Anglican Priest to ST: Foreign policies should not impose their will over other nations to serve their own agendas


The Rev Andrew Ashdown has argued that we live in a disturbing context in which global geopolitics, economic dominance, and military power often seem more important than the common good and needs of people and nations. 

In an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper, the Anglican priest said: “‘Democracy’ seems to have come to mean little more than holding to the same political and economic systems and policies which support the agendas and interests of the most powerful nations, who are willing to destroy nations in order to impose them.  Ordinary people have little power even in those nations where ‘democracy’ is claimed.  They may have freedom of speech, and that is important and is a strength of ‘democracy’, but governments and the systems around them ensure that the status quo of dominant systems prevail, whatever the people say. Meanwhile, the poor get poorer, and the social structures of society get weaker. At the ‘top’ of the pyramid is power and economics, and at the bottom, are the interests of the people.  It should be the other way around. ”

His answer to a question about why the voice of warmongers is louder than the voice of pacifists was: “War secures the dominance of the powerful, and the prevailing of the economic and political interests of the powerful.   Of course, the arms industry is relevant as well – a multi-billion dollar industry that enriches individuals and governments and secures a cycle of power and control.  The interests/well-being of ordinary people or the millions of innocent civilians who are the victims of this industry and the political ‘games’ of the powerful are irrelevant and meaningless to them.  There is no morality.  Pacifism challenges these systems and the political and economic power they provide for the few, so pacifists are ignored – or crushed.”

The Priest put forwards a five- point solution to prevent the eruption of more wars in the world.

British analyst: Venezuelan patriotism, Russian support will be crucial to defending Venezuela from US aggression

British political analyst says that Venezuelan patriotism and Russian support will be crucial to defending Venezuela from the aggression of the United States that is now intent on reasserting its authority in the international arena at the expense of the Venezuelan people after its defeat in Syria.

Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about the reasons behind Washington's currently attempts to engineer a coup in Venezuela and how Caracas can prevent U.S. from reaching its goals.

“There is more than one reason behind Washington's attempts to engineer a coup in Venezuela.  I hold the view that there are two key reasons accounting for America's brazen act of aggression against Venezuela's sovereignty, and that these are equal in significance to each other,” the analyst said.

Sheikha Asia al-Mashi to ST: There must be Syrian tribal Elders Council to serve national interests


The rejection of the Turkish-American plot in the north of Syria by Syrian tribes and clans is important and it is enough to prevent the implementation of the plot because the occupier always seeks to get support and loyalty for its presence in the Syrian territories in order to guarantee the safety of its forces from any possible resistance.

This is what Sheikha Asia al-Mashi said during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper about the recent meeting of Syrian clans and tribes held in Aleppo countryside and the role of rural woman in defending homeland.

“Over the past years, there have been many attempts to attract Syrian tribes and clans by gulf regimes that have tribal background but they failed as Syrian clans and tribes are aware of the plot and conspiracy being hatched against Syria,” the Deputy Director of the Popular Committee Office of Counter- Terrorism in Syria Sheikha al-Mashi clarified.

She indicated that there are hundreds of clans and tribes in Aleppo and Raqqa provinces and they are united due to the fact that most of them descend from the same ancestor.

“All Syrian tribes and clans are patriots and they stand by the Syrian state,” Sheikha al-Mashi asserted, referring to the fact that some of the members of the tribes were misled at the beginning of the war on Syria but they settled their situations in accordance with amnesty decrees issued by president Bashar al-Assad.

Asked about the importance of the meeting held recently in Athriya town in Aleppo countryside, Sheikha al-Mashi replied: “The venue, timing and the huge number of participants reflected the importance of the meeting…The venue itself [Athriya town] was very important because it was a battlefield before liberating it by Syrian soldiers and tribesmen. It is not only the venue but also the huge number of participants, who asserted their adherence to unity in defending homeland.. The participants addressed a strong message to Syrian people’s enemies, who are trying to revive the conspiracy that is now in its final stage.”

Former U.S. Congresswoman to ST: regional disunity allows the US policy of destruction

Former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has underscored that the Israel-first forces inside the U.S. will do everything to maintain U.S. troops in Syria or else Israel and Rothschild, Cheney, Richardson, and others of Genie Energy will have to forgo the profits from Israel's theft of the Golan.

She has told the Syria Times e-newspaper that US President Donald Trump has been overruled by the Swamp Monsters he has appointed to his White House.

“This is a crisis of his own making for which I have little political sympathy.  However, with each victory of the Israel-First US Deep State, it will be harder for President Trump to recover if he is truly interested in bringing U.S. troops home from Syria, Afghanistan, and withdrawing from NATO.  These are all very positive pronouncements from the president, but he has not been able to accomplish a single one of them,” the US politician added.

EU member to ST: Syrians great and proud people

The EU and U.S. unjustified sanctions of recent years are likely to have negative effects on Washington and the west for decades as they have lost their credibility and moral leadership all over the world, according to the member of the European Parliament from Germany Udo Voigt, who has affirmed that the EU states are doing what the U.S wants.

Voigt’s remarks came during an interview with the Syria Times e-newspaper on the European Union’s sanctions against Syria and the union’s future policy towards it.