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Syria is open to cooperate with all in its fight against terrorism, Minister al-Zou'bi

The recently signed agreement between Iran and p5+1 is to make the region change to stability and calm, Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi said.

Interviewed by the Syrian al-akhbaria Satellite TV, Minister al-Zou'bi added that the agreement on Iran's peaceful nuclear program is not to change the Iranian convictions, nor its principles and interests.

''Iran is playing a distinguished role in solving the differences and causes of the region,'' outlined Minister al-Zou'bi, asserting that Iran, an ally and brother, has been standing by Syria and would never leave its allies alone.

''The Iranian discourse is that of dialogue and coordination in the region,'' the minister pointed out, expressing hope that countries in the region, in the Gulf and Turkey would cooperate and reconsider their political discourse and stances.

Minister al-Zou'bi underlined the important role of Iran in fighting terrorism which has schemes not restricted only to the Syrian geography, but extends to countries like, for example, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Lebanon.

Minister al-Zou'bi reiterated that Syria has never, in principle, rejected any regional or international effort as to combat terrorism, asserting that no single country can alone fight Takfiri terrorism on behalf of the entire world.

"Syria is open to meet all in its fighting against terrorism," the minister added, including Saudi Arabia or others if they would refrain from arming, financing and training the terrorists.

Terrorism is to target all with no exceptions and is to target any political system, Minister al-Zou'bi underscored calling for a unanimous decision as to fighting against terrorism.

"None in Syria would like to see the ongoing in Syria is taking place in another Arab country, and irrespective of the Syrians' political stance from them," added Minister al-Zou'bi, calling for concrete measures and not only emotional ones as to fight terrorism.

Minister al-Zou'bi hailed the role played by Russia, which is the country number one  when it comes to commitment and abidance by international law rules.

The minister blasted the League of Arab States as in ''the interest of Zionist interests'' which draw wedges among Arabs.

Minister al-Zou'bi welcomed the forthcoming visit of Staffan De Mistura, the UN Envoy, to Syria, asserting that he would receive every backing and support from the Syrian Leadership, which has been ever cooperative with every international effort.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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President Assad's top priority is Syrian citizen and the fight against terrorism, Minister al-Zou'bi

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Syria is indeed for all Syrians

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Nothing to Hide

Syria has been under a fierce attack not only by thousands of Al-Qaeda affiliates from more than a hundred country, financed, armed, trained by the gulf petrodollar, Turkey, France, Israel and the USA, but also by tens of big media powers; big in terms of financial assets, circulation; yet small when it comes to the Syrians' awareness and reason.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, who has been fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world, stressed the other day, upon meeting a visiting Iranian brother in the fight against terrorism, Mr. Alauddin Boroujerdi, that escalating the war on the Syrian people by the terrorists and their supporters and using fabrications and misinformation campaigns to achieve what they couldn’t achieve on ground won’t weaken the Syrians’ steadfastness and determination as to eliminate terrorism with the help of Syria’s friends, particularly Iran, Russia, China and others.

Here comes the importance of Minister Omran Al-Zoubi of Information' s recent and frequent media statements as to transparently and objectively dot the I's and cross the T's:

_        The Syrian Army is a national, Army with military ethics, morals, logic and popular incubator.

_        Victory for the Syrians and Resistance Axis is the sole and ultimate objective.

_        Israel is the big loser from the ongoing battles in Qalamoun Region on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

_        The terrorists in Qalamoun are cowards and afaraid of standing up to the Syrian Army and Resistance.

_        The Syrian City of Jisr Al-Shaghour was invaded by thousands of terrorists, under Turkey's cover with intensive fire and shelling.

_        The Syrian Army is very careful about the Syrians and infrastructure in the places where the foreign-backed terrorists exist who are not keen on the safety neither of the Syrians nor of their belongings and infrastructure.

_        The Syrians have and would never be taken and deceived by media psychological war and propaganda.

_        The Syrians along with brothers from the Resistance are firmly and steadfastly fighting the terrorists in defence of integrity, sovereignty, of the region future.

_        The battle is between the moral and immoral and the moral option is to be victorious.

_        The political solution for the crisis in Syria isn't difficult, nor complex or impossible; the solution needs but political will by all opposition groups.

_        Syria is one united and is ever to so remain.

_        The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not only founded and supported terrorism, but used mass killing, prohibited weapons and perpetrated massacres against the Yemini people and their future and ambitions.

_        Any talk about victories by the Saudis in the Yemen is but a farce and not a talk in politics.

_        Palestine is the compass.

_        Syria is indeed for all Syrians and those Syrians who carried arms against their fellow Syrians are invited to join with their weapons, in line with their duty and right to fight with their Army against terrorism, the National Defence Forces and fight against terrorism.

_        Syrian Government and Leadership have exerted strenuous efforts and taken, since the first moment of the ongoing crisis, for intra dialogue and reconciliations among the Syrians.

_        All non-Syrian terrorists on Syria should either run away or they will definitely face death.

_        The complex circumstances of the war against Syria were highlighted amid economic sanctions and aggressions against police, infrastructure as to destroy the components of Syria.

_        The Syrian citizen is targeted by media fabrication made by another 'MOC' Media Operation Centers.

_        The first target of the ongoing war has been the Syrian citizen because the identity of the citizen is the same of the homeland,

_        Syria is the first Arab country in many things including food sufficiency, security health insurance and many others, not to mention its national principled stances, which made others target it.

_        During the terrorists'  attack against Bosra el-Sham, and Nasib border checkpoint with Jordan, the Syrian Army preoccupation was to evacuate the citizens from the archaeological city of Bosra.

_        In  Edlib under a fire cover from Turkish Forces thousands of terrorists invaded Edlib and Jisr Al-Shaghour and perpetrated crimes against civilians. The Syrian Army refused to destroy the two cities as a war field.

_        What the terrorists made is in no way a victory.

_        Our martyrs are courageous standing with their country.

_        The failure and frustration of the terrorists and those who support them made them disseminate false and fabricated information about the ongoing in Syria.

_        We defend civilians cities civilization and life against terrorists and we are not afraid of terrorists and the Syrians are courageous and heroes in the face against terrorists who come from abroad.

_        We are in no less position than those defenders of Stalingrad.

_        Turkey, gulf countries and foreign intelligence stand behind terrorists.

_        The Syrian Military establishment and domestic front are indeed immune and strong in the ongoing long and continued battle.

_        The victory is definite.

_        The Syrian People are steadfast, patient, and persistent.

_        Terrorist armed groups will not be allowed to leave the Yarmouk Camp surrounded by the Army and the Palestinian factions are fighting inside the Camp as to cleanse it from terrorists and the Syrian Army will not enter the Camp.

_        Terrorist organizations are financed, armed and affiliated to one reference and one command where Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey work together against Syria.

_        In Saudi Arabia the important is a change in political behaviour away from grudge, hatred, and anti-Syria, wondering whether Saudi Arabia can reconsider its past mistakes in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, or not.

_        The sisterly Iran is in support of Syria against terrorism.

_        We are all part of the Syrian Armed Forces in defending Syria against terrorism and in vain all their propaganda and escalated psychological war.

_        The Syrians are like the Damascene Sword with its sharp-cutting blade essence.

_        There is no fear in the street but legitimate worry when they wanted us to feel afraid but in vain.

_        Syrians have the culture of martyrdom, sacrifices, partnership in blood, bread and in defence of the homeland in Syria.

_        We have nothing to hide from people and that awareness in this war is a must.

_        The Syrian information policy has a clear vision.

_        Our morals are indeed high as to soon celebrate the definite victory against multi-national terrorists.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Martyrdom Quotes H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad

 Martyrdom  Quotes H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad:

"This victory would not have been possible without the blood of our martyrs, our wounded soldiers and their patient and steadfast families; without them we would not have been able to protect the country, the constitution, the law, the institutions and consequently Syria’s sovereignty. Without all of them, we would not be here today. They have taught us, and will continue to teach us the meaning of heroism, sacrifice and standing our ground. From them, we take strength and determination; our homeland was resilient because of their greatness and patriotism. They have fortified the whole country with their blood, and unified the pains and hopes of Syrians with their wounds. With their heroism, they have given the greatest meaning to power and tenacity and for that we will be forever grateful and will spare no effort to return even a small part of the debt we owe to these soldiers, their families and children."

July 16, 2014 speech.

"A people like you, who have fought, resisted and stood fast in a country which has been exposed to an aggression unparalleled in its ferocity, is worthy of respect and appreciation, worthy of their homeland, history and civilization. You have restored the true meaning of the word revolution and proved that Syrians live honourably and die as martyrs honourably, that their dignity is more important than life itself and that their faith in God is fully intertwined with their faith in the nation, its land and people."

July 16, 2014 speech.

 " The Syrian martyrs, martyrs families, and the Syrians at large, who embody through their cohesiveness and integration with the Army a unique example for national unity, amity and fraternity."

August 1, 2013 speech.

" The blood of martyrs protected and will protect the homeland and the region, and will protect our territorial integrity and reinforce accord among us, while at the same time purify our society of disloyalty and treason, and keep us from moral, human and cultural downfall, which is the strongest victory. When the homeland triumphs, it does not forget those who sacrificed for its sake."

January 6th, 2013 speech.

"I know as you all know that what the homeland is going through is painful and difficult, and I feel the pain which is felt by most of the Syrian people over the loss of loved ones and the martyrdom of sons and relatives as the fire of the grudge has reached everyone, the pure coffins of the martyrs have entered the houses of many and I am one of them because I come from the people and will remain so. Offices of state and government are transient but the homeland is everlasting. The tears of bereaved mothers will refresh the pure souls of their departed loved ones and burn the criminals, who stole the laugh of our children and here they are trying to steal their future in a safe, strong and stable country."

January 6th, 2013.

 "At the beginning of this legislative course, we remember brothers of ours who should have been with us under the roof of this parliament taking part in this great national workshop, but the bullets of treachery prevented them from doing so. They fell martyrs merely because they were determined to shoulder national responsibility by putting themselves forward as candidates for the elections of the People's Assembly; and so they haven't been able to share with us this historic day."

June 04, 2012 speech.

"In respect for their souls and the souls of all innocent civilian martyrs and military martyrs who fell since the early days of these events, we stand with great veneration and send their families our love and say to them that their blood was not spilled in vain. I am not saying this to indicate seeking revenge but in terms of upholding right because a right is never forgotten unless it is forfeited by its owner."

From H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad's  June 04, 2012

"Our only solace – and here I'm not only offering condolences to their families; I am rather talking about the larger Syrian family – is that our country will be once again sound and healthy and that the children of this homeland will enjoy security, peace and stability."

June 04, 2012

"On the other hand, there are those like the families of the martyrs, their children, brothers and sisters whom I have met. The martyrs fell not in battle; they were not members of the army or the police. They were killed by mistake somewhere. They told me personally, or told others, that the condition of the homeland is a priority and that the cause of the homeland is more important than our personal causes. We will talk about our personal causes when we overcome this crisis. These are patriotic people, and most of the Syrian people are like them. That's why we should promote this condition in order not to confuse the small errors with the big challenges."

June 04, 2012 speech.

"As for our martyrs’ blood which is behind the steadfastness of our country, it will always be the lightship that will light the road of our next generations to build the future Syria. Because when their blood waters the land, it will make it bear the fruits of a more secure tomorrow, unity and freedom for us all. As for the strength of their families who lost their dearest people, it has made us firmer and more determined and persistent in following on the same road which was taken by their brothers, fathers, and sons in defense of their country and its values, no matter how expensive the price is and to be as an example for all of us on how an individual dies in order for the country to live."

January 10, 2012 speech.

"I sauté the institution of the Army and Armed Forces, whose martyrs are every day martyred so that we are secure and free,''

10, 2012 speech.

 "Peace be upon you, upon all those who are protecting this dear and precious homeland. Peace be upon the people, the army, the security forces and all those who have been working to insure the prevention of sedition; burying it in the detestable snake holes where it belongs."

June 20, 2011 speech.

  " Peace be upon every mother who has lost a dear son, on every child who lost a father, on every family that lost a beloved one."

June 20, 2011 speech.

" Peace be upon the souls of our martyrs whose blood has grown into chrysanthemum in the spring and summer when the seasons of flowering and fruition have been replaced by seasons of conspiracy and killing."

June 20, 2011 speech.

" But even season of conspiracy gives flowers in Syria. They bloom into pride and impregnability."

June 20, 2011 speech.

   " You have always manifested the willingness to join the convoys of the Martyrs, sacrificing every dear and expensive for the carrying out of your sacred duty, and to the best of performance. "

August 1, 2009 speech.

"With the sacrifices of the Army and the People, the Independence from the colonizer was achieved in demonstration of the Homeland Sons will.”

August 1, 2009 speech

 Yet, the question is: will the blood of the martyrs and civilians be lost without any gain? As a bottom line, we have to change the military victory into a political victory, at least in the peace process."

August 15, 2006 speech.

"I express my appreciation and admiration to the men of resistance; I salute with great reverence our noble martyrs and I salute the brotherly Lebanese people whose steadfastness was the incubator of this resistance."

August 15, 2006 speech.

   "Peace be upon the souls of our martyrs whose blood has grown into chrysanthemum ."

June 20, 2011

   "All our love and appreciation to the members of our glorious army and our high respect and loyalty to the innocent martyrs who fell in battles of honor and duty. I shall not forget to mention our brave people on the Golan who cling tenaciously to their country and their Arab nationality rejecting Zionist existence in all its forms and we say to them we are with you and our steadfastness together is the guarantee that our land will be liberated."

July 17, 2000 speech.

 " Our high respect and loyalty to the innocent martyrs who fell in battles of honor and duty."

July 17, 2000 speech.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Martyrdom Quotes by the Late president Hafez Al-Assad

Martyrdom  Quotes by the Late president Hafez Al-Assad:


"Martyrs are the most generous people and the noblest of all men."

August 1, 1999

" We solemnly pledge to martyrs that our path is either martyrdom or victory."

August 1, 1999

"The army has offered lots of martyrs to keep heroism and nobility buoyant forever."

August 1, 1997.

"Martyrs have become beacons of illumination for posterity."

September 10, 1994.

"The army has offered lots of martyrs to keep heroism and nobility buoyant forever."

August 1, 1997

" Glory and eternity to our martyrs who were and will remain the most generous people and the noblest of all men."

August 1, 1997

"We further confirm our pledge to our martyrs, the noblest of all men, that we will continue to follow their path of courage and sacrifice."

August 1, 1996

"I avail this opportunity to pay homage to the immaculate souls of our martyrs, the most generous and the noblest of all men, the icons of generosity and sacrifice."

August 1, 1995

"martyrs have become beacons of illumination for posterity."

August 1, 1994

"You will remain in the vanguard committed to defending the nation and embracing martyrdom"

August 1, 1994

" Our martyrs in October war and over the passage of history will  remain motivational and saviors of the dignity of the nation."

August 1, 1993

"You are the martyrs that have been elevated to be among the prophets and the devout to remain archetypal luminaries forever."

August 1, 1993

"We pay tribute to martyrs who represent an everlasting illumination for posterity. We pledge to them that they will be our role model for victory and heroism."

August 1, 1992

"The glory belongs to our martyrs who led the path of dignity and honor. We assure them of our belief to follow their footsteps to keep our motto martyrdom or victory."

August 1, 1991

"I pay tribute to their martyrs and ours who embraced martyrdom with great patriotism."

August 1, 1989


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The West now has no choice but to work with Assad

When David Cameron announced in May 2013 that he was doubling Britain’s military support for Syrian opposition fighters, he did so in the hope that they would ultimately defeat the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Speaking at the White House following a summit with Barack Obama to discuss the Syrian crisis, the Prime Minister said Britain would provide the Syrian Free Army (SFA) with non-lethal equipment, such as armoured vehicles, body armour and power generators, to “put pressure on Assad so he knows there is no military victory”.