Prof. Michel Raimbaud: Sanctions are more barbaric than military confrontations

Since the west deliberately turns a blind eye to the war of sanctions being launched by the United States against Syria and other countries, lifting these sanctions is out of the question, according to the former French diplomat Professor Michel Raimbaud.

Prof. Raimbaud argued that the West’s deliberate ignorance of sanctions is a ‘golden pretext’ for not putting an end to them. “This deception will never cancel the fact that imposing  sanctions on countries is more barbaric  than military confrontation, which is nearing an end.. It is illegal and immoral war. It is a stain on humanity...These sanctions must be lifted immediately and unconditionally. ”

Who can force the United States to lift sanctions?

As sanctions kill, why doesn’t the United Nations do something to stop the sanctions being imposed on Syria? And who can force the United States to lift the sanctions?

This issue is very important and complicated from the viewpoint of Mr. Bahman Azad, Executive Secretary of the US Peace Council, who affirmed to Syria Times e-newspaper that there is no easy answer for these two questions but there are certain points that we need to keep in mind when we ask these questions.

International criminal lawyer to ST: Trump's decision to halt WHO funding is an "attack on humanity"

International criminal lawyer in Canada Christopher C. Black has described US president Donald Trump's decision on cutting funding for the World Health Organization ( WHO) as an "attack on humanity and on the principles of international cooperation."

In a statement to Syria Times e-newspaper, the lawyer has made it cleat that the UN is a body dedicated to world peace and  to create conditions for world peace inlcuding the health and welfare of humanity. 

Majed Nehmé to ST: Covid-19 has penetrated the current world system and all possibilities are open

Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Afrique Asie magazine Mr. Majed Nehme has argued that the current situation in the world after the outbreak of Coronavirus crisis could be summarized in a quote penned by the Italian writer and politician Antonio Gramsci in his book ‘Letters from Prison” [1927-1937] :“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old world is dying and the new one cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

He told Syria Times e-newspaper that Coronovirus [Covid-19] penetrated the current world system, which was already dying, and it could completely destroy it. “The question that one can pose here is: what is the type of system that would emerge from this political, economic and geo-strategic fight?”

Mr. Nehmé wondered whether the new world system – after the end of  Coronavirus crisis-would not be under the hegemony of the wild west, or whether the dominant powers will fight fiercely to keep their dominance that is waning. “Will there be a series of wars, intifadas, civil wars inside the globalized imperialist center?? All possibilities are open.”

Member of European Parliament to ST: “unfortunately, I would not expect any major change regarding the sanctions on Syria any time soon”

Member of European Parliament Athanasios Konstantinou has expressed regret that there would not be any major change regarding the sanctions imposed on Syria anytime soon despite the outbreak of Coronavirus globally.
In an interview with Syria Times e-newspaper, Konstantinou said: “So far, the actions of the European Union regarding the Syrian problem are against the real European interests and basically serve only NATO and the so- called Washington’s “deep state. So unfortunately, I would not expect any major change regarding the sanctions on Syria, any time soon.”