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Former US Congresswoman to ST: Washington conveys ISIS terrorists from Syria to keep its strategic force alive

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has said that the U.S. should never have entered Syria, yet it seeks to keep its strategic force based on al-Qaeda, ISIS and the other Muslim offshoots alive.

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the reason behind the convey of ISIS terrorists and their wives from Syria by the U.S. occupation forces, Mckinney asserted that the United States created al-Qaeda and ISIS and the other Muslim offshoots for its own geostrategic purposes.

Sen. Richard Black to ST: It is in the Kurds’ self-interest to serve Syria loyally

Virginia Senator Richard Black expects that Russian peacekeepers will prevent wide-scale combat in northern Syria, asserting that the U.S. can help prevent the return of ISIS by ending its sanctions on Syria.

He told the Syria Times e-newspaper that Russians hope to separate the warring factions and block Turkish forces from attacking Syrian troops.

Prof. Michel Raimbaud to ST: Turkish attack deserves to be denounced as a threat against Syria’s security

Yes, it will be interesting to note how the European countries will react to the most recent developments and the new situation in Northern Syria, after the agreement signed under Russian sponsorship between the Syrian Government and the Kurds.

This is what the Former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud said after he answered two questions on the statement released yesterday by the French Defense and Interior Ministries on the Turkish attack on the northeast of Syria and the reason behind European countries’ support to the Kurds in Syria.

Cypriot MP to ST: Turkey keeps repeating genocides against nations because it has never been held accountable

The member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus Anna Theologou has underscored that the Turkish regime keeps repeating genocides against many nations and ethic groups, namely the Armenians, Kurds, Cypriots, Pontus Greeks, Minor Asia Greeks, Iraqis and Syrians, because it has never paid for its crimes.

Commenting on the Turkish regime army’s current attack on the northeast of Syria, Theologou to the Syria Times e-newspaper: “Turkey and its regime have been getting away lightly with committed atrocities and genocides’ for a long time and the international community cannot stand idle and watch in apathy the Syrian people been slaughtered and butchered. Neither can depend on “the great and unmatched wisdom of President Trump” to come to fruition, because the blood which is spilled from the Syrians will be on the hands and the conscience of all civilized nations and institutions.”

Head of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient mission in Syria: Why does the West support the blacklisted separatist Kurdish militias in Syria?

Alexandre Goodarzy, the French Head of Mission in SOS Chrétien d Orient in Syria since 4 years, has wondered why the Western media had not woken up when the Turkish regime occupied Afrin and Jarablus areas in the north of Syria and when it supported terrorist groups against the Syrian state?

He told the Syria Times: “Why do the western countries stand by the separatist Kurdish militias in Syria? These militias, mainly PKK and YPG, have been internationally designated as terrorist groups. i.e. why does the West support the Kurds when it puts them on the international terrorist list?