I consider both you and your father, the previous leader of your lovely country, to be some of the greatest statesmen of all time and I admire your will to stand up for the good of your people.

Lastly, I want you to know that while I love my country (The US) very much, I do not agree with the US government's smear campaign against you. I think that you are a lovely and respectable leader who deserves respect and thankfulness in your fight against terror, not ridicule. So, thank you for all that you do to combat terrorism, and thank you for making the world a safer place.

Bless you, President al-Assad.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Living Witness to Zionist Barbarity

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent  two identical messages to the UN Secretary-General and President of the UN Security Council, regarding the Israeli aggression on sites inside the Syrian territories in line with the Israeli occupation direct continuous support to the armed terrorist groups.

The Israeli occupation blatant violation of the force disengagement convention of 1974 coincided  with a hostile attack carried out by armed terrorist groups on the sites of the Syrian Army, asserted the Ministry statement calling on  the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and to impose the implementation of its relevant resolutions, in particular numbers,242, 338 and 497, providing for Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, including the occupied Syrian Golan to June 4, 1967 line..

Syrian Historical Moments

The countdown for the historical presidential elections in Syria began with the Syrians being hopeful that these elections will save the country from the ongoing war and establish a new national political era that perpetuates political pluralism in the country.

Syria's sovereign decision to hold presidential elections on time reflects the Syrian people's determination to uproot terrorism from their homeland, restore security and stability to the country, reconstruct what the armed terrorist groups had damaged and build Syria on stronger democratic bases; democratic bases that are absent in many countries, mainly the Gulf ones, which have been conspiring and participating in shedding the Syrian blood.

Erdogan's bluff and poker games

One week before the local elections in Turkey, March 30th, a Turkish F16 shot down a Syrian Mig 23 accusing the Syrian side of penetrating Turkish airspace while the Syrian jet came down in Syrian territory and, luckily, the surviving pilot clearly stated that he was shot down on the Syrian side of the border. 

Even when hypothetically the Syrian jet crossed for seconds Turkish airspace the Turkish jets could easily escort him out as from a military point of view there is and was not a single reason to shoot the jet down.

So if there is no military reason, the hostile act of bringing a Syrian jet down must be looked at from a political angle.

The Criminal Ambassador!

The former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, laid most of the blame for the crisis in Syria at the Government of Syria! Liar, liar and the liarest- coined just for Ford- of all.  Ford himself is to be blamed for his uncalculated and reckless interference in Syrians' domestic affairs. Still in the memory his childish trips to Hama and reckless statements regarding the crisis since its onset! Ford didn't assume his diplomatic career as it should be, if not to strengthen his country's relations with Syria, at least to downgrade tensions.

The Christian Science Monitor quoted Ford as saying: “You have one Al Qaeda faction fighting another Al Qaeda faction. That’s how fractured this is. One sharp sliver fighting another sharp sliver,”. Ford didn't have the courage to declare that his country has been the driving force behind all Al Qaeda affiliates. Yes, this is what it is. Al Qaeda has been mushroomed and invented by the USA in Afghanistan first as to encounter the then Soviet Union.

Ford, according to the daily, placed the blame for the failure of two rounds of peace talks in Geneva squarely on the regime; "100 percent the fault of Jaafari,” ! Liar, liar and the most liar  ever! The Syrian official delegation, comprising the elite and most veteran Syrian diplomats and media men, went to Geneva in good faith as to press forward for a political solution starting with the halting of violence and terrorism. The failure was mainly because of Ford and his handpicked yes-half-men. The so called opposition, representing only the anti-Syrians with their petrodollars and weapons of killings, rejected every official Syrian proposal, even those pertaining to the existence and essence of the Syrian Arab Republic. It was Ford himself leading and dictating the characterless coalition of one-colored tasteless delegation.

"Assad’s Alawite support base is much shakier than it appears," Ford added according to the daily. Mr. Ambassador,  you are crazy and distanced from the reality. You don't understand the real Islam, perhaps the only non-Islam you know about is the Wahabi brand of treason, blood and swords. Alawite, as a word,  is derived from Ali, Prophet Muhammad's cousin. Thus, all Moslems who indeed respect Prophet Muhammad should respect Ali and every Moslem is naturally an Alawite. This is the logic of things, because being anti-Alawite means being anti-God, anti-Islam, anti-Prophet. We are all Alawite Syrians defending our Syria against your hired killers for decades Mr. Ambassador, not only for these three years.  The USA is indeed powerful in killing, occupation, destruction. It, however, failed to kill our national Arab Resistant Syrianity, and failed  to destroy our deep-rooted attachment and umbilical cord to our leadership, namely to the late Hafez Al-Assad, especially during the US backed Moslem Brotherhood wave of terrorism,  and our custodian family member Bashar Al-Assad.

 “The Syrian opposition itself has done a miserable job distinguishing itself from the Al Qaeda elements. There are some really bad people in Syria right now, on the opposition side.'' Good Ford, Yes the mentioned bad people are yours of the non-Syrians, paid-for and sponsored by  your slaves in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey  and the like; they are the wahabi cannibals of more than 85 countries worldwide.

''The US relationship with the opposition’s armed groups has deepened.'' Added Ford! Yes, this is a well-known fact for the majority and this is in itself the main reason for the killing of the Syrians and for prolonging the crisis. The Ambassador who takes pride in such a bloody relationship is a mafia boss not an ambassador.

 “I think the Iranians would have been saying to them in private, ‘Hold fast. Make no concessions. We’re with you.’ I don’t think we lost anything,” Ford said, Yes the Iranians are our real brothers and not the ewes among Arabs who are good only in killing our people and raping our women in the camps of beggary and shame! Iran stands firm beside the oppressed and would never allow the Takfiri extremists to slaughter the Syrians. Thanks indeed to Iran, Russia and China for their unwavering support to the Syrians' legitimate right to life and resistance against terrorism and occupation.

"But President Obama is not afraid of using military force," Ford asserts. And we the Syrians are never afraid of further US follies. The Afghanis, Vietnamese, Iraqis aren't more daring and courageous than the Syrians, and Iranians. The first to pay the heaviest price for such a folly is surely to be the spoiled child of the USA, Israel, whose leaders have lost their reason through  alliances with the Takfiri wahabi terrorists! Who know nothing but slaughter, throat-cuttings, beheadings and the like!

"Assad has assured the Syrians that he will run in presidential elections scheduled for June. That can’t happen," Ford said. You fool! H.E. President Al-Assad has never been one of your puppets and that is why you are waging a merciless war against his country. It is the majority of the Syrians who are ready to die for Assad, who has been the real safety, pride, honor, defender and guru for them. The Syrians have already taken their final decision to nominate Assad for the coming elections and before he himself ''assured the Syrians'', another US lie. The USA and its puppets and slaves are afraid of the coming democratic elections because they are very sure that Mr. Assad is to win the sliding majority of the votes, even those votes of some Syrians who were before the crisis unwilling to vote for him. Ford, the crisis in Syria, mainly caused and inflamed by your countries, has indeed increased the popularity of Mr. Assad. Any respectable poll study would definitely place Mr. Assad second to none worldwide as the most admired, loved, patriot and successful leader worldwide.

''The state is “little by little collapsing.” It lacks the manpower to take back places like Raqaa province and Deir al-Zour, or the Kurdish north. …The most likely end game? De-facto cantons, some of them controlled by local armed factions, concluded Ford! No, Syria is on the road of reconciliation and reconstruction. You , Ford, are a failure and have failed in destroying Syria, controlled only by the Syrians and their hero Army and security, defense forces. Be sure, Ford, once your country and the ewes refrain from their dirty terrorist games and ploys, Syria is to get rid of the ongoing crisis.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim