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Syria's Independence Day


The ongoing events in Syria are but a continued battle for independence from terror , ignorance and exported Takfiri madness. Celebrating the glorious anniversary of independence from the French, Syria is more determined to rid itself from the new colonial forms of exploitation, hegemony and greedy plots.

The new form of colonialism as to exploit and steal the more of people's resources and riches has been the driving force behind some western countries' meddling in the domestic affairs of independent countries: it has been so in many places of the Arab World particularly in Iraq and in Libya. In Syria, the US and its western allies,  with the help of the ewes, Turkey and Israel, the sinister objective isn't only the geostrategic role of Syria as much as it is the Syrian identity, history, heritage and civilization all together.

For decades the anti-Syrians have been targeting the cradle of civilization as to subjugate it to their dictates and selfish interests ignoring the fact that Syria is but the orbit and can never be their satellite. The latest sinister bid is the ongoing, which has nothing to do with political figures, nor with democracy, human rights, or other exposed pretexts. It is the Resistance of the Syrians against occupation, hegemony , all forms of new colonialism and blackmail. Had the Syrians succumbed to dictations, changed their national and principled stances, things on the ground would have been totally different, but to the humiliation of the Syrians, who are indeed proud of their dignity and independence! 

The Syrians who accomplished their independence from the French in 1946, and before their emancipation from Ottomans, are waging today their just war against every form of terrorism, ignorance, and extremism. The Syrians' war is never among themselves; it is but the legitimate defense of Syria  in the face of multi-national terrorists, new colonialists and ignorant pre-historic  mentalities. The country which paid a heavy price of sacred martyrs to gain independence, is ever ready to pay every dear for the first and above all homeland.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 




US-NATO Orchestrated War

Sara Flounders, who is the head of the International Action Center in New York , lashed out, in a recent interview with Russian TV, at the UN bids to expand its investigation of chemical weapons to all of Syria as the "most dangerous way forward, because the US is clearly using the UN and every possible international agency in order to continue its intervention."

" It is the US and NATO that are clearly pumping arms into the region, that have orchestrated and created the crisis, using chemical weapons that are quite likely set to create a far more serious crisis, because they have not yet been successful in creating a regime change in Syria, which is their agenda. It's the agenda of Saudi Arabia, -Qatar- and of Turkey , a NATO member, and very much the agenda of the US, who is fueling and orchestrating this war crime against the people of Syria," underscored Flanders.

Flanders warned against a catastrophic repetition of the Iraqi non-existed MDW's, asserting that  the same scenario, the same playbook seems to be used now in Syria with similar charges, pointing out that who has the weapons of mass destruction in the world today is but the Pentagon.

"Using the charge against countries that are trying to defend their own sovereignty again and again, has been an excuse for war - for occupation, for destabilization, for pumping in more and more weapons, paying mercenaries and death squads, attempting to foment civil war and sectarian warfare. It's a very dangerous policy, and the worst and most dangerous ones are again and again, from the State Department, from the White House: the warnings that chemical weapons would be an excuse for deeper US involvement. So the charge is a very serious charge! " added Flanders.

And the idea of outside intervention, of orchestrated mercenaries sweeping into the region and using it as one more weapons cache, is of course very dangerous for all the people of the region. They have no plan for rebuilding Syria, for providing for people's needs. We can of course see the enormous payoffs, the loss of life the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Libya, have created. If you look at Libya today, it's without an ounce of stability, a completely non-functional government - this is what they have in store for Syria, where already thousands  people have died as a result of this US-NATO orchestrated war, concluded Flanders.

Actually, and as Foreign and Expatriates Ministry  clearly stated, the UN Secretary General's demand to expand tasks of the specialized technical mission formed to investigate the use of the terrorist groups of chemical weapons against civilians in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo province is rejected; hence  "Syria can't accept such maneuvers from the UN General Secretariat, taking into consideration the negative role it played in Iraq to pave the way for the US invasion."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, further, underlined that the mission cannot enter the country because there is no consensus on the mission, hence any expanding of the mission is not acceptable for the Syrian authorities, because it means unlimited inspection and unspecified mission in terms of time and size.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

THE Elected Leader of the Syrian People

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's recent interview with  the Turkish  TV channel Ulusal Kanal and Aydinlik Newspaper, highlighted some of the Syrian basic principles ad doctrines. Among the principles highlighted was commitment to dialogue among all Syrians as to end the ongoing crisis, largely imposed by colonial powers and their proxies: any dialogue to solve the crisis in Syria ''should include only Syrians. It should not include foreign intervention. We have no other red lines from this. Syrians can talk about and discuss anything. This country is for all Syrians, and they can bring all things to the table.'' Pointing out that "The only red line is about foreign intervention,"

President Al-Assad issued a strong warning to those anti-Syria forces that their playing with fire and fueling of the crisis would definitely burn them and spread to their own countries. It is the "domino effect that will reach countries across the Middle East, to the west, east, north and south. This would mean instability for many years, even decades."

H.E. accurately reflected the Syrian dismay and wrath of the majority in Syria against the so-called Arab League, which ''lacks legitimacy. It's a league that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can't grant or retract legitimacy. Real legitimacy is not accorded by organizations or foreign officials or other country... legitimacy is that which is granted by the people. All these theatrics have no value in our eyes." This very league is remote-controlled by anti-Syrian forces, who are indeed not independent actors but rather act under the guidance of foreign countries.

President Al-Assad's statements were a stitch in time in the face of continued meddling in Syria's domestic affairs and in its steadfast legitimate right to defend itself and get purged from every foreign-backed and Takfiri terrorist group. Actually, the West has no right to establish democracy in Syria as it is responsible for bloodshed in the region. The ongoing crisis is but  a "struggle to redraw the region’s map and one going on between major powers," pointing out that the United States has stood by Israel's crimes since the latter was founded. The US executed massacres in Afghanistan and Iraq; it has killed millions, injured millions and inflicted disabilities on millions. France and Britain executed massacres in Libya with American support.

"We are surrounded by countries that help terrorists and allow them to enter Syria," H.E. President Al-Assad underscored, asserting that many countries wanted to ruin Syria, but that didn't not happen, as they try and that many countries assist  terrorists in Syria.  Israel was, however, the real enemy, which occupied our land. Israel, according to my simple belief, is but the enemy of itself, given its ongoing sword-rattling and sponsoring of al-Qaeda affiliates on the 1974 armistice line.

H.E. President Al-Assad lectured some egoistic and narrow-minded politicians important moral lessons in morality and good manners. Turkish Premier Erdogan is but such a liar, who has not said a single word of truth since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, and who is working with Israel to destroy Syria. idiot, immature leaders shouldn't, however, be allowed to destroy relations between Syrian and Turkish brethrens.

The world is no more US-dominated; the establishment of BRICS sent a signal to the whole world that the US can no longer remain the sole pole of global power and that others will now have to bear in mind the opinion and interests of the BRICS countries, which were not assisting either the Syrian government or Syrian state per se and, instead, were holding out for stability in the region.

Yes, Your Excellency, YOU are the elected leader of the Syrian people, who flooded every corner and street on June 10, 2000, in the aftermath of the untimely passing away of the Syrians' father, crying and shouting: we sacrifice our soul and blood for Bashar Al-Assad.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Cameron Wades into Swamp to Rescue Sheep!

What a contradiction when one would read in the Telegraph a catchy headline: ''David Cameron wades into swamp to rescue sheep''. Many ideas and thoughts came to my mind: is this the same Cameron who has been exerting every effort to destabilize my beloved country, Syria? Is the Cameron-sheep relation more human than Cameron-Syrians relations? Has Cameron's threats to supply the more of assistance , whether lethal or no-lethal-after all they are funneled to al-Qaeda affiliated organizations-  to terrorists in Syria.

While lambs around the country are dying because of the unseasonably-cold spring weather, one sheep owes its life to David Cameron. The prime minister became the hero of the hour when he plunged waist-deep into a swamp to save a ewe that got stuck in the mud. Cameron was on his way home from visiting a neighbouring farmer near his house in Chipping Norton when he heard a sheep bleating at around 6pm. He discovered the ewe immersed in the muddy swamp, after she had followed her two lambs in to save them, both of whom drowned. After alerting the farmer, Cameron waded into the swamp, together with his two armed police guards, and proceeded to push the ewe out of the mud to safety, According to the Telegraph. Actually, here not lambs, but the elite of the Syrians is being slaughtered and destroyed by the Takfiri suicide bombers and bloody terrorist attacks. These very terrorists, among them, according to a British study,  hundreds who have EU nationalities, are armed to teeth, trained and supported by Mr. Cameron like governments and ewes, whom Cameron, I think, isn't willing to save just in case!  

“When I got there, David was in the swamp, waist-deep in mud, along with the two police, who had all gone in there to help drag this sheep out,” said farmer Julian Tustian. “He was brilliant, pulling, pushing and shoving. He was covered in mud, he looked a mess…This isn’t the first time Cameron has given a sheep a helping hand, after he was drafted in by Mr Tustian to aid a ewe struggling to give birth to two lambs a few years ago. Mr Cameron acted as the farmer’s assistant for 15 minutes until the lambs were born, even volunteering for the task of pulling out the lambs himself as he had smaller hands than the farmer. The question is when Cameron would stop pushing his nose in the domestic affairs of an independent great country like Syria, and when he would pull his ''smaller hands'' off the majority in Syria, which is but a secular and never antagonist to the occidental world. And for how long Premier Cameron is to remain remote-controlling and dictating the ewes among Arabs to  destroy the sacred land of 'good shepherds' and prophets, the cradle of every human civilization?

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim             

This is Syria

Two years have so far passed since the outbreak of the plague of present international epidemic of terrorism in Syria, which has been for long, particularly since the US failure invasion of Iraq in 2003 and Syria's national and principled stance in opposition to such a catastrophic invasion, the subject for every sinister move as to weaken, destabilize and dismember it.

To the tune of the US and Israeli dissonance music of death and destruction, some Arab ewes were involved in their fratricide adventures against Syria! The ewes, out of personal grudge and jealousy, have almost spent of their gas and petrodollars for the destruction of Syria more than for their own people and construction in their countries. A little amount of the billions of dollars squandered  on the destruction of Syria  is suffice to combat poverty and ignorance in dozens of countries. The ewes, along with some westerners and so-called brethrens, gambled on a quick downfall of Syria, but in vain: Even Syrians have suffered and paid a lot; today they are stronger, more immune and sharper mentally, morally and psychologically, because they  are more determined and adamant to steadfast, face up, challenge and vanquish. The Syrians, backed by their hero Army and Leadership, do possess the right.

We bury our dear martyrs, killed at the hands of takfiri killers armed, trained and  hired and paid for by the ewes, but with glory, honour, pride and determination to pursue the real path of martyrdom in defence of Syria's construction, building, welfare, security, stability  and leadership. One of the problems with the ewes and their allies is that they don't comprehend the nature of the relationship between the majority of the Syrians and their elected Leadership: it isn't only a citizen-president relationship, but that of a body-soul one, all for one and one for all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim