Solidarity with the great people of Syria under the Leadership of President Al-Assad




NEW DELHI, (ST)_  Hundreds of National Panthers Party activists along with the activists of Non-Aligned Congress of Youth (India), Members of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, Global Women Lib and United Muslim Conference gathered in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Syria in New Delhi after taking out a long march expressing solidarity with and support to the people of Syria and their President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

    The Panthers Party Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh accused Israel for committing aggression against Syria as Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu is trying to forge an alliance in Israel being beaten in the recently held election to Israeli knesst (Parliament). The Panthers Party leader Prof. Bhim Singh hailed the Prime Minister of India’s statement that India shall not accept any foreign interference into the domestic affairs of Syria. He also appreciated the stand taken by Russia and China against outside interference.

    Prof. Bhim Singh also presented a Charter of Solidarity addressed to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Republic of Syria expressing solidarity with the people of Syria.

   The prominent among those who participated in the demonstration included, M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Romesh Khajuria, Anil Kumar Sharma, Sanjay Kumar, Usman Ali, Mohd. Salim, Jitesh, Kusum Chauhan, Neeraj Chauhan, Saleen, Mehi Singh, Om Kishan, Surender Singh, Kishan Kumar, Satish, Afzal Khan, Shabana, Dharmesh Gupta, Harjeet Kaur, Ms. Nasreen Hamid, Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib, Muslim Conference leader Mohd. Siddique, Mr. Kamran and others.

The  Charter reads as follows: National Panthers Party activists, joined by the representatives of several social, political and non-governmental organizations of India have resolved unanimously to convey their solidarity with the people of Syria and support to the Syrian government led by Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Syria. The people of India are aware about the great and just fight of the people of Syria to protect and defend the unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syria. Syria and India have unique and centuries old relationship between their civilizations.

    India always stood with the people of Syria whenever the people of Syria were attacked or invaded. In 1947 India opposed partition of Palestine for creating a Jewish State. In 1967 India stood with the Arab world when Israel illegally occupied Arab land in violation of UN Charter. India has been continuously supporting the Arab countries and Palestinian leadership for the implementation of Resolution 242, 338 and other resolutions of the Security Council which had directed Israel to vacate all Arab lands, which Israel has been illegally occupying since 1967. The western power have always betrayed the Arabs and their interests lies in the oils, waters and strategic lands of the Arabs.

    The Panthers Party, Non-Aligned Congress of Youth, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society and several other social and non-governmental groups have been expressing their support to the Arab world so that peace returns to the Middle-East.

    Today, several hundred activists of these political parties and groups have assembled in front of the Embassy of Syria to express solidarity of India with the people of Syria. India strongly condemns the Israeli attack on the Research Centre of Syria on Wednesday as this amounted to naked and illegal act of aggression against the sovereignty of the Republic of Syria.

    May be convey our full support to the people of Syria and President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad assuring that people of India and all the right thinking and peace loving people of the world stand by the people of Syria.





East or West Home is the Best


Saddened by the shocking scenes of the displaced Syrians in the camps for beggary in neighbouring countries, I was caught in a dilemma about such unbearable suffering, mainly caused by foreign-backed terrorists. The emotional statements, shivering of the displaced in the stormy snowy weather in the muddy terrain of strange land did raise many questions about such a presence there. Unfortunately, the countries begging for the displaced Syrians are almost responsible not only for their displacement, but for their misery and death. The Turkish government of self-proclaimed sultan has been exploiting the situation and conditions of the displaced as a means not only for beggary, but as a means of pressure, and at times threats against Syria, not mention the reported cases of humiliation, rape and the like. Erdogan's Moslem Brotherhood's government is sheltering, grooming and mushrooming the most extremists among the displaced, whose  Syria's factories, diesel, flour and bread have been stolen and robbed by Erdogan's gangs out of fear about the welfare, safety and security of the Syrians!

Some of the displaced, interviewed by foreign and Arab biased media outlets- not the Syrian TV- stated that Jordan's Government also  has been exploiting their self-inflicted pain and suffering, thus increasing around the clock their numbers, considering every Syria in transit via Jordan as must-be-registered a displaced, and that aid convoys should be filmed upon entering the camps, but not upon leaving, not to mention their open repeated invitations for VIP's and UN Ambassadors to pay filed visits and tour the camps!

The sole human solution is to return home. The majority of the Syrians do suffer like you, but with dignity and pride; after all, it is an attrition war launched by two thirds of the world countries against us, not to mention the imposed unjustified sanctions. Please, come back home! We, Syrians are but one family; forgiveness, repentance is part of our true religion and humanity. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder , we have to restore stability, security and reconstruct out homeland. Syria is for all Syrians and it is above all; have you got the message by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's in his January 6th speech: '' The homeland is above all, and Syria is above all…. Patriotism runs in our blood and Syria is the most precious of all. … Syria is impervious to collapse and the Syrian people impervious to humiliation. Steadfastness and challenge is deeply rooted in the Syrian body which we have inherited over generations.

Why did you leave? You were afraid of your Army! NO!, this isn't true; the Army has been left with no option but to carry its moral and constitutional duty to defend Syrians against every terrorist on the Syrian land. You left because you didn't want to get involved! You have to it is not a fight among Syrians' it is a fight with the greedy, ewes, colonialists, takfiris, and every vagabond of all world corners! Syria, the jewel of all countries and cradle of religions and civilizations,  deserves a fight; and it has been so throughout history. United we vanquish, separated, we remain prey and cheap commodity in the hands of Syrian blood merchants! Apart for your Syria, who would care and give a damn to your Syrianity and humanity. Waiting for Godot of the blankets, children milk is of no use!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Anglo-American Bloc must hail Assad’s peace plan: Prof. Bhim Singh




New Delhi, 8th January, 2013:- Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council today hailed the ‘Peace Plan’ declaration made by Syrian President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad made on 6th January, 2013 for the restoration of peace with dignity for the people of Syria. The Panthers Party Supremo described the peace plan of the Syrian President as “Most befitting, appropriate, genuine and highly acceptable approach to maintain unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syria which has been confronting the dark face of terrorism for several months.”

In a press release received by the Syria Times Editor-in-Chief, The NPP leader accused Anglo-American Bloc for its connivance with the Zionist Israel to disintegrate Republic of Syria only to facilitate Israel to fulfill its Zionist agenda of expansion and legalize its occupation of Arab lands including the Golan Heights of Syria which has been under the illegal occupation of Israel since 1967.

Prof. Bhim Singh appreciated the speech of the Syrian President which combined patience, sobriety, courage, determination to defend the people of Syria from terrorism sponsored by the USA, European Union and Turkey. The Panthers Party leader urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to demonstrate India’s centuries’ old friendship with the Arab people particularly, the people of Syria by convening an urgent meeting of NAM countries, headed by Iran, without any delay so that the Western hawks shall be restrained from committing breach of United Nations Charter and its mandate.

NPP Chief said that the Western power have been using United Nations Forum by the infringement of the Charter right since 1947 vis-à-vis the Middle-East by adopting double standards to appease the Zionist interest in the USA and England.

Prof. Bhim Singh also urged Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to read the writings on the walls of history that history does not forgive anyone who tried to play with the interest of the nations. He hoped that Russia and China shall not betray the cause as they did during US aggression against Iraq, Yugoslavia and lately Libya. He hoped that Russia will defend peace in the Middle-East.

Prof. Bhim Singh also appealed to the Arab League States to realize that the Arabs have always been betrayed by the Anglo-American Bloc right since the world war-I. The partition of Palestine in 1947 after having signed Belfour Declaration in 1917 with the Sheriff of Mecca was the height of betrayal. The Anglo-American Bloc has never been sincere with the Arabs as they are looking for oil, waters and strategic lands of the Arabs which has nothing do with the so-called democracy.

 Prof. Bhim Singh expressed solidarity with the people of Syria and its leadership on behalf of the people of India and other free nations. Congratulated President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad for his daring speech and congratulated the people of Syria for their wonderful response.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary




Dialogue, the sole way to resolve crisis in Syria




Despite the hectic attempts made by the US and its regional allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to advocate a military solution for  the crisis in Syria through giving an all-out military and financial support to the armed groups, they failed, thanks to the unity of the Syrian people, their high national awareness and the unity of the Syrian Arab Army which has been inflicting heavy losses on the terrorist groups nationwide.

The US has realized that political solution is the only way out of the crisis in Syria. For this reason, some Arab and Western officials have begun to talk about the importance of finding international accord to solve the crisis in Syria through attempts to revive Geneva Statement which was the first step for the needed international accord to achieve a breakthrough in solving the crisis which has been elongated through giving arms and funds to terrorist groups.

It is clear that the new US move was not motivated by preserving Syria’s unity or protecting the Syrians, but because of its economic interests. The Americans today think deeply in other substitutes and options, not in the interest of the Syrian people but due to the severe fiscal crisis that the US is facing nowadays.

Another important factor that forced the US to change its attitude is the firm Russian stance along with many other countries in the world which have imposed a new international climate that started to put an end to the unilateral system which prevailed over the last two decades. From the very beginning, of the crisis, the Russian stand was clear in rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and helping the Syrians resolve the crisis through a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves.

The US has been the leader of intervention in Syria and the regional powers (Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) are subordinates and mere cheap tools which are not independent and have no opinion or decision.  Their task is to implement the instructions given to them by their masters in the White House in service of the American Zionist project in the region.

However, the US will not abandon its support for the gunmen in Syria even if dialogue has been held as it wants to exploit them to put pressure on the dialogue table as well as it will not abandon protecting the regional powers which arm the terrorist groups in Syria. So, the US is trading in the Syrian blood to serve its own interests.

The objective climate to reach a political solution to the crisis has matured and all sides should sit to the dialogue table to discuss means of reaching compromises and solutions that serve the national higher interests and halt bloodshed.

Since the onset of the crisis, the Syrian government has called for conducting a comprehensive dialogue to resolve the crisis away from foreign diktat and violence. The rejection of violence and foreign interference  in Syria’s internal affairs are not preconditions for dialogue, but they are public principles for this dialogue, and what will be agreed upon at the end through dialogue will be subjected to the judgment of the Syrian people who will decide what they need through the ballot boxes. Those who are blocking dialogue and political solution to the crisis in Syria are responsible for the suffering of the Syrian people and the bloodshed in Syria.

The Syrian people want Syria out of the crisis and here comes the importance of a national unity government and transitional solutions that can make positive changes in a way that restores security and stability to the country and rebuilds the infrastructure which was subjected to sabotage acts and destruction by terrorists.

The Syrian people will never be defeated and will come out victorious, thanks to the steadfastness of the will of all loyal people and their challenge of the enemies and conspiracies.





Syria Has Been, Ever to Be Free and Master




H.. President Bashar Al-Assad has been decisive and determined as ever, the Syrians, united with the Syrian Arab Army heroes, are to pursue the fierce fight and war against terrorism, which is a fundamental deciding factor for the success of political solution and dialogue. The Syrians  will not be terrified by terrorists'  bullets,  because we are the owners of the right and God the Almighty  is always with the right. The terrorists have been perpetrating every heinous act against the Syrians, including  their killing of innocent civilians, assassinations of  the professionals and the minds, attacks against  the infrastructure, the deprivation of children  from their schools, destruction of electricity grids and silos, and  theft of flour and wheat.

Syria is but for all Syrians who defend it against the ongoing attacks  targeting  the entire homeland. The ongoing is never a fight  for a post or an authority, but is a conflict between the homeland and its enemies. It is a conflict between the Syrian people  and the criminal killers and between security  and  insecurity caused by the Takfiri terrorist who seek  revenge from the Syrians , who aren't familiar with the Takfiri mentality , thinking and murder, slaughter and amputation. ''Most of those whom we are confronting now are the terrorists who have al-Qaeda mentality. Western powers transferred them into Syria, so as to get rid of the terrorists and weaken Syria,"

President Al-Assad was crystal  clear and direct in calling on the neighbors, and regional countries to  end their sinister bids aiming at dismembering and weakening Syria, to refrain from harboring, training, financing and arming the exported terrorist. The Syrians are unbreakable, would vanquish and emerge even more solid and stronger than before the ongoing crisis. H.E. President Al-Assad, to the standing ovation and repeated applauses of the majority, reiterated that the Syrians, who sacrificed a lot in defense of the homeland, are never to forget the pain and suffering inflicted upon them by the foreigners.

Syria, the unbreakable country of steadfastness and challenge, does accept advice and never accepts dictations. It is the interest of the Syrian people  and  desire  which is second to none . "Syria is above all . Nationalism and dignity run in our veins . We are to defend and protect every grain of our soil, and our armed forces are but, an embodiment of the Syrian citizen 's steadfastness." President Al-Assad  outlined. The Syrian President of every genuine and real human being asserted that posts never last, but the homeland is ever to remain , and  the Golan is but for Syria and Palestine is our cause. The ongoing crisis didn't shake our strong believe in  and commitment to our inalienable rights.

Syria has been  and will ever be  free and the master, accepting no  custodianship, nor surrender to the west, which isn't the whole world. There are other countries like those of the BRICS, Russia, China and Iran which reject interference in other countries' affairs, which indeed deserve thanks , gratitude and appreciation.

Revolution is to construct, advance and build, opposition is but to build  and advance  the homeland  and not to destroy it. The Syrians are in a state of war imposed upon them by the foreigners, colonialists, and Takfiri terrorists; and the Syrians have no option but to stand against and confront  the imposed fiercest foreign aggression, and in parallel  with necessary reforms. To defend Syria is but the religious, constitutional  and legal duty. And the political solution, with the partners in a national political project  and not with gangs  dictated by foreign powers,  never means that we do not have to defend ourselves. The  dialogue should not be with  an extremist thinking  which only believes in the language of blood , killing and terrorism ; hence the Syrians dialogue but with the master, and never with the slaves.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim