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Obama Recognizes Doha Puppets!




Isn't strange when the President of the USA, Barrack Obama, recently elected by the Americans- not the Syrians- announces his country's recognition of a puppet Doha council as '' inclusive'' and as '' legitimate representative of the Syrian People"! It is but a flagrant violation of every political, human  and moral principle, which, in turn, proves the US direct involvement in the ongoing bloodshed perpetrated by the terrorists affiliated to this very puppet council. Actually, Mr. Obama's statement came of no surprise giving the  flow of revelations by international media about the involvement of his country in preparing the ground for further aggressions, fabrications, and the like, not to mention the US logistic, financial support and weapons provided  and smuggled to the terrorists and sophisticated technology . Indeed, and in line with the Syria Times published opinion poll results, Mr. Obama's foreign policy isn't changed; and if but to the more of unilateralism and of pro-Zionisim and wahabisim!

Doha puppets, recognized by Obama, are further involved today in their Morocco-hosted conference of the enemies of Syria. Obama recognized them because they  reject dialogue, pursue violence and plead  for international intervention in Syria; they are involved further in the foreign conspiracy against the Motherland, Syria. They , however, represent but the foreign colonialist sinister scheme to subdue, weaken and fragment Syria to the interest of today's extremist, wahabi and takfiri trends of the western invented Islam. The participants share the absurdity and illusion of ending the pivotal role of Syria and Syrians, and of inventing a new characterless Syria revolving in the orbit of Israel, West and forces of backhandedness and darkness!

The upper hand is only for the majority of the Syrians, as is the final word to the Syrian brave soldiers on the ground in the face of every terrorist. Neither Obama's recognition, nor that of all the world would change the Syrians' allegiance to their elected and only representative leadership, the Syrians'  pledge to safeguard their country, restore security, and stability. We are here on the ground where we were born, belong and are ever ready to defend the cradle of every civilization.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




A Whore in Istanbul!

 Oqab Saqer, an office-boy to his Master, Hariri's Saudi Petro-Riyals, appeared on TV yesterday to further prove his criminal involvement in the shedding of the Syrian blood. In his whore-like shouting, Saqer tried to distance himself from what he and other Lebanese, particularly those of the so-called Future Bloc, perpetrated against the Syrians, including their arming, sheltering and dispatching of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists to Syria; but in vain. Saqer, the coordinator of al-Nusra Front terrorist activities, on Syrian borders with Turkey, gave further proofs not only of his involvement in the butchering of Syrians, but also of his bastard immorality, stupidity, aridity and bankruptcy.

In trying to deny his involvement in the killing of Syrians, as earlier the tapping of his phone calls proved, the bastard Saqer waited some time for the montage of his very phone calls as to rescreen them! Such a failure fabrication is never to change the reality of his involvement in killing us. Milk, blankets, and humanitarian aid are to reach the needy through specialized humanitarian organizations, like Red Cross, Crescent and the like; but never through serial killers, hostage-and ransom takers. A dwarf is but a dwarf and can't be transformed all of a sudden to a giant. Some of the names mentioned by this dwarf are indeed the giants in defending Lebanon, whether in the past, or at present.

Mr. Saqer, you are a traitor not only to the ethical, religious and moral principles; but also to the symbols of the sacred and great, including the Cross, Jesus, and not to mention the pure blood of the Martyr Hussein. If you can't remember the name of the Apostle, Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, the Messenger of Amity and Peace, how could you dare to cite the sayings of the great! The genitalia of the Syrian women are in waiting for your master's clothes and for your face to clean you with their Menstrual blood! Saqr, you are a big liar, butcher, and a stupid criminal caught red-handed, and for sure, you are soon to be held accountable, along with others, for the heinous crimes perpetrated against Syria and the Syrians, who are soon to celebrate their victory against the forces of darkness, ignorance and terrorism.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Religion and States




One evening, I asked one of my friends: what do you think about what is being  said regarding religion and states? He told me: "I am a supporter of a religious state and consider it the solution to all the problems of the world."

 I was really surprised,  when I heard his  answer, especially that my friend is secular  and for him the  relationship of man with God is a very special one . It cannot be judged by going to mosques or churches  besides that worshipping one's God  is something special and should not be measured by prayer and fasting.

 I told him would you please explain to me your point of view.

My friend went on expressing his personal views:" The most successful  states are the religious ones, The Vatican ,for example, is the smallest state for the largest and most widespread religion. The Europeans have narrowed and concentrated religion in this small country, and went on building secular nations which are based on democracies and intellectual freedoms.  So If Moslems do the same and concentrate their religious state in Mecca , for example, -provided that the wahabi trend isn't to mark such a religion- many countries and peoples would be relieved of those extremists who kill and terrorize innocents. They want to inherit God on earth!"

I liked the idea, what do you think?

Amal Farhat




President Putin's Visit to Turkey




Russian President, Vladimir Putin's today's visit to Turkey is important by all calculations. The visit comes after some delay due to some reasons; among which stands the reckless Turkish move last October to fore a Syrian civilian Plane coming from Moscow to Damascus to land in Turkey. The Turkish unlawful piracy against the plane, not to mention Turkey's disappointment once nothing illegal was found on board. The Government of Erdogan, however, confiscated the legally-bound-to Syria martial on board. 

President Putin is expected to touch upon this issue, which made him earlier postpone his visit to Turkey, according to press leaks. Russia and Syria pertain the right to get back the materials confiscated. Another point of further discussion would be -as expected- the Turkish demand to install NATO patriots on its borders with Syria, given the short distance separating Turkey from Russia, 1752.2  kilometers. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that  deployment of Patriot missiles on the Turkish territories will increase  the risk of instability in the Middle East in the future and would "will ignite armed conflicts in the region". Russia does consider the "Militarization of the Syrian-Turkish border" as   an "alarming signal” The Russian Foreign Minister earlier proposal for the establishment of a direct line of communication between Ankara and Damascus with the aim of avoiding incidents between the neighbors is expected to be raised during the visit.

Hopefully, the Russian-Turkish summit meeting would create the ground for a more balanced and reasonable stance by the Government of Mr. Erdogan, away from the US and petrodollar dictations. The Russian side is expected to reiterate the need for a Turkish role in helping to bring the militant opposition to the right path of dialogue and peaceful end to crisis. Hopefully, Erdogan's Government is to decrease its logistic, economic, and military backing to al-Qaeda and Moslem Brotherhood terrorists. If so, all the interested would be satisfied economically, politically and commercially.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Dialogue is the only outlet to resolve the crisis in Syria




The dialogue among Syrians is indeed the best if not the sole way out from the crisis in Syria, which is imposed – and indeed caused by foreigners. The differences among the Syrians are minor ones; hence the majority is committed to the stability, security and welfare of Syria, which is currently a model as far as the so-far introduced reforms, including the laws pertaining to political parties, media, and constitution.  

Rarely could a country witness such a number of reform measures during such a brief span of time. Thus, the Syrian government, majority and national opposition are but a united front in the face of the plots hatched by anti-Syria trouble makers and warmongers. The need is urgent for a boosted coordination, collaboration and joint work among these true components of Syria, the true, real and legitimate representation of the millions of Syrians.

The war against Syria is still unabated, and the few coming days ahead are still difficult; however, the national opposition along with the majority is able to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the conspiracy. The escalated inhumane arbitrary explosions, butchering, and killings by the foreign backed al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists do indicate further that the conspiracy is in its final stages.

And as Minister Ali Haidar of Reconciliation has recently put it all proposed foreign plans and initiatives for solving the crisis in Syria to stop the violence through political means were but a pure Syrian vision since the early days of the crisis. None in the world is entitled to claim concern about the Syrians more than the Syrians themselves; and none has the right to speak on behalf of the Syrians' government more than the caring government itself.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim