Torrent of victory

Have you ever heard about the floods in the desert?

Have you seen it?

I once heard about it from a resident of the oases when I visited Palmyra years ago.

He said that it is but a lot of water comes from nowhere. It takes everything in its way cleaning the land and washing the sand then it goes to somewhere away , may be to a deep valley where it disappears.

That's what's happening right now in Deir El-Zour, it is the torrent of the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces, which purifies the earth from terrorism and from all of those who tried to desecrate the Syrian soil . The Syrian army which drives them away in the desert burying them far away where nowhere rejecting them out of history as they came from outside the history.....

Syrian youths propose practical ideas for administrative reform

Syrian youths can be active partners in drawing up national strategies in many fields as they have practical ideas that can be translated into action despite the ongoing foreign-backed terror war on the country.

Some of these ideas were presented during the 1st youth Conference for Human Development  kicked off Saturday at Damascus University auditorium under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad.

"There must be a governmental commission affiliated to the cabinet in order to be a reference for youths affairs,"Miss. Hiba Saleem, who is taking part in the conference, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper's reporter.

She presented a worksheet about challenges and opportunities affecting young human resources.

"I made several suggestions based on challenges that face youths, such as terrorism and unemployment,"  she said, stressing the need to put a national strategy by the cabinet in order to empower youths on the ground, especially during reconstruction process.

Pilgrimage To Damascus International Fair

The large number of visitors to Damascus International Fair DIF has exceeded any expectation with a figure of 700 THOUSAND on its opening day. This huge turnout and the participation of 43 states in the Fair are a clear message to the whole world that the country has recovered and normal life has returned homeland.

 The image was well portrayed by Permanent Syrian Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari during a recent visit to the Fair. “Another message from outside the country into the inside that the international community, through the participation of more than 43 states, is ready to be a partner in the political, economic and military victory,” al-Jaafari said.

Syrians Never Lose Hope

Visiting the Damascus International Fair, one can feel the joy of the Syrians while celebrating the return of a beloved economic, cultural and social event they have missed so much since the terrorist war on their country began. One can notice the thirst of the Syrians for the peaceful old days when the fair was a kind of festival for the people to enjoy pleasant time, for the state's establishments and companies to introduce their activities and products and for businessmen to find useful and effective partnerships.

 The huge turnout for Damascus International Fair over the past seven days affirmed the Syrians' confidence in the ability of their state and army to restore security nationwide and rid the homeland of terrorism.

Unexpected Number of Visitors to DIF Draws Attention of Diplomats, Participants, Even Visitors Themselves

The 59th Damascus International Fair has witnessed unprecedented, or more accurate, unexpected, number of visitors, who came to celebrate the declaration of victory with the trade fair return and to see the products being featured there by 1562 companies representing 43 countries.

The existence of hundreds of thousands of visitors in the fairground on Friday was amazing to several diplomats, including Cuba's Ambassador to Syria Rogerio Manuel Santana Rodriguez, who was inspecting the pavilion of his country in the fair.