President Assad a guarantor for the existence of Syria


A top Syrian official said on Wednesday that the opposition has to let go of its “dream” for a transitional government, saying that such a thing amounts to a coup d’etat and “will never be accepted.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said most of the world with the exception of Saudi Arabia and Turkey — two strong backers of insurgents fighting to topple President Bashar Assad — have all but relinquished calls for the Syrian leader to step down, having realized after five years of war that he was fighting against “terrorists” in the country.

“This will not happen, not now, nor tomorrow nor ever,” he said, in response to the opposition’s calls for Assad’s departure.

Mekdad spoke to The Associated Press in Damascus Wednesday, ahead of the resumption of indirect peace talks in Geneva which the U.N. envoy says will focus on a political transition.

Assad recently floated the idea of a national unity government, rejecting a key opposition demand for a transitional ruling body with full powers which major powers agreed on at a Geneva conference in June 2012. Mekdad echoed the rejection Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia’s Reckless Extremism

THE world will soon celebrate the implementation of the landmark agreement that resolves the unnecessary, albeit dangerous, crisis over Iran’s nuclear program. All parties hoped, and continue to believe, that the resolution of the nuclear issue would enable us to focus on the serious challenge of extremism that is ravaging our region — and the world.

In an opinion article published by the New York Times, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran wrote that President Rouhani has repeatedly declared that Iran’s top foreign policy priority is friendship with our neighbors, peace and stability in the region and global cooperation, especially in the fight against extremism.

Dear President Putin


Dear President Putin,

As members of the global reality-based community, we’d like to extend our appreciation and support for the Russian Federation’s decision to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Syria, its armed forces and its democratically elected leader, President Bashar al-Assad, in their fight against international US-backed terrorists.

The launch of airstrikes directed against ISIL terrorists in Syria comes at a critical time,1 just as did Russia’s pivotal role in preventing a Western military intervention in 2013. As a voice of reason and a force for justice, you have the thanks and support of Syrians, Russians and all people of conscience around the world.

An American in Syria

In 1955 Alcoa was the first big sponsor to drop the Edward R. Murrow Show. Alcoa didn't just make aluminum cans. They made parts for our military fighter jets. Murrow spoke out against the communism fear mongering tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy and eventually more corporations dropped his show. Now those companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, GE, and Honeywell, to name just a few, own the mainstream media TV and papers and decide what "news" we, the American public get to hear. By 1961 we were warned by President Eisenhower about the Military Industrial Complex but not enough of us were paying attention. The truth does eventually get out, however. As I write this piece, recently retired Lt. General Flynn (who also served as chief of the Department Intelligence Agency), admitted that the US has been supporting al-Qaeda with money and weaponry. Isn't that the same group we held responsible for attacking us on 9/11 in the first place?

Has the word "terrorism" simply replaced the word "communism?” Have corporate and government interests finally found a way to keep Americans completely in the dark in order to justify an exponentially increasing defense budget? The numbers indicate that between 20 and 25 cents of every federally taxed dollar goes to the DOD, the largest public employee in the US. Some suggest its double that if you include intelligence spending such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the National Security Agency (NSA), etc. Even the Senate committees aren't really sure what the NSA budget is. The second largest public employee is the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with over 300,000 employees across its 3 branches. Like most Americans I was too busy working and had little reason to doubt the media until I retired at the end of 2011 from my local municipal government job. It was now time to began my own research.

Cancerous Terrorism of Al-Saud!


The CIA groomed up Foreign Minister of the Saudi Monarchy of treason and blasphemy, Adel Jibir, is playing his assigned to role supposedly in a diplomatic way according to the instructions of his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv. When it comes to world politics and diplomacy, Jibir should be the last to speak, because he himself lacks legitimacy but to represent his masters who first introduced him as a spy-translator in the Monarchy Embassy in the USA, before being an agent to many intelligence bodies, including, according to many leaks, the Israeli Mossad and US CIA.

 Jibir's hands are empty and are powerless when it comes to Syria. Apart from the shedding of the innocents' bloods and the destruction of civilization and buildings and infrastructure, they can do nothing against Syria. Bark and bark, but none is afraid and the Syrians after more than 4 years of the fight against Al-Qaeda and Wahabbi affiliated terrorism are more steadfast and immune.

The Syrians in millions be it in Syria or abroad, voted for their leadership and most of them used their blood instead of ink. Can the AIPAC-affiliated Saudi dwarf minister cite but an example for the poor Saudi people's last vote in whatever model of democracy. Poor spy Mr. Jibir, you are either a fool or a fool! Syria builds its relations with like brothers friends on solid and reciprocal bases.