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The US Detachment from Reality

The USA has been playing a dirty game in Syria and for decades. The US failures to subjugate Syria during the era of the Late President Hafez Al-Assad made it more greedy and aggressive to do so following the untimely demise of the Late President, the builder of modern Syria. Thus the US has spared no efforts and missed no chance to put pressures, impose sanctions, and even address threats to Syria as to make it another Arab satellite state in its orbit!

In vain went all the US sinister bids, thanks to the Pan-Arab Resistant and Nationalist Leadership, which since the ill-famed visit by ex-Secretary of State, Collin Powell, to Syria in 2003 has been more steadfast, staunch and more determined to safeguard and defend Syria's independence, sovereignty and Resistance. Thus the US launched its masterminded global war of terror by its hand-made al-Qaeda affiliates against all Syrians. And since the outbreak of the ongoing plagued crisis, the US adopted unbalanced and unjustified stances and took aggressive measures targeting even the daily bread of the Syrians. The US sword rattling, threats, ultimatums and sinister dictations and support to the terrorists, ewes and neighbors have failed to subjugate Syria.

The latest flagrant step by the US Administration was to block and abort every political effort for sorting the crisis in Syria by the Syrians via diplomatic means.  The United States turns the situation upside down when accusing Syria  for reluctance to participate in the international conference Geneva-2 without preliminary conditions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich stated yesterday, asserting that "The Syrian Authorities supported the Geneva communiqué of June 30, 2012 from the very beginning," while the ''problem with organizing the Geneva-2 conference is namely that the "opposition" is not ready to participate in this forum and sets preliminary conditions for its involvement in the format, which are unacceptable for the Syrian authorities,"

The US Administration is indeed adopting lies and fraud concerning its actual stance which  rejects the political solution  through dialogue amongst the Syrians in Geneva 2 conference as underlined by an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, who declared that  the USA is further  arming the terrorist al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra only to affirm  its policy as regards the continuation of violence and terrorism in the Israel's interest. The US is now distorting the reality about the Syrian leadership's approval on attending the  Geneva 2 conference without preconditions from any side," The US lacks indeed credibility and is  ''detached from reality. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

‘’ Islam has freed me ‘’

 ‘’ Islam has freed me ‘’ said the women dressed in black from head to toe , who now called herself Mariam . She had crossed oceans to come to Syria for Jihad . In Syria , she had met and married a Swede , who had also come to Syria for Jihad . She said in an interview aired on channel four that she would like to fight , but she is also happy to take care of her man considering it a part of her Jihad duties .

   Together , they live in some- one else’s abandoned house and her logic is a strange one . Originally a British citizen , she embraced Islam not so long ago – but it was more than an embrace ! It was a deadly grip for she gave up everything she had in the UK to come to Syria and help establish the Islamic Caliphate . Her life in the UK was not bad , neither was it unhappy , and she herself describes it as being ‘’ Okay ‘’ !

   Mariam is raising a child and expecting another . Her husband dreams of Jihad and of attaining martyrdom in Syria – as an after- thought he adds , that he hopes to be able to see his yet unborn child before he dies but that point doesn’t seem to bother him to much !Martyrdom is far more important!

   Together they compare guns – whose is bigger ? whose is more useful ? for a minute it appears as if two children are playing guns . But this is a dangerous deadly game – for those two foreigners are intent on fighting for a Syria that they think needs them but how they reached this conclusion and whose war are they fighting are two questions never answered by Mariam.

   Mariam is not alone ! Another British citizen , this one calling herself Aisha , lives close by . The women have become friends . Together they go shopping, decked in flowing black robes and kalashnikovs ! They never want to go back to the UK , even if their men die . They will stay and try to get ‘’ close ‘’ to the Syrian people ! Mariam’s parents are even thinking of visiting !!

   How has extreme Islamic thought reached the UK  and made a British citizen leave the world she has known , to go to a strange land with strange people and fight a war that really has absolutely nothing to do with her ?

   How has this extremism taken form and command and resulted in the death of drummer Lee Rigby? But even stranger why has the British government done nothing to stem this growing tide of extremism ?What will they do when some of them after fighting their Jihad decide to go back to their European countries? Since when have the west and the UK sided with Al Qaeda ? Wasn’t the war with Afghanistan all about that ? and did the British soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan do so in vain ?

 Reem Haddad

Al-Saud’s family: History of plots against Arabs and Muslims

Despite the fact that long years have passed since the first publishing of a book titled “The History of Al Saud Family”, Dr. Nabil To’uma found it very necessary to republish this book at this stage due to the important documents included in it that refute the allegations of Al-Saud’s family, expose their moral and financial corruption and their ugly plots against the Arab people and their causes of destiny.

The re-publishing of the book is very important at this stage to disclose the Saudi ruling family’s dirty and ugly roles in the Arab region, the latest of which is the Saudi devastating role in the Syrian crisis and the billions of US dollars spent to achieve sinister goals. Implementing the orders of the US and Israel, members of the Saudi ruling family are publicly supporting the armed terrorist groups in Syria to commit heinous crimes and savage atrocities against Syrian people and their public and private properties. From the very beginning of the crisis, the foreign minister of Al-Saud considered that arming the terrorist groups in Syria as a religious duty and the members of the Saudi royal family started hectic attempts to export terrorists to Syria’s neighboring states to be trained, funded and sent to Syrian territories to commit ugly crimes there.

Al Saud considered Syria as an occupied territory, the thing which they did not do about Palestine which has been occupied by Israel since 1948.  The Saudi ruling family had provided terrorists in Syria with money and weapons while it exerted persistent efforts to prevent any kind of support for the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. The Kingdom is betraying the Palestinian cause through fighting politically, intellectually, and through the media the resistance groups that stand against the Zionist usurper and try to liberate the occupied Arab territories.

 Recently, they started to bring members from Taliban of Pakistan to Syria to contribute to the destruction of Syria and the killing of innocent Syrian people. The Saudi royal family escalated their support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria in light of the great victories realized by the valiant Syrian armed forces who have been able to clear many areas of terrorists, eliminating large numbers of them and destroying their dens and ammunitions.

In fact, the republishing of the book at this stage is very important since it exposes the vicious and nasty role of the Saudi ruling family and its opposition to the pan-Arab trend since the beginning of the 20th century.

Historian Nasser al-Sa’eed falsified the family’s allegation that it descended from Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), stressing that the origin of the family is Jewish. Many sheikhs and imams from Najd affirmed that Mohammed bin Abdel Wahab descended from a Jewish family that lived in Turkey and pretended that they were Muslims with the aim of damaging Islam and Muslims and hatching plots against them.

The book unveils facts about a lot of financial scandals, in addition to ethical scandals including bills of prostitutes, alcohol, and red nights spent by Saudi princes in various European countries.

In conclusion, the writer said that Al-Saud had suckled treason and treachery, drank betrayal, and learned deception from an early age, and hence they committed ugly crimes against the Arab people.


The West’s support for potential enemies

 Despite the fact that the US and its Western and regional allies have confirmed that the only solution for the Syrian crisis is political, their covert actions and clandestine policies run contrary to their public statements, especially with regard to training and funding the armed terrorist groups and exporting them to Syria.

The West's unjustifiable intervention in Syria's internal affairs aggravates the crisis in it and causes instability there and in the region as a whole. The West's attempt to force a regime change in a country and appoint rulers loyal to it is a wrong thing that violates the UN Charter and all international conventions and hinders all efforts being exerted to reach a political solution to the crisis through a comprehensive dialogue to be conducted among all spectra of Syrian society.

The so-called "Arab Spring" has been, as far many Arab countries are concerned, mere endless bloody confrontations, regime change and continuous unrest that serve the American Zionist project in the region. The pretexts of protecting national interests and human rights have been used for toppling countries' political systems, interfering in their internal affairs and leading pro-West regimes to come into power to achieve certain political and economic interests.

The Western hypocrite stand towards Syria is clearly manifested through media reports which disclose the role of these states in training extremist fighters, funding them and exporting them to Syria to fight along with the armed terrorist groups, commit savage massacres against innocent Syrians and destroy the infrastructure of the country.

The American New York Times newspaper said in a recent issue that a rising number of radicalized young Muslims with Western passports are travelling to Syria to fight with the armed terrorist groups.

The U.S. National Counterterrorism Center also stressed that the number of terrorists going to fight in Syria from Europe and the US is on the increase.

The US and its Western and regional allies have been facilitating the entry of extremist fighters to Syria after training and funding them. However, following their shameful involvement in exporting hundreds of terrorists to Syria, they began to express concern about the possible return of these terrorists to their countries. So, they encourage terrorists to commit crimes in Syria and take strict measures to prevent their return to their homelands for fear of their criminal acts.

According to the US and its allies, terrorism is encouraged and supported against Syrian people, but banned and combated in the US and Europe.  

The London-based newspaper 'The Guardian' quoted a report as saying that Al-Qaida elements fighting with armed groups in Syria constitute the most serious terrorist threat to Britain, and should al-Qaida get hold of chemical weapons, the consequences could be catastrophic.

 These fighters, who were supported and funded by the US and its regional and Western allies, began to frighten American and European intelligence officials when the fighters return home.

In this regard, France's Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, described the threat of Western fighters returning from Syria as a ticking time bomb. He admitted that French nationals are fighting among the armed terrorist groups in Syria under the name of 'Jihadists", warning that those could be enemies to France if they returned to it.

 Valls’ statement clearly reflects the double standards practiced by the West regarding combating terrorism.


Bandar Failed to Bribe Russia to Abandon Syria

World-wide news reports said that Moscow has rejected a Saudi proposal to abandon Syria’s president in return for a huge arms deal and a pledge to help Moscow play a bigger role in the Middle East.

According to a well- informed European diplomat shuttling between Damascus and Beirut , "During the meeting at the Kremlin, Chief of the Saudi Intelligence Prince Bandar Bin Sultan  explained to his interlocutor that Riyadh is ready to help Moscow play a bigger role in the Middle East at a time when the United States is disengaging from the region."

 The Saudi prince also reassured Putin that "whatever regime comes after" Assad, it will be "completely" in the Saudis' hands and will not sign any agreement allowing any Gulf country to transport its gas across Syria to Europe and compete with Russian gas exports, the diplomat said.

Russia described news reports by Western media about the Saudi proposal to buy Russian weapons in the amount at $ 15 billion to bargain for a  change in  Russia's position on the situation in Syria as a kind of disinformation aimed at distorting Russia's principled position in Syria.

Vitaly Naomkan, director of the Orient Studies Institute  at the Russian Academy of Sciences said : "It is clear that the goal of this harangue information is to influence the position of Syria or more probable to discredit Russia , and plant doubt in the fact that Moscow takes a position about Syrian affairs that  creates the impression that Russia may change its views  in return for promises  from Saudi Arabia. "

Bandar proposed that Saudi Arabia buy $15 billion (11 billion euros) of weapons from Russia and invest “considerably in the country,” the source said.

The Saudi prince  is known for  his regular trips to Turkey to manage flow of arms and backup forces to Syria and he goes to Jordan to persuade security agencies with incentives to cooperate with him against Syrian government.

Bandar recent visit to  Moscow  aimed to negotiate in his capacity as the “Prince of the Mujahideen” in Syria, including those who hail from Chechnya, Dagestan, and the Caucasus in Russia’s backyard.

From Dagestan alone, more than a hundred fighters are enlisted in the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, which is active in northern
The Russian position  revealed the Russian answer to the offer proposed by  Chief of the Saudi intelligence Bandar bin Sultan  during his recent visit to Moscow on  a big  deal to buy Russia's weapons for change or mitigate the Russian position concerning  the crisis in Syria.

An Arab diplomat with contacts in Moscow said: "President Putin listened politely to his interlocutor and let him know that his country would not change its strategy."

"Bandar bin Sultan then let the Russians know that the only option left in Syria was military and that they should forget about Geneva because the opposition would not attend."

The Russian position in support of Syria  is not strange  and is  understood in the light in a position taken by Syria in   2009, when  President  Bashar Assad refused to sign an agreement with Qatar for an overland pipeline running from the Gulf to Europe via Syria to protect the interests of its Russian ally, which is Europe's top supplied of natural gas.

 In Syria, the Syrians  have full confident in their Russian partners with a general understanding that Saudi Arabia thinks that politics is a simple matter of buying people or countries. It doesn't understand that Russia is a major power and that this is not how it draws up policy."

 One Syrian politician laughed  at the Saudi offer noting  the deeply-rooted cooperation  relations: "Syria and Russia have had close ties for over half a century in all fields and it's not Saudi rials that will change this fact".


T. Fateh