Military Expert to ST: Syrian Army to Break Apart Terrorist-Held Areas South of Damascus

The foreign-backed terrorist groups in the western Ghouta, south of Damascus, will surrender themselves when the ongoing military operations manage to break apart the area, the military and strategic expert, retired Brigadier-General Haitham Hassoun told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Friday.

The expert affirmed that fighters, supported by Syrian warplanes and tanks, are advancing in the west-southern axis in al-Jora area, which is adjacent to al-Hajar al-Aswad area, and they will separate between al-Hajar al-Aswad area and Yalda area in the north-eastern axis. 

Former French Diplomat to ST: Syria and Its Allies Are on the Right Path

The Former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud has stressed that if the balance of powers in the world has changed in favor of the Syrian government and its allies, the Atlantic neocon plan will continue to explain many maneuvers in order to delay the end of the conflict in Syria.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the veteran diplomat said the Syrian State is about to win the war, but it is very likely that the hostilities will continue for some time as some parties have a strong desire to prevent any kind of peace and stability and to make any kind of reconstruction very difficult in Syria.

Cypriot MP to ST: Cyprus supports Syria in its struggle to get rid of terrorism

The Member of Parliament at House of Representatives of Cyprus Anna Theologou has said that the sole cause of the US-led strike carried out last Saturday against Syria is to divert attention of public opinion from the domestic problems of the leaders of US, UK and France.

She underscored that her country officially supports the territorial integrity of Syria and the withdrawal of all foreign powers from its soil.

In an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the Cypriot MP stressed that the beneficiaries of the tripartite strike against Syria are the leaders of the participating countries [US, UK and France] that try to divert attention from their domestic problems.

Ex-Turkish official to ST: US-led strike on Syria achieved no success

Former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister has said that the tripartite strike carried out by the US, UK and France against Syria last Saturday has achieved no success and it has been welcome by Turkish regime because Erdoğan’s government and Trump’s government are strategic partners.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Wednesday, Dr. Abdullatif Şener asserted that the United States does not want stability in Syria and it wants to partition it, describing the US-led strike on Syria as ‘kickback’.

“Erdoğan’s government and Trump’s government are strategic partners. They always confirm this. Therefore, it is normal for the Turkish government to support an operation by the United States,” Dr. Şener said, affirming that the Turkish people did not welcome the strike.

WATCH Syrian Boy in White Helmets FAKE Chemical Attack Video Reveals Truth

Earlier the White Helmets, a Western-backed NGO known for its ties with terrorist groups, released a video showing alleged victims of the false-flag chemical attack in Douma. The US and its allies used the video as a pre-text to conduct a missile strike on Syria.

The Russia 24 TV channel released an exclusive interview on April 18 with a boy, who participated in filming a fake video, as evidence of the false-flag chemical attack in Douma by the White Helmets. In the interview, Hassan Diab says that he and his mother heard loud voices on the street, urging everyone to rush to the hospitals. When Hassan entered the hospital, unknown people grabbed him, poured water on him and then put him with other patients, Sputnick reported.