Jerusalem: the bells of return shall ring

Today is Al-Quds Day, an international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people that is held annually on the last Friday of Ramadan.

Al Quds – Jerusalem is the city of martyrs; the occupied city. A city painted with a deep shade of Israeli occupation crimes. A city occupied far longer than I have walked this earth.

I warmly invite the world to rediscover and embrace the Palestinian culture of Life following the flowering footsteps of the Prophets of this Holy Land, Palestine, the Arabs have forgotten Al-Quds, why?????? Arabs forgot to fight for Jerusalem, and the Arabs are fighting each other!!!

What a bizarre configuration imposed upon Palestinians; they are called racist for fighting racism, they are called anti-Semites while being Semitic to the core, they are obliged to defend the rights of their persecutors before their own,  they are supposed to care more for the feelings of those who perpetrated genocides against them for over six decades before they care about their liberation, and they are demanded to fall in love with the “humanity” of their occupiers and express that love in no uncertain terms otherwise their own humanity is in doubt and would be put on trial.

This city, I have never seen. Its air, I have never breathed. Its roads, I have never trodden, but my only dream in life is to go there, after it is liberated, the city of prayer:

Jerusalem, Flower of Cities
Sung by Fairuz

For you, city of prayer, I pray.
For you, brightest of homes, flower of cities
Jerusalem, city of prayer, I pray.

Our eyes travel to you every day
wandering towards
the places of worship
embracing the old churches
and wiping away the sadness
from the mosques.

Night of glory, path of those
who passed to the sky
our eyes travel to you every day
and I pray…

The child in the manger
and his mother Maryam
two faces, crying, crying…
for those who have been outcast
for children without homes
for those who have fought
and died in doorways.

And peace has died, in the land of peace
and justice has fallen
justice has fallen
justice has fallen, like ash.

When the city of Jerusalem fell, love retreated,
and in the heart of the world, war lived.
the child in the manger
and his mother Maryam
two faces crying
and I pray…

The blinding anger is coming
and I am all belief
the blinding anger is coming
and I shall pass through sadness

From every direction coming,
with the steeds of night coming,
like the face of God, All-seeing
Coming, coming, coming..

The doors of our city will not be locked
for I am going to pray
and I will knock on the doors
and I will open these doors
and you will wash
O river of Jordan
my face, with holy waters
and you will erase
O river of Jordan
The tracks of the soldiers boots.

From every direction, coming,
with the steeds of night, coming,
like the face of God, all-seeing
coming, coming, coming
To defeat the face of power.

This home is ours
and Jerusalem is ours
and with our hands we will return
the brightness of Jerusalem
with our hands,

For Jerusalem, peace
for Jerusalem, peace
for Jerusalem, peace

"A sword shall be drawn; and horns shall be blown; and the bells of return shall ring: now, now - not tomorrow."

Butheina Al-Nounou

Army putting lives on the line every day

Two days ago, I was in a hospital, where my husband was doing physical checkup, we were told that he must sleep in the hospital for two days. I took the opportunity to speak to the nurses, doctors, visitors and even the patients. I asked them two questions: one, after two years of foreign-backed attacks, mostly from religious fanatics, how would secular Syria have survived without its national army? and two, what legitimate function does any army have, if not to defend a nation from foreign-backed attempts to violently dismantle the state and constitution or, alternatively, to partition the country?

They all answered nearly the same, the Syrian Arab Army has been vilified by those very same regimes that arm the foreign jihadis and the local sectarians.Yet despite the relentless attacks, this army has held together and is showing strong signs of resuming control of our country in service of a secular and socially inclusive state. One of the patients said" If you live our army's value, it means you live up to a higher standard. our army has loyalty, duty, respect, honor, integrity, and personal Courage. But how often do you see someone actually live up to these traits? Soldiers learn these values, and they live them every day in everything they do — whether they’re on the job or off ".

 If that is not legitimate so what??????even the five years child, began chanting "long live our army"

One of the doctors said:

"Criticizing the Syrian Arab Army  is coming from those western countries whose armies spend much of their time invading and occupying several of foreign countries.

 Throughout the years, the Syrian Army embodied the values of national unity and reflected the diversity of the Syrian society, embracing the heroic principle of martyrdom and making it an integral part of the Syrian soldier's mentality.

Syria's secular tradition is nowhere stronger than it is in the Syrian Arab Army, with half a million members, half regulars and half conscripts.The army compasses all the country's communities. However, they identify as 'Syrian' and 'Arab' confronting a sectarian enemy that brands itself 'real Muslim( Al-Qaeda)".

A young nurse said " Hundreds of thousands of young Syrians put their lives on the line every day to defend a nation that gives them identity, education, and a range of shared institutions. The Syrian army deserves respect, love, and gratitude ".

A woman wept when I asked her, she said: I have a son in the Army, I want to make sure my son knows how proud I am. No matter what, if he comes alive or not, he always wanted to die, and become a martyr, for the sake of his country,  but  I will be waiting for my son and his friends to come home. We miss him so much. I am constantly praying for his safety" she couldn't say anything more.

At  last, On the 68th anniversary of our Syrian Arab Army, I say:

All of our prayers go to you. With God's sake you will win both the battle as well as the war.

Brave Syrian Arab Army you are making golden pages of history and demonstrating to the world, how defending dignity and motherland should be done. You have tremendous Support from all the Syrians. Cleanse the country from thugs and bandits.

God bless the heroic valiant soldiers of the splendid Syrian Arab Army. 

Long live our soldiers, and mercy to our martyrs. 

Butheina Al-Nounou

Syrian Army 's 68Th Anniversary

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian army, once again, is waging today the battle against terrorism, embodying principles and values it carries since its foundation in 1945 to defend the homeland and preserve its dignity against schemes that seek to undermine the Syrian state and her national sovereign decision. 

The current global conspiracy against Syria proved the ability of the Syrian army to thwart all plots and conspiracies that targeted its cohesion and discipline through misleading media campaigns for which billions of US dollars were allotted in desperate attempts to tarnish the image of the Syrian fighter who made the victories of 1973 and broke the myth of the invincible Zionist army.

All facts confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army represented over the years militant struggle to ensure national unity to protect and defend the law against internal and external threats. 

Since its creation nearly 68 years ago, the Syrian army devoted itself to a national scientific concept materialized in honorable fights especially the battle in defense of Palestine in 1948, preserving Lebanon 's unity and independence in 1976 and participated in the battles of honor against the Zionist enemy in Lebanon, also in 1982.

The Syrian Arab Army chose to develop its combat potentials and managed through the consolidation and development of cooperation with anti-west friendly countries armies to get supplied with various kinds of sophisticated and advanced weapons , despite ongoing attempts to prevent Syria from arms supplies and fear of some countries of upsetting the military balance against the interests of Israel. 

Moreover, the army centered its focus on building the man and maintain his mental , physical and ideological rehabilitation through continued development of military training and educational curricula . 

Today, heroes of the Syrian army continue the same approach in defense of the homeland and to prevent hired terrorists to achieve their cheap goals and uproot mercenaries who seek to undermine Syria 's security and stability .

Equipped with high readiness and preparedness, the Syrian army is able to successfully carry out combat missions assigned to them to thwart and crush all hostile acts.

However, analysts confirm that one who tries to or seeks to undermine Syria steadfastness and national sovereignty and destabilize its security must recall the role played by heroes of the Syrian Arab army over the years in defending the just Arab causes and support of resistance forces in the region ,and should also know that the army heroes are not deterred by threats , because they took up their lives on their palms and chose martyrdom as a path to achieve victory .


T. Fateh

The main beneficiary of the so-called Arab Spring

As the so-called Arab spring was a sinister project planned by the US and its regional and Western allies with the aim of weakening the Arab states and creating chaos there, it is natural for Israel to be the main beneficiary of such colonial project to press ahead with its racist and aggressive policies against Arab people.

Capitalizing on the world’s concentration on the so-called Arab Spring, Israel has taken several racist and anti-peace measures that perpetuate its occupation of the Arab territories.

In his speech to the joint session of the U.S. Congress on May 24, 2011, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu spoke about the “Arab Spring” positively, as if he stood shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the rioters describing the “Arab Spring” as an historic moment holding the promise of a new dawn. Such a statement reflects Netanyahu’s support for this evil project because it is a golden opportunity for Israel to benefit from the chaos prevailing in the Arab region to implement its anti-peace and racist policies.

Illegal settlement activities, which run contrary to all international norms and blatantly violate the UN charter, were on the top of the occupation government’s priorities during the past two years with the aim of changing the demographic and geographic status of the occupied territories and wipe out their genuine Arab identity.

An Israeli planning committee has advanced a plan to build 69 housing units in East Jerusalem settlement of Har Homa. The occupation Jerusalem municipality claimed that the construction project, which was built more than a decade ago and now houses 12,000 Israelis, was not new and had already passed earlier planning stages.

This move was as a message to US Secretary of State John Kerry, who said that he was trying to revive long-stalled Middle East peace negotiations. But Resumption of negotiation requires a cessation of all settlement activities and racist practices.

 Patrick Ventrell, the acting deputy spokesperson for US State Department, declined to answer a question about the new settlements which indicates the US approval of such a plan.

Most recently, the occupation government adopted the racist Prawer-Begin plan that would lead to the confiscation of 800,000 dunums of land and forced displacement of 40,000 Palestinians in Negev, in addition to the destruction of 36 villages. About 850,000 dunums of Negev lands will be confiscated and thousands of Palestinian families will be displaced.

This racist plan to build settlements comes in the context of Israel going too far in the process of ethnic cleansing against our Palestinian Arab people and land confiscation and displacement of Palestinian residents. The sinister plan is part of the racist ethnic cleansing policies that Israel has practiced against the Palestinians in occupied Palestine since 1948 with the aim of Judaizing the land and putting an end to what is left of Palestine Cause with its historical, geographic, demographic and heritage dimensions.

The Prawer-Begin plan is a dangerous project constituting a flagrant violation of the international law and its principles, particularly those related to human rights.

The international community should move immediately to stop this plan and deter the occupation forces and hold them accountable for their unilateral and unashamed violations of the international law.

If it is to prove a sign of credibility, the international community should stop turning a blind eye and a deaf ear and bring the racist Zionist measures to a halt as they pose a threat to the security and stability in the region. 


EU decision written with an American hand in Zionist ink

The axis of resistance has been one of the main targets of the so-called Arab Spring project masterminded by the US and its European and regional allies. Under the guise of fake democracy and human rights, the US and its allies have been working tirelessly to put an end to resistance against Israeli occupation, especially after the humiliating defeat of Israel in 2006 at the hands of the valiant heroes of the Lebanese national resistance who foiled the US plans to impose the project of the New Middle East proposed by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The EU Foreign Ministers recently put the military wing of Hezbollah Party at the so-called the 'Terrorist Organizations List' in compliance to the Israeli-American pressures for punishing the Lebanese resistance for its firm stances in confronting Israeli occupation and foiling the Western projects in the region, which aim among other things, to end resistance to Israeli occupation and fragment the Arab region in a way that achieves American Zionist interests.

The EU move is a politicized decision, as it is associated with one notion, which is the resistance. There are many regional, Arab, international and even Lebanese hands that push for taking this decision which came in response to the U.S. and Israeli demands against the movement of resistance in Lebanon and the rest of the Arab states.

This decision, which encourages aggression and occupation, won't affect the spirit of the Resistance led by Hezbollah to liberate the occupied part of South Lebanon from the Israeli occupation. It targets the present and future of the Arab nation and the resistant fabric in it and serves the Western and Israeli plots in the region.

The decision is aggressive and unfair, and it was not based on any justifications or evidence. It is a mere capitulation to United States and Zionist pressures.  It appears that the decision was written with an American hand in Zionist ink.

The EU’s unfair step does not in any way echo the interests of the EU people and goes against the principles and values of the European people who are supportive of freedom and independence.

It is an uncalculated and tendentious step that will change nothing of the reality of Hezbollah and its resisting role in Lebanon in the face of the Zionist entity. The Lebanese popular resistance, first and foremost Hezbollah, was and still is, respected by the peoples all over Islamic world.

The EU decision would not help in establishing security and peace in the Middle East region but would rather increase and complicate crises there.

It is a new attempt to put an end to resistance of Israeli occupation. It is an Israeli decision in form and content and it serves the Israeli interests. But the resistance which confronted the strongest regional army for 33 days in 2006 and inflicted heavy losses upon it cannot be subdued by such trivial decision. 

The development of events has proved that the spirit of resistance is growing among the Arab people who realized that the so-called Arab spring was a global conspiracy that aims to subjugate Arab people and make Israel control the Arab homeland politically and economically.