Religion and States




One evening, I asked one of my friends: what do you think about what is being  said regarding religion and states? He told me: "I am a supporter of a religious state and consider it the solution to all the problems of the world."

 I was really surprised,  when I heard his  answer, especially that my friend is secular  and for him the  relationship of man with God is a very special one . It cannot be judged by going to mosques or churches  besides that worshipping one's God  is something special and should not be measured by prayer and fasting.

 I told him would you please explain to me your point of view.

My friend went on expressing his personal views:" The most successful  states are the religious ones, The Vatican ,for example, is the smallest state for the largest and most widespread religion. The Europeans have narrowed and concentrated religion in this small country, and went on building secular nations which are based on democracies and intellectual freedoms.  So If Moslems do the same and concentrate their religious state in Mecca , for example, -provided that the wahabi trend isn't to mark such a religion- many countries and peoples would be relieved of those extremists who kill and terrorize innocents. They want to inherit God on earth!"

I liked the idea, what do you think?

Amal Farhat




President Putin's Visit to Turkey




Russian President, Vladimir Putin's today's visit to Turkey is important by all calculations. The visit comes after some delay due to some reasons; among which stands the reckless Turkish move last October to fore a Syrian civilian Plane coming from Moscow to Damascus to land in Turkey. The Turkish unlawful piracy against the plane, not to mention Turkey's disappointment once nothing illegal was found on board. The Government of Erdogan, however, confiscated the legally-bound-to Syria martial on board. 

President Putin is expected to touch upon this issue, which made him earlier postpone his visit to Turkey, according to press leaks. Russia and Syria pertain the right to get back the materials confiscated. Another point of further discussion would be -as expected- the Turkish demand to install NATO patriots on its borders with Syria, given the short distance separating Turkey from Russia, 1752.2  kilometers. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that  deployment of Patriot missiles on the Turkish territories will increase  the risk of instability in the Middle East in the future and would "will ignite armed conflicts in the region". Russia does consider the "Militarization of the Syrian-Turkish border" as   an "alarming signal” The Russian Foreign Minister earlier proposal for the establishment of a direct line of communication between Ankara and Damascus with the aim of avoiding incidents between the neighbors is expected to be raised during the visit.

Hopefully, the Russian-Turkish summit meeting would create the ground for a more balanced and reasonable stance by the Government of Mr. Erdogan, away from the US and petrodollar dictations. The Russian side is expected to reiterate the need for a Turkish role in helping to bring the militant opposition to the right path of dialogue and peaceful end to crisis. Hopefully, Erdogan's Government is to decrease its logistic, economic, and military backing to al-Qaeda and Moslem Brotherhood terrorists. If so, all the interested would be satisfied economically, politically and commercially.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Dialogue is the only outlet to resolve the crisis in Syria




The dialogue among Syrians is indeed the best if not the sole way out from the crisis in Syria, which is imposed – and indeed caused by foreigners. The differences among the Syrians are minor ones; hence the majority is committed to the stability, security and welfare of Syria, which is currently a model as far as the so-far introduced reforms, including the laws pertaining to political parties, media, and constitution.  

Rarely could a country witness such a number of reform measures during such a brief span of time. Thus, the Syrian government, majority and national opposition are but a united front in the face of the plots hatched by anti-Syria trouble makers and warmongers. The need is urgent for a boosted coordination, collaboration and joint work among these true components of Syria, the true, real and legitimate representation of the millions of Syrians.

The war against Syria is still unabated, and the few coming days ahead are still difficult; however, the national opposition along with the majority is able to hammer the final nail in the coffin of the conspiracy. The escalated inhumane arbitrary explosions, butchering, and killings by the foreign backed al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists do indicate further that the conspiracy is in its final stages.

And as Minister Ali Haidar of Reconciliation has recently put it all proposed foreign plans and initiatives for solving the crisis in Syria to stop the violence through political means were but a pure Syrian vision since the early days of the crisis. None in the world is entitled to claim concern about the Syrians more than the Syrians themselves; and none has the right to speak on behalf of the Syrians' government more than the caring government itself.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Hungry for Carrots!




Yesterday's truce between Palestinian resistance and Israel raises many questions, introduces new dimensions, and draws new red lines to the history of Palestinian-Israeli occupation struggle. The questions raised are related to the hectic diplomatic Arab, regional and international efforts exerted as to strike such a truce deal. Most of these efforts were exerted by almost all of the parties involved directly or indirectly in funneling support to the armed terrorist groups fighting the Syrians in the their own homeland. Actually, some of them, especially Turkey and France, are directly responsible for continued crisis in Syria; they do shelter, arm, and dispatch their outlawed and extremists to fight the Syrians. Further, Madam Secretary Clinton was herself to call on the extremists and killers not to lay down their arms and not to accept the Syrian government repeated calls for dialogue! So, is it a coincidence that the trouble makers from around the globe met to broker a truce there and intensify their pressure for the more of arms, unrest, explosions and killings here? The background for such a question is already clear, isn't it?

The new dimensions introduced and the red lines drawn are mainly related to the question of Resistance against the occupiers. When it comes to occupation, regardless of how much military power and iron domes occupiers might have, the people of the rights usurped can steadfast, defeat and humiliate the occupiers. Supposedly, the occupation has learned from the 2006 humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah Resistance men. Anyway, it is only peace which can bring security, tranquility and prosperity to the region, which is indeed in a bad need for. The entire region needs such a high level of international efforts, not for fuelling crises, but for extinguishing the burning fires, which are to spread and set all ablaze!

It is high time for the present unilateral, selective, and unbalanced policy of sticks. The people of the region are indeed hungry for carrots. This is undoubtedly to be but in the interest of all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Franc's Uncalculated Risky Policy

 Franc's uncalculated risky policy regarding the crisis in Syria raises questions and doubts. It is incredible for a country like France to downgrade its international and political weight to a coalition of puppets, claiming it to be the representative for the Syrians! It is indeed incredible! One would wonder whether the petrodollars stand behind such a risky policy, as consequent revelations by western media earlier pointed fingers to the flow of such petrodollars to former French officials, including Chirac, Sarkozy and many other French politicians. Syria is no more under the French mandate, nor under the dictates of the French. The Syrians in millions are but Syrians inside their homeland governed by the their own government and have their own representatives and ambassadors.

It is indeed as Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi stated yesterday that the French adoption of the foreign-backed ignorant about Syria group would never add any added political value, since such a council is no more than a cloned copy of Istanbul Council, as far as its structure, political discourse, and supporting parties and establishments. Minister al-Zou'bi blasted Doha meeting, ''a political hallucination'', in earlier statements, as aiming at the "setting up a new formulation for the opposition to conspire against Syria accompanied by a media propaganda in a desperate attempt to undermine the morale of the Syrians who adhere to their homeland and the sovereignty of their decision,"  Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated that such a council would be treated similarly as Istanbul Council, as the Syrian leadership and state insist on dialogue between the political forces and the representatives of all spectra of the Syrian people; so that any upcoming government will be obliged to the outcome of this dialogue.''

The Doha Council is, as minister al-Zou'bi candidly stated, a 'declaration of war' on Syria, as long as it rejects dialogue, Geneva Statement, Kofi Annan's 6-point plan, and as long as it calls for military backing and continued smuggling of weapons, not to mention its calls for the more of ciaos, unrest, violence and killing in Syria.

The disfigured Council of Doha represents none of the millions of the Syrians, nor of the Syrians' mentality and thinking. Indeed it doesn't even represent itself but the countries which pre-paid for its members, most of them know nothing about Syria, apart from their place of birth. Thus, the foreign-backed opposition, mainly running after personal interests and fake promises, has lost its independent political will to its greedy sponsors and patrons, including the Qataris, Turkish, French and others! One would wonder about the utility or futility if to say of dialogue with those who already rejected dialogue, even though their dialogue and political discourse would be but about the dismembering and dividing the cake among their sponsors! Anyway, Minister al-Zou'bi underscored that "Dialogue with armed groups and terrorists is refused as dialogue is usually made with politicians and national political and social forces,"

The French Government is called upon once more to reconsider its anti-Syria policy and consider the voice of the majority of the Syrians. Better late than never, the majority still respects and highly appreciates France, and the friendly people of France.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim