Western Support to Terrorists

According to documents obtained by the Independent and  extensive talks on the ground by the British newspaper, the level of equipment sent by the West to Syria’s terrorists were divided between the Islamists and more so-called moderate factions to equip them for the fight against the Syrians.

The British Government, added the Daily,  is considering sending weapons to opposition  fighters. So far the UK has sent around £8m of “non-lethal” aid, according to official papers seen by The Independent, comprising five 4x4 vehicles with ballistic protection; 20 sets of body armour; four trucks (three 25 tonne, one 20 tonne); six 4x4 SUVs; five non-armoured pick-ups; one recovery vehicle; four fork-lifts; three advanced “resilience kits” for region hubs, designed to rescue people in emergencies; 130 solar powered batteries; around 400 radios; water purification and rubbish collection kits; laptops; VSATs (small satellite systems for data communications) and printers.

According to the Daily, CIA officers have, in fact, been carrying out vetting since June last year. But the political and religious beliefs of the terrorists khatibas or battalions, have not remained constant. “The problem is that some of the khatibas which used to be semi-secular have now become Islamist. So it’s a question of constant monitoring,” said a security contractor, a former US army Ranger who is part of a liaison team with the Syrian opposition in Turkey.

The same uncertainty has limited the number of “moderate” fighters passing through training camps in Jordan run by former Western military personnel; fortnight-long courses largely restricted to instructions on tactics and the use of small arms. There is some evidence, however, of small quantities of missiles arriving in Syria for the opposition, some of them apparently obtained from Croatia in a shipment organized by the Americans and paid for by Gulf states earlier this year.

More recently the terrorists have also used Konkurs wire-guided anti-tank missiles from former Warsaw Pact arsenals. the missiles are largely in the hands of Islamist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 

Facts on Beirut Southern Suburb Explosion

The explosion  which hit Beirut 's Southern Suburb on Thursday, August 15th  was not surprising,  only in its size. Hezbollah was expecting it. Though it took  every possible precaution but it  was aware that preventing  such explosions is impossible.  Facts  and Results speak themselves :

- First, the bombing was professional par excellence. The access  of the booby trapped car to the appointed place, and the quality of used  explosives were not the work of amateurs.  The Place was monitored precisely and the  booby trapped car was delivered probably in cooperation with hirelings at home.

- Second, such explosion can not happen  unless backed by a master-minded   intelligence system . It is similar to Israel's bombings in Lebanon, looks like al-Qaeda bombings in Iraq and al-Nusra Front   in Syria, or  even similar to earlier  bombings of  a conflict between great  intelligence agencies.

- Third, the explosion occurred while Hezbollah was commemorating 2006  victory over Israel, and in the wake of announcement of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, that the resistance blew up  the two explosives in the Israeli patrol recently infiltrated into Lebanon from Allabouna area. Israel silence and confusion because of this quality operation   were overwhelmed  after Nasrallah's speech. Moreover, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, was pre-empted all this information by a live  public appearance in front of his audience , in an eventual defiance to Israel to target him.

- Fourth, this  second bombing comes less than 40 days from  an earlier  bombing against Beirut 's Southern Suburb. Again,  also targeting the incubator environment for Hezbollah, perhaps to say that Hezbollah  which defies Israel and the fighting in Syria is not able to protect itself so that  it needs to be  protected by another party , in an attempt to raise  the issue of Hezbollah's weapons, again.

- Fifth, This bombing was  followed by an international, Israeli and Arab campaign against  Hezbollah. The campaign  was escalated after Hezbollah  involvement in the fighting in Syria, and its  contribution to the Fall of al-Qusair area  and making of  some strategic shifts in the battle. The Campaign emerged during the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to Israel where he for  5 times  described Hezbollah as "terrorist". This was followed by the European Union decision to place the military wing of Hezbollah on the list of terrorism. The two positions coincided with a similar  Arab Gulf position against Hezbollah by firing  Lebanese working in the Gulf under suspects of being close to Hezbollah.

- Sixth, the attack came after statements made publicly by al-Nusra  Front ,   Free Syrian army" or armed opposition affiliated groups threatening  to revenge Hezbollah   in its own stronghold incubator  .

- Seventh, The attack came shortly after the recent  speech of Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, who surprised everyone by criticizing Hezbollah weapons and its role  in Syria.

- Eighth, the bombing came  at a time of large Arab  chaos – reflected in renewed violent  bombings in Iraq, and Egypt's bloodbath between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi,. This chaos which  extends from Iraq to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, is taking place, while  the US seeks  to impose  a suspicious peace process between Israel and the Palestinians amid a more suspicious  Arab silence.

- Ninth, the attack  followed the announcement by President Bashar al-Assad that the fight will continue against terrorists, and President al-Assad 's defiance  coincided with  great preparations between the warring parties in Syria to move forward in making  the greatest  military achievements, not to forget the failed attempt  of the Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan to bribe the  Russians to abandon Syria under the leadership of  President Bashar al-Assad.

In short, the bombing which hit Beirut  southern suburb   came  at the peak of  conflict between two axes in the region,  with each party feels that its  defeat is impossible. The first axis includes the US , Israel and some Arab countries, and the second includes Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah.

As  US-Russian relations  became more intensified  with the  case of the American spy "Snowden" , who was granted political  asylum in Russia, the said grave  security disturbances which extend from Iraq to Lebanon via Syria,  are an integral part  in the conflict  of axes .  Therefore, though  it is important to know the exploder,  more importantly is that the beneficiary is quite known.

T. Fateh

Game Over, Facts Revealed

To plan, inflame, ignite and to  fragmentize  the Arab region for the benefit of  the colonial powers, is what the  Muslim Brotherhood's policy in Egypt aims at.

 Backed by the Emirate of Erdogan and Tamim bin Hamad' chiefdom, they demand the intervention of the UN Security Council, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference against the Egyptian state that carried out the will of the Egyptian people in the dispersion  of sit-ins of  Muslim Brotherhood.

Erdogan' attitudes and Qatar's chiefdom versus the Egyptian people and their state are reminiscent of the same stances they had  towards the Syrian crisis when they supported the armed terrorist groups to create chaos  against the Syrian people and state.

 The Zionist malicious scheme ignites the region in sectarian wars so that they can easily divide the region, similar to what happened in Sudan, Libya and what is happening now in Egypt and Syria.

Earlier, the outgoing Qatar's prince Hamad Bin Khaliefa vowed to contribute to bring about the downfall of the Syrian State, leadership and people even if the cost will amount to 2 billion dollars. He forkouted, armed, threatened and pledged to exert all efforts to topple the Syrian leadership but he could not. He found himself recently obliged to abdicate the reins of power to his son Tamam to avoid the embarrassments he may face.

Erdogan follows the same way of extorting the Gulf financially to profiteer his personal account. He is about to announce his failure to subdue Syria, ignoring that this task is over the head of these bunch of conspirators.

While Al-Saud, having failed through their terrorist Wahhabi takfirist groupings to make Syria bow, still bet on the possibility of warmongering against Syria.

Until now, the notorious Bandar bin Sultan is still globetrotting Europe, America and «Israel», trying to buy positions and wars.

 This is what may happen to brotherly Egypt whose people refused to be governed by a clandestine global terrorist organization which is impossible to trust. The history of Muslim Brotherhood is filled with conspiracies, assassinations, liquidations, immolations and treason.


The US Detachment from Reality

The USA has been playing a dirty game in Syria and for decades. The US failures to subjugate Syria during the era of the Late President Hafez Al-Assad made it more greedy and aggressive to do so following the untimely demise of the Late President, the builder of modern Syria. Thus the US has spared no efforts and missed no chance to put pressures, impose sanctions, and even address threats to Syria as to make it another Arab satellite state in its orbit!

In vain went all the US sinister bids, thanks to the Pan-Arab Resistant and Nationalist Leadership, which since the ill-famed visit by ex-Secretary of State, Collin Powell, to Syria in 2003 has been more steadfast, staunch and more determined to safeguard and defend Syria's independence, sovereignty and Resistance. Thus the US launched its masterminded global war of terror by its hand-made al-Qaeda affiliates against all Syrians. And since the outbreak of the ongoing plagued crisis, the US adopted unbalanced and unjustified stances and took aggressive measures targeting even the daily bread of the Syrians. The US sword rattling, threats, ultimatums and sinister dictations and support to the terrorists, ewes and neighbors have failed to subjugate Syria.

The latest flagrant step by the US Administration was to block and abort every political effort for sorting the crisis in Syria by the Syrians via diplomatic means.  The United States turns the situation upside down when accusing Syria  for reluctance to participate in the international conference Geneva-2 without preliminary conditions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich stated yesterday, asserting that "The Syrian Authorities supported the Geneva communiqué of June 30, 2012 from the very beginning," while the ''problem with organizing the Geneva-2 conference is namely that the "opposition" is not ready to participate in this forum and sets preliminary conditions for its involvement in the format, which are unacceptable for the Syrian authorities,"

The US Administration is indeed adopting lies and fraud concerning its actual stance which  rejects the political solution  through dialogue amongst the Syrians in Geneva 2 conference as underlined by an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, who declared that  the USA is further  arming the terrorist al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra only to affirm  its policy as regards the continuation of violence and terrorism in the Israel's interest. The US is now distorting the reality about the Syrian leadership's approval on attending the  Geneva 2 conference without preconditions from any side," The US lacks indeed credibility and is  ''detached from reality. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

‘’ Islam has freed me ‘’

 ‘’ Islam has freed me ‘’ said the women dressed in black from head to toe , who now called herself Mariam . She had crossed oceans to come to Syria for Jihad . In Syria , she had met and married a Swede , who had also come to Syria for Jihad . She said in an interview aired on channel four that she would like to fight , but she is also happy to take care of her man considering it a part of her Jihad duties .

   Together , they live in some- one else’s abandoned house and her logic is a strange one . Originally a British citizen , she embraced Islam not so long ago – but it was more than an embrace ! It was a deadly grip for she gave up everything she had in the UK to come to Syria and help establish the Islamic Caliphate . Her life in the UK was not bad , neither was it unhappy , and she herself describes it as being ‘’ Okay ‘’ !

   Mariam is raising a child and expecting another . Her husband dreams of Jihad and of attaining martyrdom in Syria – as an after- thought he adds , that he hopes to be able to see his yet unborn child before he dies but that point doesn’t seem to bother him to much !Martyrdom is far more important!

   Together they compare guns – whose is bigger ? whose is more useful ? for a minute it appears as if two children are playing guns . But this is a dangerous deadly game – for those two foreigners are intent on fighting for a Syria that they think needs them but how they reached this conclusion and whose war are they fighting are two questions never answered by Mariam.

   Mariam is not alone ! Another British citizen , this one calling herself Aisha , lives close by . The women have become friends . Together they go shopping, decked in flowing black robes and kalashnikovs ! They never want to go back to the UK , even if their men die . They will stay and try to get ‘’ close ‘’ to the Syrian people ! Mariam’s parents are even thinking of visiting !!

   How has extreme Islamic thought reached the UK  and made a British citizen leave the world she has known , to go to a strange land with strange people and fight a war that really has absolutely nothing to do with her ?

   How has this extremism taken form and command and resulted in the death of drummer Lee Rigby? But even stranger why has the British government done nothing to stem this growing tide of extremism ?What will they do when some of them after fighting their Jihad decide to go back to their European countries? Since when have the west and the UK sided with Al Qaeda ? Wasn’t the war with Afghanistan all about that ? and did the British soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan do so in vain ?

 Reem Haddad