Dialogue, the sole way to resolve crisis in Syria




Despite the hectic attempts made by the US and its regional allies including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to advocate a military solution for  the crisis in Syria through giving an all-out military and financial support to the armed groups, they failed, thanks to the unity of the Syrian people, their high national awareness and the unity of the Syrian Arab Army which has been inflicting heavy losses on the terrorist groups nationwide.

The US has realized that political solution is the only way out of the crisis in Syria. For this reason, some Arab and Western officials have begun to talk about the importance of finding international accord to solve the crisis in Syria through attempts to revive Geneva Statement which was the first step for the needed international accord to achieve a breakthrough in solving the crisis which has been elongated through giving arms and funds to terrorist groups.

It is clear that the new US move was not motivated by preserving Syria’s unity or protecting the Syrians, but because of its economic interests. The Americans today think deeply in other substitutes and options, not in the interest of the Syrian people but due to the severe fiscal crisis that the US is facing nowadays.

Another important factor that forced the US to change its attitude is the firm Russian stance along with many other countries in the world which have imposed a new international climate that started to put an end to the unilateral system which prevailed over the last two decades. From the very beginning, of the crisis, the Russian stand was clear in rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs and helping the Syrians resolve the crisis through a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves.

The US has been the leader of intervention in Syria and the regional powers (Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) are subordinates and mere cheap tools which are not independent and have no opinion or decision.  Their task is to implement the instructions given to them by their masters in the White House in service of the American Zionist project in the region.

However, the US will not abandon its support for the gunmen in Syria even if dialogue has been held as it wants to exploit them to put pressure on the dialogue table as well as it will not abandon protecting the regional powers which arm the terrorist groups in Syria. So, the US is trading in the Syrian blood to serve its own interests.

The objective climate to reach a political solution to the crisis has matured and all sides should sit to the dialogue table to discuss means of reaching compromises and solutions that serve the national higher interests and halt bloodshed.

Since the onset of the crisis, the Syrian government has called for conducting a comprehensive dialogue to resolve the crisis away from foreign diktat and violence. The rejection of violence and foreign interference  in Syria’s internal affairs are not preconditions for dialogue, but they are public principles for this dialogue, and what will be agreed upon at the end through dialogue will be subjected to the judgment of the Syrian people who will decide what they need through the ballot boxes. Those who are blocking dialogue and political solution to the crisis in Syria are responsible for the suffering of the Syrian people and the bloodshed in Syria.

The Syrian people want Syria out of the crisis and here comes the importance of a national unity government and transitional solutions that can make positive changes in a way that restores security and stability to the country and rebuilds the infrastructure which was subjected to sabotage acts and destruction by terrorists.

The Syrian people will never be defeated and will come out victorious, thanks to the steadfastness of the will of all loyal people and their challenge of the enemies and conspiracies.





Syria Has Been, Ever to Be Free and Master




H.. President Bashar Al-Assad has been decisive and determined as ever, the Syrians, united with the Syrian Arab Army heroes, are to pursue the fierce fight and war against terrorism, which is a fundamental deciding factor for the success of political solution and dialogue. The Syrians  will not be terrified by terrorists'  bullets,  because we are the owners of the right and God the Almighty  is always with the right. The terrorists have been perpetrating every heinous act against the Syrians, including  their killing of innocent civilians, assassinations of  the professionals and the minds, attacks against  the infrastructure, the deprivation of children  from their schools, destruction of electricity grids and silos, and  theft of flour and wheat.

Syria is but for all Syrians who defend it against the ongoing attacks  targeting  the entire homeland. The ongoing is never a fight  for a post or an authority, but is a conflict between the homeland and its enemies. It is a conflict between the Syrian people  and the criminal killers and between security  and  insecurity caused by the Takfiri terrorist who seek  revenge from the Syrians , who aren't familiar with the Takfiri mentality , thinking and murder, slaughter and amputation. ''Most of those whom we are confronting now are the terrorists who have al-Qaeda mentality. Western powers transferred them into Syria, so as to get rid of the terrorists and weaken Syria,"

President Al-Assad was crystal  clear and direct in calling on the neighbors, and regional countries to  end their sinister bids aiming at dismembering and weakening Syria, to refrain from harboring, training, financing and arming the exported terrorist. The Syrians are unbreakable, would vanquish and emerge even more solid and stronger than before the ongoing crisis. H.E. President Al-Assad, to the standing ovation and repeated applauses of the majority, reiterated that the Syrians, who sacrificed a lot in defense of the homeland, are never to forget the pain and suffering inflicted upon them by the foreigners.

Syria, the unbreakable country of steadfastness and challenge, does accept advice and never accepts dictations. It is the interest of the Syrian people  and  desire  which is second to none . "Syria is above all . Nationalism and dignity run in our veins . We are to defend and protect every grain of our soil, and our armed forces are but, an embodiment of the Syrian citizen 's steadfastness." President Al-Assad  outlined. The Syrian President of every genuine and real human being asserted that posts never last, but the homeland is ever to remain , and  the Golan is but for Syria and Palestine is our cause. The ongoing crisis didn't shake our strong believe in  and commitment to our inalienable rights.

Syria has been  and will ever be  free and the master, accepting no  custodianship, nor surrender to the west, which isn't the whole world. There are other countries like those of the BRICS, Russia, China and Iran which reject interference in other countries' affairs, which indeed deserve thanks , gratitude and appreciation.

Revolution is to construct, advance and build, opposition is but to build  and advance  the homeland  and not to destroy it. The Syrians are in a state of war imposed upon them by the foreigners, colonialists, and Takfiri terrorists; and the Syrians have no option but to stand against and confront  the imposed fiercest foreign aggression, and in parallel  with necessary reforms. To defend Syria is but the religious, constitutional  and legal duty. And the political solution, with the partners in a national political project  and not with gangs  dictated by foreign powers,  never means that we do not have to defend ourselves. The  dialogue should not be with  an extremist thinking  which only believes in the language of blood , killing and terrorism ; hence the Syrians dialogue but with the master, and never with the slaves.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




The Millions' Hope




President Bashar Al-Assad's represents but the hope for the millions among the majority, whose eyes, minds, hearts and every human sense of them  have been following for about an hour every letter of his historic and remarkable speech. His Excellency, President Al-Assad is the hope, the only salvation, resort and preservation. He is the salvation from the surrounding threats, fear and chaos, and preservation and protection from the sinister schemes and plots hatched. It is with and through him the transfer from  instability to stability , through constitutional means , in full abidance to the Syrian sovereignty  and the decision of the Syrian people.

The majority does fell in him and in his words a family member; his emotions, gazes, pride, and steadfastness make all of us proud, filled with hope, optimism, aspirations and better tomorrow. H.E. President Al-Assad spoke on behalf of every Syrian; our sadness, sorrow, happiness, agonies, and difficulties were translated; our pride, victory, steadfastness and unity with the defenders of Syria were echoed. The thrilling voices of the millions of Syrians were thundering to the tune of H.E. President Al-Assad's  words of honor, hope, challenge and soon to come victory.

The majority's message of dialogue with the worthy, needy and deserved was reiterated by His Excellency President Al-Assad:  " We will dialogue and extend our hands always and ever  to dialogue," and in his well-known civilized way of scientific logic, President Al-Assad underlined the only pure Syrian formula out from the ongoing crisis: commitment by the concerned countries to halt the financing, arming and sheltering of the armed men, and then military operations are to be halted , reserving the right to respond , the finding of a mechanism to assert the commitment of all to this, especially the border control, and then the convening of the national conference for dialogue  with the participation of all forces which desire participation from inside the country and from outside.

" The second phase includes the comprehensive national dialogue with a commitment to the sovereignty of Syria , halting terrorism and violence  and commitment to the unity and integrity of Syria;  this dialogue would present the constitutional system, issues and agreement on new laws for elections, which are to be put for popular referendum. An expanded government  is to be assigned the role of implementing  the said articles, the constitution is to be put  to a popular referendum  and then  new parliamentary elections are to be held , in case an agreement on laws and constitution was achieved," outlined President Al-Assad, whose repeated calls, words, deeds and tireless work for dialogue and solution have been concretely felt.

The Syrian citizens, the center and focus  of President Al-Assad's attention, care  and responsibility, are to be the deciding factor in deciding and reshaping the future; their  votes in popular referendums are the cornerstone. It is a crisis in Syria for Syrians, though of its foreign and international causes and sources, and the Syrians themselves have to sort it out in a peaceful, civilized way, away from foreign meddling, foreign-backed terrorists and agendas. A pure Syrian Government is to be formed, tailored to the needs and seize of every Syrian, along with the convening of a national conference for reconciliation, general amnesty and along with the working on reconstruction ,rehabilitation of the  infrastructure  and reparation for the damaged .


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Syria Only Leadership with Capacity and Commitment to Stand on its Own as Arab Nation to Keep Arab Dignity Intact: Prof. Bhim Singh


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria is the only leadership at present which  has capacity and commitment to stand on its own as Arab Nation to keep Arab dignity intact. That is the reason that Anglo American bloc is  using NATO via Turkey and Golan Heights of Syria to destabilize Syria, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council

In an exclusive electronic questionnaire by The Syria Times Editor-Chief, Prof. Singh added that Syrian President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad is elected  Chief Executive with a popular mandate with a Parliament having a lawful democratic Govt. unlike many Arab Countries which are governed by the  Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms, sultanates which have not yet a word like democracy in their dictionaries yet they are most favorite nations of the Anglo-American bloc because they  have accepted the US as their masters, Let Us first start democracy from  those Arab countries.

About the situation in Syria, Prof. Singh said that as witnessed during my visit to Syria, 18-25 April 2012, my visit was quite normal with some disturbances here and there. Now the western media report are being exaggerated and blown out of proportion as we all know that the US media, 75% of it is controlled by the Zionist Lobby. The Zionist with the help and money of the Anglo American bloc have been supporting Israel  to realize its threatening expansionist designs right since 1947 when Israel  was created by an illegal resolution, 181, of the UN .

"There is the role of the NAM countries with an active participation of India, Iran and other countries to trash Zionist media aggression against Syria. They with the support of NATO, US UK, France played dangerous role in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Sudan and establish the US hegemony to grab Arab wealth, its oils, its waters, its strategic lands of Prophets." added Prof. Singh.

"UN resolution on Israel have not been implemented in half  century by the UN whereas  illegal resolutions against Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya etc were enforced  in utter defiance of the UN Charter." Prof. Singh pointed out.

The Chief Patron of National Panthers Party  hailed the role played by Russia and China being permanent Members of the SC as  "laudable", saying " Mr. Putin’s air-dash to Istanbul and New Delhi gave a strong and desirable message to the Anglo-American hawks. How can they justify support to the terrorists in Syria, when they condemn terrorism elsewhere? Double standards of the Bloc and cannot be accepted by civilized nations. They enforced resolution of UN within days against Iraq whereas Resolutions 242,338 and dozen of them against Israel have been lying in their dustbins for 5 years."

"NAM countries should come forward, the Arab League should not submit to the dictates of NATO & US. Arab should learn from their past history of Balfour Declaration, partition of Palestine, Western betrayal of Nasir, Yasir and their shameful past acts against the Arab dignity. US ugly designs in Syria must be shut by the Arab Leaders." concluded Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Every New Day Can Be a New Start

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change. As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those close to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

And now as I near the end of life’s road, I suddenly realized: if I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country and, who knows, I may have even changed the world.

We suffered a lot last year,  let us begin this year with optimistic thoughts. Each event in person’s life,  each thought each decision, each bit of love and each interaction with someone else is like a thread in a tapestry.

Day after day, dark threads and bright threads are woven together, often, it seems, without rhyme or reason, but in the end they form a picture. When looking at the tapestry once finished, it’s beautiful, all the good things, the happiness and fulfillment, the love that was given and received, the lives that were better because of kind deeds, these are bright threads, the dark threads are the difficulties and disappointments, the trials and the tears. These are also necessary because they make the bright threads look all the brighter and help give the tapestry it’s rich, warm glow.

Wherever we are in life or business is a result of choices we’ve made. While there are outside forces that create setbacks, it is still our choice as how we will respond to those incidents that determine whether we move forward or fall behind.

I always ask myself: what am I doing well? Where am I off track? What correction should I make? What am I waiting for?

This year I decided to follow two choices:

The choice to give: Giving of my time, expertise, resources, or even a smile or praise,  “ praise to people what water is to flowers, pour it on and watch them grow”, without expecting anything in return I think it is an unselfish choice. Syria needs us to rebuild it again, it needs more givers. Amazingly enough, when we focus more on the wants and needs of others, more of our wants and needs are met. When we choose to hoard what we have rather than give, we become the center of our lonely universe. As a result, we repel both people and potential blessing,  “ A merry heart does good like a medicine” .

And the choice to connect with a higher power: Living a spiritual life adds a wonderful dimension to each day. It gives hope where others see defeat, energy when others are exhausted, wisdom when others are confused, and courage when others are fearful. Living without spiritual connectivity leaves us feeling empty and as if lacks a greater purpose,   Living with it the better route to take.

Every new day can be a new start. No matter what has happened up till now, we have a chance to make the right decisions today .We can’t change the past, but the future is what we make , starting right now, so let’s take full advantage of the present.

Let’s learn from the past mistakes and put them behind us today. Let’s forgive those who have wronged us and ask forgiveness from those we have wronged. That probably won’t  be easy, but let’s not put it off, let’s do it today.

Let’s dream new dreams in this new year, and set new goals, Let’s spend our time on things that truly count  this year, love our family, be a friend to everyone, do things better ,starting today.

At last I say : Happy new year to everyone in Syria, and in the whole world. I ask God that I may bring no tear to any eye, but wipe the tear of everyone.


Butheina  Alnounou

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