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The Syria Times, a Year On

 The enemy bids to compel the Syrians to surrender through their virtual war by media and internet have been indeed doomed to failure. It isn't because the Syria times, but because of all Syrian media means and the voices of reason and truth regionally as well as internationally. The men of conscience, justice and right are still alive in the global village of today. Minister of Information, Omrn al-Zoubi, re-launched last year on October the 6th the Syrian Times.

On the importance of re-launching the "Syria Times" e-newspaper, Minister al-Zou'bi said then: "We are in need for new tools to communicate with English-speaking communities, as to address the people of these communities and present our views and causes the way they understand, and not the way we want to," asserting that the launching of this e-newspaper is not a kind of political or media luxury, but is an urgent need to communicate and interact with the other in complete transparency, accuracy and credibility.

Actually, the main task of an e-newspaper isn't only to convey objectively and transparently information, as much as it is to interact with readers. The ongoing crisis in Syria, which has left its imprints on the contents of this e-newspaper, has been covered by the Syria Times transparently and objectively and with a simple and straight to the point language. Further, the Syria Times is indeed honored to have the only available on line rich heritage of speeches and interviews made by the Late President Hafez Al-Assad. We do take pride in starting to translate this archive into English, not to mention of course all the speeches and words of President Bashar Al-Assad.

What has distinguished our newspaper, though according to some unknown e-newspaper-better unknown than known for fabrications and lies- is the big number of readership clicks, exceeding million and a half click, and the messages of support, appreciation and solidarity with Syria's political leadership as well as with its war against the takfiri, wahabi and al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

On the first anniversary of the re-launching of the Syria Times, I am honored to publish some samples of the interactive messages received from our readers.

''The people of Syria suffer and fight for all people of this world who are against barbarism and for humanity. I admire their courage, bravery and steadfastness. The day will come for us in Germany, where we also have to start the U.S. Zionist beast to drive with all their puppets from our home. If we succeed, I wish us a president who loves his people and his country as President Bashar al-Assad loves his people and his homeland. We still have to endure purchased stooge of the U.S. Zionist criminal regime. Thanks to the people of Syria, the Syrian Arab army and President Bashar al-Assad. You are a bright light in the darkened world of crime. Klaus, Germany.

''I would just like to say how appalled and saddened the war against the Syrian people make me.  This is all part of the plan by the Illuminati to further their New World Order agenda. Not only are they destroying all Nation States but are successfully getting Muslims and Christians to eliminate one another. They want the entire world for themselves and a depopulated and enslaved humanity.  How else can one explain the UK and France's behavior.'' Joy Breeze.

''I lived in Syria, I was so happy respected and feel gutted to see you all suffering .I read the syriatimes most days if I had the money and power I would protect you all God be with you in your time of immense suffering I am an Australian I felt so privileged to have lived in Syria I feel as if I'm dying inside so helpless but I will come back to help you in the name of God.'' Michelle al obaidi, Australia.

''I really hope the Syrian Arab Army will win this war against terrorism and foreign wahabbi mercenaries! Every nation should know that Syria is the last Stronghold against the globalist new world order. I commemorate on all syrian citizens and soldiers who martyred in the war. Rest in peace all syrian victims of war, comrades and citizens! Your souls are with the mighty God! Long Live Syria! God Bless Syria!'' Naukratisz

''I wish that the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab army very soon annihilates the terrorists in order to be able to live in peace. Long live Syria, the Syrian army and President Bashar al-Assad. Many hearts beat in Germany for Syria.'' Klaus, Germany.

''I congratulate the people of Syria and the Syrian Arab Army to their success in al-Qseir. I hope that they can liberate the whole of Syria from the rat infestation soon. I grieve with you to the soldiers and people who gave their lives for the liberation. I am quite sure that many people think and feel as well as in Germany. Germany is not Westerwelle country and not Merkel country. The Turkish people demonstrate just that Turkey is not Erdogan country. Long live the people of Syria, the Syrian Arab army and President Bashar al-Assad'' Klaus, Germany.

''I love Syria and it's people and admire president Al-Assad. I would like to subscribe to Syria Times and send a small donation. Who do I send a donation to your news media. All the best.''  Raymond Wilson.

''hi, I've traveled in 8years ago, Your country is so beautiful and have good people. we interest in Syria & its people & its president he is so nice & renitent. Congratulations to you on your or the noble culture that you have. Best Regards, M hy,a physician from Iran.

''Hello, my name is Chris McStoots. I wanted to let Bashar al-Assad and the rest of Syria know that most American citizens have no desire to bomb Syria or to try to help the terrorists that are attacking your country. I have no idea why our president, and several congressmen think helping Al-Queda and the Taliban by attacking you is a good thing for America. When it comes right down to it, I believe they have ulterior motives behind their decision. I support Bashar al-Assad and the rest of Syria's citizens in this time of troubles for your country.'' Chris McStoots, USA.

'' I was pleased to see Pres. Al Assad on CBS in an interview with Charlie Rose. This was a good move to answer questions but now he has to attack the real reason why America (Obama) wants to bomb Syria. If he would  say that the real reason America wants to attack Syria is because Obama is trying to destabilize the oil producing region of the world in hopes that it will drive up the price of oil in order for American oil companies to reap obscene profits then this message would be easily believed by the American public. Also that an attack/war on Syria is a war to make a few corporations richer while innocent people die for the sake of profit. (Ameicans hate the thought that they are in a war to make rich people richer while they struggle to pay their bills.'' QUIGLEY, USA.

''There are many Americans who are opposed to our president striking Syria! We need to stay out of their country's affairs. There are people in our country who need help and we are not getting it because of the foolish expenditure of our money going into needless wars. Please do not hold all of the US accountable for the fool we have of a president!'' Barbara Pellicane, USA.

''Please, I beg you, as President of Syria, please stand up for your citizens and OUST Al-Qaeda and the Rebels. Your people are suffering greatly. Many have died and more will continue to die. The American People do NOT want to engage in your Civil War. We do NOT want any People to suffer....We don't have the answers to Syrian issues. America should STAY OUT. I am praying for ALL of the People. My heart aches for Syria.''  Karen, USA.

''I want express you and to the Syrian people my solidarity. I also want to give all  my moral support to the army and the Syrian people in his fight  in defense of civilitzation. All people who visited Syria in the past keep the best memories of your country. Regards from Spain.'' felip fenech, Spain.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim





Halting criminal massacres by takfiri groups, pre-condition for success of Geneva 2

It seems that the international community has become convinced of the presence of al-Qaeda-linked terrorism in Syria.  But the Commission of Inquiry on Syria is still deliberately blowing things out of proportion when displaying its findings, also fully disregarding or downplaying core issues. Despite the fact that the recent report of the Special Inquiry on Syria admitted the existence of terrorist groups but it did not refer to the states supporting these groups. The Commission has stressed in its reports that a number of states had offered media and financial support to the armed terrorist groups as well as a number of operations have been done to smuggle weapons through borders. But the commission ignored naming the regimes of those states which sponsor the smuggling of weapons, particularly the Turkish regime who opened its borders to enter the weapons and mercenaries into Syria.

  It also avoided detailed description of the atrocious crimes and savage massacres committed by these groups against Syrian people and their properties. There are blood-curdling scenes that flagrantly contravene the Syrians' dignity and human rights regarding the crimes of the armed terrorist groups, ranging from eating human flesh, cutting throats, mutilating bodies, beheadings on sectarian and confessional grounds, throwing bodies from rooftops to committing hundreds of suicide bombings using car bombs in densely-populated areas, recruiting children, abducting and slaughtering clergymen, assassinating scholars in mosques, issuing instigative fatwas on 'sexual jihad' and raping women, killing children on the charges of infidelity, robbing hundreds factories in Aleppo and Idleb  and transporting them to Turkey.

How could the international community allow the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes to sponsor fundamentalist terrorism publicly? And how could Western governments which had suffered from terrorism accept to sponsor and support that terrorism? They are fighting these groups on their lands and offer them unlimited support to kill innocent Syrian people and destroy Syria’s infrastructure. Over the past two years, many European officials warned against the return of terrorists to their homelands in Europe.

Saudi Arabia is one of the main states that have been funding terrorist acts in Syria. From the very beginning of the crisis, Prince Saud al-Faysal, the foreign minister of Al-Saud considered arming terrorist groups as a religious duty. One of Saudi Arabia's latest “feats” was the purchase of Israeli arms estimated at USD 50 millions to be shipped to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. Prince Bandar Bin Sultan was appointed as responsible for funding and training the armed terrorist groups and exporting them to Syria.

When an agreement was announced between the Syrian government and the United Nations to investigate into the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal, the armed terrorist groups entered Khan al-Assal and committed a horrible massacre against civilians and soldiers there to eliminate the witnesses who could have testified against the ones who used chemical weapons there.

Some Arab and regional countries, particularly the Gulf States, are manipulating terrorism on the pretext of helping the Syrian people, but such steps will reflect on them and they will pay for their manipulations just as the US paid in Afghanistan.

If they are truthful and honest in their keenness on helping Syrian people, the first thing they have to do is to stop their “generous” support to the armed terrorist groups and contribute to the peaceful settlement of the crisis through encouraging the convening of the Geneva 2 conference.


Inter-Syrian dialogue without preconditions, sole way to end crisis

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, Syria asserted that a Syria-led, comprehensive national dialogue without preconditions is the main way to overcome the crisis. It affirmed readiness to conduct dialogue with all national people, inside and outside Syria, who believe that the solution to the crisis is a national solution far from any foreign interference or violation of the national sovereignty.

Syria has announced readiness to participate in the international conference scheduled in Geneva and to hold dialogue with all the political powers which believe in a peaceful political solution based on a democratic track. Syria's support for any political effort that guarantees exit from the crisis as soon as possible and guarantees the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria is crystal clear from the very beginning of the crisis. But the so-called opposition is still procrastinating and putting preconditions.  It is also pre-occupied in seeking for more weapons and tools of killing and destruction to press ahead with atrocities and sabotage acts against Syrians and their public and private properties.

The political track requires from the sides that openly support, fund, train and arm terrorist groups in Syria, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, to refrain from doing so. Saudi Arabia stance towards the crisis in Syria is destructive as it has been offering funds and weapons to the armed terrorist groups over the past two years. Most recently, Saudi Foreign Minister announced at the UN General Assembly that his country will continue its military, political and economic support to the armed terrorist groups. Those who claim commitment to the interests of the Syrian people must work hard to stop flow of weapons and terrorists into Syria.

Syria is working seriously to resolve the crisis in political and diplomatic ways as soon as possible. But the Syrian people reject terrorism and discard violence and extremism. They are resolved more than ever before to realizing victory and reasserting security and stability to the country.

The so-called /Doha Coalition/ has no genuine will, no real construction and it suffers fragmentation. Scores of armed groups announced that they do not recognize it, therefore we should ask who does this coalition represent?!

The Syrian government and army will continue performing their national and constitutional duties in protecting the Syrian people from the global terrorism. The steadfastness of the Syrian people and army in defending the homeland against the foreign aggression launched against it for two years and a half has a big influence on the Western public opinion which becomes aware that the Syrian people are fighting in defense of their homeland and cultural values.


Terrorists' failure to Sow Sedition

With the arrival of the Syrian so-called  '' revolution '' in 2011 and the start of terrorists flow into Syria. The armed terrorist groups have tried to disseminate sedition among Syria's different components. The terrorists targeted all of Syria, particularly the minorities, including the Christians, the alawites,  the Druze , and the Ismailies and secular Sunnis.  The Syrian ''revolution '' from the beginning  failed to offer assurances to these minorities . Sitting in European capitals , the opposition offered the minorities honeyed words but on the ground , the picture was completely different .Minorities were targeted. The Druze in Jaramanah ,the Christians in Ma’loula and the Alawites in their coastal region, and every open-minded Syrian, who doesn't believe in their blasphemy.

In August the Alawites were attacked in the places they had considered as the safest-their mountainous villages! It was as if all their nightmares had returned. The younger generations were able to identify the truth of what happened to their ancestors for they saw a repeat of it themselves. Their villages were raided, their houses burned, their men killed and their women raped before  the Syrian hero  Army arrived and the villages were liberated from the armed terrorist groups.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights-apparently Observatory for only some Syrians and not all- hardly dwelled on what had happened and what was even more surprising was that the media in Syria didn’t give these massacres their due. It was as if they were too ashamed to talk of what they had thought would never happen again. No serious attempt was made to publicize these massacres and they were hardly mentioned in Western media. No official complaint was made against the “Syrian National Coalition” which harbors these armed groups and no request for an official investigation was made either . It was Ethnic cleansing carried out with the blessing of the West and the funding of Gulf countries and Saudi!

Nevertheless, the Syrians today are standing like one person in the face of the Takfiri terrorist groups, which failed to sow sedition among the members of the one Syrian family. The Syrians are but Syrians and consider themselves as all targeted by the cancerous cannibals, backed and mushroomed by more than 80 countries worldwide.


Reem Haddad

It’s time to make the ME free from WMD

Israel is the only outlawed entity in the world which still rejects to join the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It has been stockpiling chemical and nuclear weapons since the 1950s with the help of the US, France and other Western states. The Israeli arsenal of chemical and nuclear weapons has been manufactured over the past decades without any reference to the dangers and threats it causes to the peoples of the region and the world as whole.  If the US and the West really want peace and stability in the Middle East, they basically have to get Israel to turn all its Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) over to an international supervision.

 Syria's decision to place chemical weapons under international supervision has stripped Israel of any excuse to keep its weapons of mass destruction. Dismantling Israel's huge arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons should be a priority if the US and its Western allies are serious in their keenness to establish peace in the Middle East region.  The Zionist entity is still armed to teeth with nuclear and chemical weapons, and the US and the West have to put pressure on Israel to accept to be disarmed and join the NPT. In December 2012, Tel Aviv once again dismissed the latest demand from the members of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to join the accord. 

The main danger of WMD is the Israeli nuclear and chemical arsenal, but nobody is speaking about that. The Syrian chemical weapons are a mere deterrence against the Israeli nuclear arsenal and other WMD which have been used to kill the Arab people and force them out of their indigenous lands. 

A newly released report in a US professional journal confirms that Israel is equipping some of its submarines with nuclear-capable cruise missiles, echoing the 2013 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Yearbook on Armament and International Security, which also implied that Israel may have nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missiles.

Most experts estimate that Israel has at least 200 nuclear warheads, largely based on information leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper in the 1980s by Mordechai Vanunu, a former worker at the Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor. Vanunu has disclosed important information about Israel’s nuclear activities which constitute grave danger to the whole region. The United States is protecting Israel’s nuclear weapons, which is offensive not defensive as Washington and Tel Aviv claim.

In fact, Israel started nuclear activities early in the 1950s with the help of the French, the British and the US, during the Johnson years, allowed them to steal nuclear materials and complete the manufacture of an arsenal of nuclear heads.

Western countries have once again blocked a resolution proposed by Arab states to the UN nuclear agency criticizing Israel’s undeclared nuclear weapons. The draft was put forward by 32 countries during the recent International Atomic Energy Agency's annual General Conference in the Austrian capital, Vienna to criticize Israel's refusal to acknowledge its possession of nuclear weapons.

The Western stand reflects the double standard policy with all issues pertaining to the Arab Israeli conflict and the issue of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

The Middle East will not see peace and stability as long as Israel refuses to put its nuclear weapons under international control.